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About this Author
DBL%20Hendrix%20small.png College chemistry, 1983

Derek Lowe The 2002 Model

Dbl%20new%20portrait%20B%26W.png After 10 years of blogging. . .

Derek Lowe, an Arkansan by birth, got his BA from Hendrix College and his PhD in organic chemistry from Duke before spending time in Germany on a Humboldt Fellowship on his post-doc. He's worked for several major pharmaceutical companies since 1989 on drug discovery projects against schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, diabetes, osteoporosis and other diseases. To contact Derek email him directly: derekb.lowe@gmail.com Twitter: Dereklowe

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Date Index
July 2015
31: The Last Post
31: The GSK Layoffs Continue, By Proxy
30: The Move is Nigh
30: Another Alzheimer's IPO
29: Cutbacks at C&E News
29: Sanofi Pays to Get Back Into Oncology
28: An Irresponsible Statement About Curing Cancer
27: Oliver Sacks on Turning Back to Chemistry
27: The Biopharma Funding Boom
24: Biogen's Bad Week
24: Philosophical Investigations
23: A Suspicious Explosion at NIST
23: Lilly Expands in San Diego
23: Let's Just Braille Out That Chemical Structure, Shall We?
22: Underwhelming Alzheimer's Results From Biogen and Lilly
22: Chemical Probe Compounds: Time to Get Real
21: Publication Bias
21: Picky, Picky NMR Magnets
20: Axovant's Stock Coverage
20: How Healthy is the Field of Total Synthesis?
20: The Future of "In the Pipeline"
07: A Blogging Break - For a Good Purpose
07: Another Longevity Target
06: Cryo-EM On the March
06: Celgene Expanding
02: The End Result of Faked Results
02: Alzheimer's Disposes of Another Idea
02: Chris Viehbacher's Two Billion Dollars
01: Lipids, Proteins, and Chapman's Homer

June 2015
30: Two Alzheimer's Updates (Lilly and TauRx)
29: Another STEM Jobs Myth-Breaking Article
29: External R&D
26: A Look at Phenotypic Screening
26: A Brain Apparently Made of Grain
25: BMS-Wallingford
25: The Tramadol Wars
24: ChemDraw's Anniversary
24: The End of Compound Property Optimization Is At Hand
23: Not 25%, But Still Not Good
22: A Retraction, Ten Years Later
22: Voodoo Nominations
19: The Drug Abacus
18: Aging As a Disease
18: Tiny (And Not So Tiny) Changes
17: Organ Models on Chips
16: PROTAC Goes Small-Molecule
16: Are Things Really Picking Up?
15: X-Ray Sponges Ride Again
15: The Incomplete Response Letter
12: Links
11: Alnylam Sues Dicerna
10: A Sudden Exit at AstraZeneca
10: Sertraline in the Courts
10: PCSK9 at the FDA
10: The Cost of Irreproducibility
10: Defibrillating Dalcetrapib
09: Four Patients. Count 'Em, Four.
09: More on Axovant's IPO
08: The NIH Runs Into Clinical Problems
08: Paying For Faster Peer Review
05: Artificial Intelligence For Biology?
04: Inside Moderna (A Little Bit)
04: 115 Years of JACS Titles
03: The Brain Is Actually Connected to the Lymphatic System
03: Solvents and More Solvents
02: Bristol-Myers Squibb Sues a Former VP
02: The Sunk Cost Fallacy
01: Target (In)validation

