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About this Author
DBL%20Hendrix%20small.png College chemistry, 1983

Derek Lowe The 2002 Model

Dbl%20new%20portrait%20B%26W.png After 10 years of blogging. . .

Derek Lowe, an Arkansan by birth, got his BA from Hendrix College and his PhD in organic chemistry from Duke before spending time in Germany on a Humboldt Fellowship on his post-doc. He's worked for several major pharmaceutical companies since 1989 on drug discovery projects against schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, diabetes, osteoporosis and other diseases. To contact Derek email him directly: derekb.lowe@gmail.com Twitter: Dereklowe

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Date Index
August 2014
29: A Last Summer Day Off
28: The Early FDA
28: Drug Repurposing
27: The Smallest Drugs
27: Life Is Too Short For Some Journal Feeds
26: A New Look at Phenotypic Screening
25: Small Molecules - Really, Really Small
25: InterMune Bought
25: Citable Garbage
22: The Palbociclib Saga: Or Why We Need a Lot of Drug Companies
21: Why Not Bromine?
21: Fragonomics, Eh?
20: Amicus Fights Its Way Through in Fabry's
20: Did Pfizer Cut Back Some of Its Best Compounds?
19: Don't Optimize Your Plasma Protein Binding
19: Fluorinated Fingerprinting
18: One of Those Days
18: ChemDraw Days
15: Incomprehensible Drug Prices? Think Again.
14: Proteins Grazing Against Proteins
13: Sulfates, And What They Can Make
13: Decorating Heterocycles Via Sulfinates
12: Rule of Ten?
12: Sulfur Fluoride Exchange
11: Med-Chem and Trucking, Together At Last
11: Is The Current Patent System Distorting Cancer Research?
08: Mouse Models of Inflammation: Wrong Or Not?
07: The Synthesis Machine
04: Summer Blogging Continues
04: Animal Testing in the UK.

July 2014
30: Amgen Cuts Hard
30: Abandoned Pharma
28: Targacept Comes Up Empty, Yet Again
28: Summer Blogging
25: The Antibiotic Gap: It's All of the Above
24: Phenotypic Assays in Cancer Drug Discovery
23: Neratinib Comes Through For Puma
23: How Many Biopharma Employees Would Rather Be Working Somewhere Else?
22: The Broad Gets $650 Million For Psychiatric Research
22: Put Them in Cells and Find Out
21: The Hep C Field Gets Nastier By the Minute
21: Allergan Twists and Turns
18: Chemistry Class For the "Food Babe"?
18: Thalidomide, Bound to Its Target
17: TDP-43 and Alzheimer's
17: Reversal of Type II Diabetes May Be Possible
16: An Easy Way to Make Cyclic Peptides
16: What Structures Have Turned on You?
15: K. C. Nicolaou on Drug Discovery
15: The Prospects of an Academic Job
14: Targacept Fumbles the Bad News on Alzheimer's
14: Modifying Red Blood Cells As Carriers
14: How to Run a Drug Project: Are There Any Rules at All?
11: Employment Among New Chemistry PhDs
11: My Imaginary Friends Would Be Glad to Serve as Referees
10: Biopharma Stock Events for the Rest of the Year
10: A Drug Candidate from NCATS
09: No Scripps/USC
09: Studies Show? Not So Fast.
09: Outsourced Assays, Now a Cause For Wonder?
08: An Alzheimer's Blood Test? Not So Fast.
08: AbbVie and Shire, Quietly
07: Catalyst Voodoo, Yielding to Spectroscopy?
07: That Retracted Stressed Stem Cell Work
04: Happy Fourth of July, 2014
03: An Early Day Off
02: All Natural And Chemical Free
01: Scientific Journals: Who Pays What?
01: Corrosion Using Selectfluor?
01: Chemical-Free Products: The Complete List

June 2014
30: The GSK-China Situation Gets Even Weirder
30: Don't Learn to Science?
27: Varieties of Scientific Deception
26: Absence Makes the Ideas Flow?
26: Alzheimer's Bonds
25: Where's the Widest Variety of Chemical Matter?
25: That's Just Too Colorful
25: Zafgen's Epoxide Pays Its Way
24: Taking Risks - You Have To, So Do It Right
24: Whooo-eee
23: Go Home, Gaijin
23: The Virtual Clinical Trial: Not Quite Around the Corner
23: Stephanie Kwolek, 1923-2014
21: Scripps Update
20: What If Drug Patents Were Written Like Software Patents?
20: Stem Cells: The Center of "Right to Try"
19: Speaking of Polyphenols. . .
19: Dark Biology And Small Molecules
18: How Polyphenols Work, Perhaps?
18: More On Automated Medicinal Chemistry
17: Scripps Merging With USC?
16: Your Metal Azide Worries Are Over
16: A "Right to Try" Debate
13: Med-Chem, Automated?
13: Rearrangements Inside Bristol-Myers Squibb
13: "In the Pipeline" Will Be Moving
12: Valeant's Misleading Case
12: Amylin Fibrils and Aspirin: No Connection
12: Nutley Demolished
11: Valuing Biotech Startups
11: Whack-A-Mole
10: Right To Try: Here We Go
09: Hosed-Up X-Ray Structures: A Big Problem
09: Good News! Our Alzheimer's Drug Didn't Work!
06: Sanofi's Feeling Just Wonderful
06: The Robustness Test: Why Don't We Just Require It?
05: Friendly, Welcoming Triazides. No, Really.
05: Get the Science Out of Your Yogurt
04: Pharmalot Returns
04: Predicting New Targets - Another Approach
03: Alex Shulgin, 1925-2014
02: More Server Problems
02: Single-Cell Compound Measurements - Now In A Real Animal
02: No More Acid Stem Cells