May 2015
29: Two Types of Risk
28: Chemistry Labs Through the Years
27: Some Side Effect For An Antibody
26: The Curse of Expertise
26: Targeting Proteins for Destruction
22: A New Amination Reaction
21: Guess What: Your Peers Are Already Reviewing You
21: Crappy Antibodies: Available Now, and for the Foreseeable Future
20: Controlling Proteins, One by One
20: A Young Blood Controversy
19: Pfizer Rumors, Again
19: Another Conservation Law
18: Nitric Acid And Your Lab Coat
18: The Nativis Voyager Appears
16: Backstage Problems
15: Unkind to Mannkind
15: Quenching NMRs, Accidentally and On Purpose
14: The Least Useful Element For Organic Chemistry?
14: Piling On Andrew Witty
14: Puma Update: The Roller Coaster Heads Down
13: More Fluorinated Fun
13: How Not to Handle Your Clinical Data
12: An Alzheimer's IPO, Because Why Not
12: A Glance Across the Literature
11: Acetylene As Needed
11: Hubris Watch
08: Freedom of Off-Label Speech
07: Amazing Deals Just For You. And You. You, Too.
07: Fun With Thermodynamics
06: Eli Lilly and Cambridge
06: A New Old Antibiotic
05: Calls For Andrew Witty's Job at GSK
05: Peter Thiel's Book
05: Human CRISPR
04: Rename Merck. Either Merck.
04: The Reproducibility Initiative Weighs In
01: Recent Clinical Trials
01: Aileron and p53

April 2015
30: Asking the Employees
30: A Vaccination Salute
29: Some Sales Force
29: More on TC-2153
29: Giving Ambulance Chasing a Bad Name
28: Antibiotic Resistance: A Question or Two
28: Sulfur, Sulfur, Sulfur
27: Protein Structures Without Crystallization
27: Market Exclusivity Is Sometimes Too Much
24: CRISPR Gene Editing in Human Embryos: Not So Fast
24: What Are the Odds of Finding a Drug (And How Do You Stand Them?)
23: Genervon and ALS: What's Going On Here?
22: The Vibrational Theory of Smell: A Counterattack
21: Best And Worst Areas for Drug Discovery
20: PD-1 Charted
20: Dr. Oz Under Fire
17: Stopped For Efficacy - Again
17: You Have One Minute
17: That Can't Be Right
16: How Many Chemists Have You Seen on a Team?
15: Using the Same FEP Ruler
15: Dealing With Cranks
15: Finding Placebo Responders
14: Big Monofluorination Review
14: *Blog Post Title* Goes Here
14: Looking Back At Merck/Schering-Plough
13: Better Drinking Through Chemistry
13: Hollow Fiber Flow
13: Teaching Chemistry, According to the Press
10: Acetonitrile. . .In Space!
10: Sigh
09: A New Fifty-Year-Old Hepatitis C Drug
09: Not 100%. Not Really.
08: Too Many Favorable Clinical Trials? Maybe Not.
08: Colorful Compounds Strike Again
07: Phosphorus And Me. Or Maybe You First.
07: Countries That Have Developed A Small-Molecule Drug
06: China's First Homegrown Pharma
06: Levels of Data
03: Researchmanship
03: Sanofi Bets on Schrödinger
02: Review of Reviews
02: Silicon Valley Sunglasses
01: Trouble with Sovaldi, Or Not?
01: Rotten Rottlerin

March 2015
31: Another Argument For Tau
31: Switch Flasks, Switch Products
30: Herbal Disclosure
30: Transferring Compounds From Pharma to Academia
30: People Only Fake Things That Are Valuable
27: Taking Your Doses For You
26: Weirdly Polar
26: Tone It Down
25: Metformin for Aging in General?
25: Transcelerate Status Report
25: Advice for Academic Entrepreneurs
24: A Couple of Ycombinator's Startups
24: The Best Way to Halt a Clinical Trial
24: Alkaline Lemons. Not a Misprint.
23: Five Tons of TiCl4
23: Nice Patent You Have There. . .
20: Human Gene Editing
20: Biogen's Alzheimer's Data
19: Drug Development for Academics
19: Ignoring the "No Loitering" Sign
18: Optimistic Stem Cell Quotes
18: Singlet Oxygen PAINS
18: New Vancomycins That Do the Job
17: What Industry Would Like to Hear About
17: Is Irisin Real?
16: Biogen Does Not Slack Off, Apparently
16: The Mysterious Origins of the Quinolones
13: 23AndMe
13: Objections to "The End of Synthesis"
12: Biogen Layoffs
12: The End of Synthesis
12: Drug Industry Trials vs. NIH-Funded Ones: Who Reports on Time?
12: Coming Attraction
11: Three More Retractions
11: The Business End and the Science End
11: Onyx Site Closed Down
10: The New, Nasty, Normal
10: A National Compound Collection
09: The Junk DNA Fight
09: Gamma-Secretase Inhibitors: The Wrong Way Around?
06: Shire Layoffs Soon?
06: Merck Strips Out Cubist
06: Not Even Wrong
05: Chemistry Incident in Manchester
05: Diversity and Similarity Scoring: Does One Size Ever Fit All?
05: Twenty-One Billion Dollars. Really.
04: Neural Networks for Drug Discovery: A Work in Progress
04: Our Friend the Sulfur Atom
04: The SEC Tells Companies to Speak Up
03: Doing the Right Thing
03: Put Away The Lecture Bottle
03: Dinitrophenol: A Possible Comeback
02: Chlorine Azide For Everyone
02: Of Proteasome Inhibitors and PAINs
02: Gene Editing Therapies Thunder Along

February 2015
27: PAINs And Good Old Med Chem
27: AZ Spins Off Anti-Infectives
26: Ibrutinib's Rise
26: Double-Blinded Peer Review
26: The Latest Fragment List
25: All That Cash
24: An Antibiotic Discovery Prize
24: Cutbacks at Merck Serono
23: Is FEP Ready For the World?
23: Para-Chloro Was Good Enough For Them, So It's Good Enough For Me
20: More Price Hikes on Obscure Medication
20: Bonne Chance, Brandicourt
20: Unclick Undone, Unsurprisingly
19: Experience Phase III Failure, Twice
18: Spectra of An Actual Transition State?
18: New Alzheimer's Research in the UK
17: Layoffs at Boehringer Ingelheim
17: Chemical Illiteracy, Again
16: Targeting a Transcription Factor
16: AstraZeneca's Anti-Infective Woes
13: A Trick Question
13: Rapamycin And Aging: The Spotlight Shines
12: What Compound Will You Never Forget?
12: A Fluorination Review
12: Where the Startup Cash Has Been Going
11: Layoffs at Sanofi
11: Backlog
10: Hallucinogenic Therapy
10: The 2014 Drug Approvals
09: Crowdfunding a Stem Cell Company
09: And Just Two Months Ago, They Were Playing "Let It Snow!"
06: English As the Language of Science
06: A New Dual DNA-Encoded Library Screen
05: Computational Drug Discovery Talk
05: Ian Read's Pfizer Coin
05: "From All This You'd Imagine, That There Must Be Something Learned. . ."
04: More Herbal Goodness
04: Breakthroughs Aren't Forever
04: The Old Binding Mode Switcheroo
03: Rogue Biologics Production (And Bonus Ignorance)
03: That Pew Survey and Its Problems
02: More Thiol-Reactive PAIN Compounds
02: Carl Djerassi, 1923-2015

January 2015
30: Sanofi's Search
30: Underpowered And Overinterpreted
30: Instant Azides, and More
29: Flex Pharmaceuticals Is Testing What?
29: Expensive Placebos Work Better
28: The ACS Becomes Invisible (But Not For Long)
28: Cuckoo For Publishing Fees
28: Refold Those Proteins
28: Interview Question Psy-Ops
27: Inside the Dr. Oz PR Machine
27: OK, You San Diego People
26: India's GVK Accused of Systematic Fraud
26: Tolerant Chemistry: Be Glad of It
26: Are New Biopharmas Being Formed Quickly Enough?
23: Elizabeth Warren's "Pharma Swear Jar" Idea
23: GSK Cuts Back in China (?)
22: Get Your Spirocyclic Compounds Here
22: A Look At Actavis
21: The State of US Medical Research
21: Maybe Don't Refund That Grant Money After All
20: Refund That Grant Money
20: A New Cell Assay -And What It Says About Stapled Peptides
19: The March of (Ley's) Machines
19: Constellation's Situation
16: Not So Scalable
15: Aminothiazoles: A Yellow Caution Light
15: A Kinase Inhibitor Overview
14: Moderna Marches On
14: The Duke/Potti Scandal, From the Inside
13: Odd Structures, Subjected to Powerful Computations
12: Rhodanines Are Even Trickier Than You Thought
12: Unstoppable Nivolumab
09: A Pharma Expert Weighs In
09: In Which I Like Another Academic Drug Discovery Paper
08: Mountebanks, Con Men, and Heretics
08: Teixobactin: A New Antibiotic From a New Platform?
07: On His Feet
07: Zafgen Wins Another Round
07: More Odd Compounds
06: Fun With Acronyms
06: Enjoying The Open Office
06: Nonstop Glamour and Prestige
05: Geniuses at Pharmacyclics
05: A New Bond-Forming Reaction
02: Recipe Blogging: Bean Soup With Country Ham, and Cornbread