May 2014
30: A New Med-Chem Reference
30: Covalent Fragments
29: How to Buy, Buy, Buy
29: The Price of Sovaldi
28: The Science Chemogenomics Paper is Revised
28: Would You Have Advanced BBI608?
27: Mix-and-Match Natural Products
27: AstraZeneca Survives
23: I'll have the Cesium Cole Slaw and the Francium Fries, Too
23: Two Looks At Drug Industry Productivity
22: The Biggest Chemistry Employers - Guess
22: Oncoceutics' Odd Press Releases (Spam Never Sleeps)
22: A Horrible, Expensive, and Completely Avoidable Drug Development Mixup
21: Hit the Polyamine Pedal, And Hold It
21: Pfizer/AstraZeneca: The Arm-Wrestling Phase
21: This All Too Open Office
20: Perhaps Not Quite Technically Legal, Come to Think of It
20: Xenon's Use as a Sports Drug Is Banned
20: Where the Talent Comes From
19: AstraZeneca Looks At Its Own History, And Cringes
19: AstraZeneca Says No Again
16: Photochemical Reaction Discovery
16: The Real Numbers on Tamiflu
15: Citalopram for Alzheimer's?
15: The Daily Show on Finding New Antibiotics
14: A Unique Correction
14: China Raises the Stakes in the GSK Scandal
14: Google Honors Dorothy Hodgkin and Percy Julian
13: How Many Elements Have You Used, As Elements?
13: Fluorination, The Old-Fashioned Way
13: A Ligand Efficiency Reply
12: Pfizer's Shareholders and AstraZeneca's
12: For A Science Center, This Is a Disgrace
12: DMSO Will Ruin Your Platinum Drugs. Take Heed.
12: Photoredox Marches On
09: Watching A Palladium Reaction, In A Crystalline Flask
08: Alzheimer's Antibodies: Can the Current Ones Even Work?
08: Oh Brave New World
08: Artificial Base Pairs in Living Cells
07: Pfizer-AZ: Politics and Press Releases
07: Crap, With the Force of Law Behind It
07: The Lessons of Intercept and NASH
06: AstraZeneca: Don't Buy Us
06: CRISPR In the Courts
06: Telling the Truth
06: Technical Problems
05: Fast Money, But What Direction Is It Going?
05: Pfizer/AstraZeneca: Asymmetric Cuts Look Likely
05: Young Blood
02: Some People at Pfizer Whose Fault This Isn't
02: Allergan: "Golf-Course Deprived"
02: AstraZeneca Tell Pfizer to Buzz Off
01: Can Anything Stop Pfizer-AstraZeneca From Going Through?
01: Another Whack at the Cost of Drugs Issue
01: Merrimack Wins One
01: Eli Lilly vs. Canada

April 2014
30: Back Ordered, I'll Bet
30: Is That Food or Not?
29: Mice Hate Men
29: Concert's First Drug: Not So Great
28: Pfizer and AstraZeneca: What the Hell.
25: Ycombinator Gets Into Biotech
22: Days Off
22: Shuffling the Departments
22: Funding Undergraduate Summer Research
22: J. Appl. Drivel or Gibberish Lett.? Choices, Choices.
21: Molecular Printing of Drug Molecules. Say What?
21: Pfizer Walks Again By Night
17: Gitcher SF5 Groups Right Here
17: Changing A Broken Science System
16: One and Done
16: The Latest Protein-Protein Compounds
16: Professor Fukuyama's Solvent Peaks
15: Novartis Gets Out of RNAi
15: Total Synthesis in Flow
15: Sweet Reason Lands On Its Face
14: More on the Science Chemogenomic Signatures Paper
11: Biology Maybe Right, Chemistry Ridiculously Wrong
10: Encoded Libraries Versus a Protein-Protein Interaction
09: The State of Alzheimer's Research, 2014
09: AstraZeneca's Cambridge Move
08: A Call For Better Mouse Studies
08: Biotech Boom, Biotech Bust?
08: Can You Patent A Natural Product? Prepare For a Different Answer
07: Is Palbociclib Promising? Or Not?
07: Outsourcing Everything
07: Cancer Immunotherapy's Growing Pains
04: GSK Dismisses Employees in Bribery Scandal. Apparently.
04: Ancient Modeling
03: More Fukuyama Corrections
03: Reality-Based Biotech Investing
02: Binding Assays, Inside the Actual Cells
01: Freeman Dyson on the PhD Degree
01: Off To the Publishers
01: Yeah, That Must Be It