December 2014
30: Autism and Glyphosate:
29: Ibuprofen For a Longer Life?
26: Holiday Blogging: Gingersnaps
22: Holiday Blogging 2014
22: AbbVie Competes on Price
19: Merck, Cubist, and Hospira: The Inside
19: Another Alzheimer's Antibody Goes Down
18: Nativis In the Clinic
18: What Would You Put In a Med-Chem Textbook?
17: Actavis and Namenda
17: J. Already Known Chem.
16: Science Gifts 2014: Experiments at Home
16: Best and Worst Biotech CEO Time
16: More Designer Drugs
15: Cells In Disguise
15: Our Disorganized Piles of Chemical Information
12: Guidelines For MOF Crystallography
11: Daiichi Sankyo Will Pay You A Million Dollars
11: NMR of a Mass Spec Species
11: Who Owns CRISPR?
10: A New Route to Spiro Heterocycles
10: A New Effect From JAK Inhibition
10: Ambition From Recursion
09: More on the "Unclick" Fraud Case at Texas
09: How Many Things Can Be Enzymes, Anyway?
09: A Slight Cubist Complication
08: Amazing, Up to a Point
08: Merck Buys Cubist
08: That Same Sort of Job
05: Postdoctoral Life (AKA What Shortage?)
05: Fast Flow For DARPA
04: Science Gifts 2014: Books on Drug Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry
04: Whatever Happened to the Fish and the Frogs?
04: Kickbacks At Sanofi?
03: How Are Those Megamergers Working Out?
03: GSK Cuts
03: Puma and Neratinib Take Longer Than Expected
02: Science Gifts 2014: General Books (and More) on Chemistry
02: A (Sad) Look Back to 2006 At GSK
02: Reading Nature For Free
01: Cambrian Genomics Does It All
01: Cuts Coming at GSK

November 2014
25: Try Some Reactions. Actually, Try Them All.
24: Holiday Blogging
24: Reaction Discovery Reviewed
24: Deadly Incompetence in India
24: The Cost of Developing A New Drug
21: Virtual Covalent Screening
21: Amgen Claims It All
20: More From The Bottom of the Publishing Barrel
20: Sanofi Beats the Drum
20: Bind's Attempts To Remake Chemotherapy
19: Dear Practitioner, You Say?
19: AstraZeneca: How Many Approvals, Again?
19: Wait, We Didn't Tell You About That Endpoint?
19: TMS Azide Explosions
18: Chemical Myths
18: How Not to Do It: NMR Magnets
18: Allergan Escapes Valeant
17: Vytorin Actually Works
17: Fatalities at DuPont
14: The New York TImes on Drug Discovery
14: How Are Things at Princeton?
14: Phage-Derived Catalysts
13: Our Most Snorted-At Papers This Month. . .
13: Remember Vytorin? The Data Are Finally Coming.
13: The Drug Worked, Unfortunately
12: Visiting Duke and GSK
12: Near-Animal, Near-Human: The Future of Drug Testing?
11: Marketing And R&D, Again
11: Make Sure That's What You Want to Say
10: On the Road: GSK and Duke
10: We Don't Know What We're Missing
10: Scam, Scam, Scam, Scam, Scammity Scam, Wonderful Scam
07: Maitotoxin Marches On
07: This Took Fourteen Months
06: Detox and Cleanse Yourself Away From the Food Babe's Advice
06: What Happens After Your First Drug Approval
05: Publish On Sight
05: Knockout Models
05: Clinical Trials in Ebola
04: Novo Nordisk Braves the Obesity Market
04: Compensating Inventors: Good Idea Or Not?
03: Job Interview Advice
03: Difficult to Measure
03: Splitting the Junk DNA Difference

October 2014
31: Chemistry on Android
31: Science And Dramatic Art: Any Intersections?
30: Nivolumab Racks Up Another Success
30: Down With the Western Blot?
29: Google's Nanoparticle Diagnostic Ideas
29: Aileron Heads Toward the Clinic
29: Viehbacher Out at Sanofi
28: Rumblings About AstraZeneca and Antibiotics
28: Amgen Cuts Harder
28: An Open-Source Cancer Pitch, Deconstructed
27: Sanofi - Trouble At the Top?
27: Sarepta's Duchenne Therapy Is A Lot Further Away
27: Fazlul Sarkar Subpoenas PubPeer
24: Francis Collins Knows Why We Don't Have An Ebola Vaccine
23: Atmospheric Conditions
22: Green Coffee Beans Will Mostly Slim Your Wallet
22: Roche Rebuilds
22: Improving the Old-Fashioned Reaction Workup
22: Phenylalanine Crystals
21: Oxygenated Nanobubbles. For Real?
20: Compound Properties: Starting a Renunciation
17: More on "Metabolite Likeness" as a Predictor
17: Different Screening, Different Thermodynamics?
16: The Electromagnetic Field Stem Cell Authors Respond
16: What's The Going Rate These Days?
16: No More Varian
15: Not The Sort Of Thing You'd Work With, Given a Choice
14: Combichem Into Drugs: How Many?
14: Electromagnetic Production of Stem Cells? Really?
13: Alzheimer's in Cell Culture?
13: Diabetes Progress
10: More on Fluorescent Microscopy Chemistry Prizes
10: You'd Think That This Can't Be Correct
10: Things I Won't Work With: Peroxide Peroxides
09: The Most Common Heterocycles in Drugs
09: Eric Betzig Is Not a Chemist, And I Don't Much Care
08: XKCD on Protein Folding
08: The 2014 Chemistry Nobel: Beating the Diffraction Limit
07: German Pharma, Or What's Left of It
06: Sunesis Fails with Vosaroxin
06: A New Way to Estimate a Compound's Chances?
03: Meinwald Honored
03: Molecular Biology Turns Into Chemistry
02: Speaking at Northeastern
02: Catalyst Pharmaceuticals and Their Disgusting Business Strategy
02: We Can't Calculate Our Way Out of This One
01: No More Prearranged Editors at PNAS
01: No, They Really Aren't Reproducible

September 2014
30: A New Reductive Amination
30: Real-World Ebola
29: The Case of Northwest Biotherapeutics
29: 2014 Chemistry Nobel Predictions
26: The Deadly Stupidities Around Ebola
26: PAINS Go Mainstream
25: En Route
24: Luc Montagnier Makes His Case in Paris
24: See You in Court? Not Likely
23: Thoughts on Fragment-Based Drug Discovery
23: Seaborgium hexacarbonyl
23: The Stock Buybacks Roll On
22: Chemical Space
22: A Free Online Med-Chem Course
22: Merck KgaA Buys Sigma-Aldrich
22: Astex's Financial History
19: Peter Thiel's Uncomplimentary Views of Big Pharma
19: A Day of Irreproducibility In Cambridge
19: Prison Sentences in the GSK China Scandal
19: Big Journals, Big Retractions
18: The Worst Seminar
18: Conference in Basel
17: Messed-Up Clinical Studies: A First-Hand Report
17: Pharma and Ebola
16: Lilly Steps In for AstraZeneca's Secretase Inhibitor
16: Update on Alnylam (And the Direction of Things to Come)
15: There Must Have Been Multiple Chances to Catch This
15: Weirdly, Tramadol Is Not a Natural Product After All
12: Thiola, Retrophin, Martin Shkrell, Reddit, and More
11: The Most Unconscionable Drug Price Hike I Have Yet Seen
10: Clinical Trial Fraud
10: Grinding Up Your Reactions
10: Peer Review, Up Close and Personal
09: Google's Calico Moves Into Reality
08: Reactive Groups: Still Not So Reactive
05: A VC Firm Touts Its Successes - And Its Failures
04: Are Your Compounds Ugly? Do You Know?
03: A Question: Monoclonal Antibodies in the Clinic
03: BioCentury on the Coming Drug Pricing Crisis
02: What If?
02: Novartis Impresses Where Others Have Failed
02: Exelixis Against the Wall