March 2014
31: Where The Hot Drugs Come From: Somewhere Else
31: A Quick Clean-Up
28: More on the UT-Austin Retraction Case
28: A Huntington's Breakthrough?
27: A Look Back at Big Pharma Stocks
27: Another Target Validation Effort
27: Dichloroacetic Acid, In a New Form
26: A New Fluorination
26: Getcher Nucleic Acids, Cheap
25: A New Way to Study Hepatotoxicity
24: Google's Big Data Flu Flop
24: Nitrogen Heterocycles Ahoy
24: Ezetimibe In the Marketplace
21: Dosing by Body Surface Area
21: Another Use for Xenon
20: For Some Folks, It's New Year's Day
20: Small Molecule Chemistry's "Limited Utility"?
20: Years Worth of the Stuff
19: Another Whack at the Stem Shortage Myth
19: More Things Synthetic Chemists Hate
18: Another DNA-Barcoded Program From GSK
18: Jailhouse Secrets They Don't Want You to Know About!
17: What If Total Syntheses Had Only 25 Steps to Work In?
17: Predicting What Group to Put On Next
14: Going After Poor Published Research
14: The Genetics of Bipolar Disorder: What A Tangle
14: A Sirtuin Activator Extends Lifespan in Normal Mice
13: The Reasons for Failure at the FDA
12: A New NMR Probe Technology in the Making?
12: Stem Cell Shakedown Cruise
11: Compassionate Use: An Especially Tough Case
11: Always Insist on Error Bars
10: Startups vs. Big Pharma
10: A Blood Test for Alzheimer's?
10: Repurposing for Cervical Cancer
07: Some New Reviews
07: A Structure From the Molecular Sponge
06: Biggest US Cities for Biopharma Funding, Versus Whole Continents.
06: We Are Pleased To Publish Your Senseless Ravings
05: Traveling Interruption
04: More Good PD-1 News in Cancer
04: Novartis's Stealthy Headcount Reductions
03: Sydney Brenner on the State of Science
03: A Bit More Realism in Consulting
03: Out to Illinois

February 2014
28: A Call To Rein In Phase III Trials
28: Computational Nirvana
27: A Close Look at Receptor Signaling
26: The Instructive Case of Galena Biopharma
26: Changes in Papers
25: InterMune Comes Through
25: For Immediate Rewording. Uh, Release.
24: ACS Webinars on Drug Discovery
24: Big Drug Mergers: So They're OK, Right?
24: Another Round of Stapled Peptide Wrangling
21: Ces3 (Ces1) Inhibition As a Drug Target
21: Making Arenes React, Via Rhodium
20: The NIH Takes a Look At How the Money's Spent
20: Pfizer Seeks Respect
19: Robo-Combing the Chemistry Literature For Mistakes
19: Ligand Efficiency: A Response to Shultz
18: Thoughts on Overpublishing
18: Not Again - Stem Cell Results in Trouble?
17: The Org Lett Spectral Hammer Falls Again
17: Down With P Values
17: Alan Katritzky 1928-2014
14: "It Is Not Hard to Peddle Incoherent Math to Biologists"
13: Jobs, He Says
12: The Bread Rolls of Synthesis
12: Genius, Sheer Genius
11: Drug Discovery in India
11: Pesticide Toxicity?
10: How the New BioPharma IPOs Have Been Doing
10: Today We Have Naming of Parts
10: A Timeline from Cell
07: Irisin and Metabolism - A New Target Emerges
07: Thermodynamics of Life
06: Crowdfunding Independent Research
06: On Vitamin C, And On Linus Pauling
06: AstraZeneca Cutting Back - Some More
05: More Ligand Efficiency
05: The Evidence Piles Up: Antioxidant Supplements Are Bad For You
04: Put Down That White-Out; Drop That Photoshop Cursor
04: Overqualified For the Job
03: A New Book
03: Novartis Does A Big, Quiet Reshuffle
03: The Return of Gene Therapy (And More)

January 2014
31: "The Time Had Now Come to Attempt the First Large-Scale Reaction. . ."
31: How Not to Invest in Biopharma
31: Beelzebub Pharma, Inc.
30: The West Virginia Formaldehyde Claim Is Nonsense
29: AstraZeneca Closes a Lab - In India This Time
29: What STEM Shortage? Where? How?
28: Antivirals: "I Love the Deviousness of It All"
28: Dacomitinib Doesn't Come Through
27: The 2013 Crop of New Drugs
27: The Nasty Side of HDL
24: PTC's Latest Ataluren Woes
24: Are There Good Writers In This Business?
23: Clicked-DNA Works In Human Cells
23: Alzheimer's Therapies: A Reasonably Gloomy Update