August 2014
29: A Last Summer Day Off
28: The Early FDA
28: Drug Repurposing
27: The Smallest Drugs
27: Life Is Too Short For Some Journal Feeds
26: A New Look at Phenotypic Screening
25: Small Molecules - Really, Really Small
25: InterMune Bought
25: Citable Garbage
22: The Palbociclib Saga: Or Why We Need a Lot of Drug Companies
21: Why Not Bromine?
21: Fragonomics, Eh?
20: Amicus Fights Its Way Through in Fabry's
20: Did Pfizer Cut Back Some of Its Best Compounds?
19: Don't Optimize Your Plasma Protein Binding
19: Fluorinated Fingerprinting
18: One of Those Days
18: ChemDraw Days
15: Incomprehensible Drug Prices? Think Again.
14: Proteins Grazing Against Proteins
13: Sulfates, And What They Can Make
13: Decorating Heterocycles Via Sulfinates
12: Rule of Ten?
12: Sulfur Fluoride Exchange
11: Med-Chem and Trucking, Together At Last
11: Is The Current Patent System Distorting Cancer Research?
08: Mouse Models of Inflammation: Wrong Or Not?
07: The Synthesis Machine
04: Summer Blogging Continues
04: Animal Testing in the UK.

July 2014
30: Amgen Cuts Hard
30: Abandoned Pharma
28: Targacept Comes Up Empty, Yet Again
28: Summer Blogging
25: The Antibiotic Gap: It's All of the Above
24: Phenotypic Assays in Cancer Drug Discovery
23: Neratinib Comes Through For Puma
23: How Many Biopharma Employees Would Rather Be Working Somewhere Else?
22: The Broad Gets $650 Million For Psychiatric Research
22: Put Them in Cells and Find Out
21: The Hep C Field Gets Nastier By the Minute
21: Allergan Twists and Turns
18: Chemistry Class For the "Food Babe"?
18: Thalidomide, Bound to Its Target
17: TDP-43 and Alzheimer's
17: Reversal of Type II Diabetes May Be Possible
16: An Easy Way to Make Cyclic Peptides
16: What Structures Have Turned on You?
15: K. C. Nicolaou on Drug Discovery
15: The Prospects of an Academic Job
14: Targacept Fumbles the Bad News on Alzheimer's
14: Modifying Red Blood Cells As Carriers
14: How to Run a Drug Project: Are There Any Rules at All?
11: Employment Among New Chemistry PhDs
11: My Imaginary Friends Would Be Glad to Serve as Referees
10: Biopharma Stock Events for the Rest of the Year
10: A Drug Candidate from NCATS
09: No Scripps/USC
09: Studies Show? Not So Fast.
09: Outsourced Assays, Now a Cause For Wonder?
08: An Alzheimer's Blood Test? Not So Fast.
08: AbbVie and Shire, Quietly
07: Catalyst Voodoo, Yielding to Spectroscopy?
07: That Retracted Stressed Stem Cell Work
04: Happy Fourth of July, 2014
03: An Early Day Off
02: All Natural And Chemical Free
01: Scientific Journals: Who Pays What?
01: Corrosion Using Selectfluor?
01: Chemical-Free Products: The Complete List

June 2014
30: The GSK-China Situation Gets Even Weirder
30: Don't Learn to Science?
27: Varieties of Scientific Deception
26: Absence Makes the Ideas Flow?
26: Alzheimer's Bonds
25: Where's the Widest Variety of Chemical Matter?
25: That's Just Too Colorful
25: Zafgen's Epoxide Pays Its Way
24: Taking Risks - You Have To, So Do It Right
24: Whooo-eee
23: Go Home, Gaijin
23: The Virtual Clinical Trial: Not Quite Around the Corner
23: Stephanie Kwolek, 1923-2014
21: Scripps Update
20: What If Drug Patents Were Written Like Software Patents?
20: Stem Cells: The Center of "Right to Try"
19: Speaking of Polyphenols. . .
19: Dark Biology And Small Molecules
18: How Polyphenols Work, Perhaps?
18: More On Automated Medicinal Chemistry
17: Scripps Merging With USC?
16: Your Metal Azide Worries Are Over
16: A "Right to Try" Debate
13: Med-Chem, Automated?
13: Rearrangements Inside Bristol-Myers Squibb
13: "In the Pipeline" Will Be Moving
12: Valeant's Misleading Case
12: Amylin Fibrils and Aspirin: No Connection
12: Nutley Demolished
11: Valuing Biotech Startups
11: Whack-A-Mole
10: Right To Try: Here We Go
09: Hosed-Up X-Ray Structures: A Big Problem
09: Good News! Our Alzheimer's Drug Didn't Work!
06: Sanofi's Feeling Just Wonderful
06: The Robustness Test: Why Don't We Just Require It?
05: Friendly, Welcoming Triazides. No, Really.
05: Get the Science Out of Your Yogurt
04: Pharmalot Returns
04: Predicting New Targets - Another Approach
03: Alex Shulgin, 1925-2014
02: More Server Problems
02: Single-Cell Compound Measurements - Now In A Real Animal
02: No More Acid Stem Cells

May 2014
30: A New Med-Chem Reference
30: Covalent Fragments
29: How to Buy, Buy, Buy
29: The Price of Sovaldi
28: The Science Chemogenomics Paper is Revised
28: Would You Have Advanced BBI608?
27: Mix-and-Match Natural Products
27: AstraZeneca Survives
23: I'll have the Cesium Cole Slaw and the Francium Fries, Too
23: Two Looks At Drug Industry Productivity
22: The Biggest Chemistry Employers - Guess
22: Oncoceutics' Odd Press Releases (Spam Never Sleeps)
22: A Horrible, Expensive, and Completely Avoidable Drug Development Mixup
21: Hit the Polyamine Pedal, And Hold It
21: Pfizer/AstraZeneca: The Arm-Wrestling Phase
21: This All Too Open Office
20: Perhaps Not Quite Technically Legal, Come to Think of It
20: Xenon's Use as a Sports Drug Is Banned
20: Where the Talent Comes From
19: AstraZeneca Looks At Its Own History, And Cringes
19: AstraZeneca Says No Again
16: Photochemical Reaction Discovery
16: The Real Numbers on Tamiflu
15: Citalopram for Alzheimer's?
15: The Daily Show on Finding New Antibiotics
14: A Unique Correction
14: China Raises the Stakes in the GSK Scandal
14: Google Honors Dorothy Hodgkin and Percy Julian
13: How Many Elements Have You Used, As Elements?
13: Fluorination, The Old-Fashioned Way
13: A Ligand Efficiency Reply
12: Pfizer's Shareholders and AstraZeneca's
12: For A Science Center, This Is a Disgrace
12: DMSO Will Ruin Your Platinum Drugs. Take Heed.
12: Photoredox Marches On
09: Watching A Palladium Reaction, In A Crystalline Flask
08: Alzheimer's Antibodies: Can the Current Ones Even Work?
08: Oh Brave New World
08: Artificial Base Pairs in Living Cells
07: Pfizer-AZ: Politics and Press Releases
07: Crap, With the Force of Law Behind It
07: The Lessons of Intercept and NASH
06: AstraZeneca: Don't Buy Us
06: CRISPR In the Courts
06: Telling the Truth
06: Technical Problems
05: Fast Money, But What Direction Is It Going?
05: Pfizer/AstraZeneca: Asymmetric Cuts Look Likely
05: Young Blood
02: Some People at Pfizer Whose Fault This Isn't
02: Allergan: "Golf-Course Deprived"
02: AstraZeneca Tell Pfizer to Buzz Off
01: Can Anything Stop Pfizer-AstraZeneca From Going Through?
01: Another Whack at the Cost of Drugs Issue
01: Merrimack Wins One
01: Eli Lilly vs. Canada

April 2014
30: Back Ordered, I'll Bet
30: Is That Food or Not?
29: Mice Hate Men
29: Concert's First Drug: Not So Great
28: Pfizer and AstraZeneca: What the Hell.
25: Ycombinator Gets Into Biotech
22: Days Off
22: Shuffling the Departments
22: Funding Undergraduate Summer Research
22: J. Appl. Drivel or Gibberish Lett.? Choices, Choices.
21: Molecular Printing of Drug Molecules. Say What?
21: Pfizer Walks Again By Night
17: Gitcher SF5 Groups Right Here
17: Changing A Broken Science System
16: One and Done
16: The Latest Protein-Protein Compounds
16: Professor Fukuyama's Solvent Peaks
15: Novartis Gets Out of RNAi
15: Total Synthesis in Flow
15: Sweet Reason Lands On Its Face
14: More on the Science Chemogenomic Signatures Paper
11: Biology Maybe Right, Chemistry Ridiculously Wrong
10: Encoded Libraries Versus a Protein-Protein Interaction
09: The State of Alzheimer's Research, 2014
09: AstraZeneca's Cambridge Move
08: A Call For Better Mouse Studies
08: Biotech Boom, Biotech Bust?
08: Can You Patent A Natural Product? Prepare For a Different Answer
07: Is Palbociclib Promising? Or Not?
07: Outsourcing Everything
07: Cancer Immunotherapy's Growing Pains
04: GSK Dismisses Employees in Bribery Scandal. Apparently.
04: Ancient Modeling
03: More Fukuyama Corrections
03: Reality-Based Biotech Investing
02: Binding Assays, Inside the Actual Cells
01: Freeman Dyson on the PhD Degree
01: Off To the Publishers
01: Yeah, That Must Be It

March 2014
31: Where The Hot Drugs Come From: Somewhere Else
31: A Quick Clean-Up
28: More on the UT-Austin Retraction Case
28: A Huntington's Breakthrough?
27: A Look Back at Big Pharma Stocks
27: Another Target Validation Effort
27: Dichloroacetic Acid, In a New Form
26: A New Fluorination
26: Getcher Nucleic Acids, Cheap
25: A New Way to Study Hepatotoxicity
24: Google's Big Data Flu Flop
24: Nitrogen Heterocycles Ahoy
24: Ezetimibe In the Marketplace
21: Dosing by Body Surface Area
21: Another Use for Xenon
20: For Some Folks, It's New Year's Day
20: Small Molecule Chemistry's "Limited Utility"?
20: Years Worth of the Stuff
19: Another Whack at the Stem Shortage Myth
19: More Things Synthetic Chemists Hate
18: Another DNA-Barcoded Program From GSK
18: Jailhouse Secrets They Don't Want You to Know About!
17: What If Total Syntheses Had Only 25 Steps to Work In?
17: Predicting What Group to Put On Next
14: Going After Poor Published Research
14: The Genetics of Bipolar Disorder: What A Tangle
14: A Sirtuin Activator Extends Lifespan in Normal Mice
13: The Reasons for Failure at the FDA
12: A New NMR Probe Technology in the Making?
12: Stem Cell Shakedown Cruise
11: Compassionate Use: An Especially Tough Case
11: Always Insist on Error Bars
10: Startups vs. Big Pharma
10: A Blood Test for Alzheimer's?
10: Repurposing for Cervical Cancer
07: Some New Reviews
07: A Structure From the Molecular Sponge
06: Biggest US Cities for Biopharma Funding, Versus Whole Continents.
06: We Are Pleased To Publish Your Senseless Ravings
05: Traveling Interruption
04: More Good PD-1 News in Cancer
04: Novartis's Stealthy Headcount Reductions
03: Sydney Brenner on the State of Science
03: A Bit More Realism in Consulting
03: Out to Illinois

February 2014
28: A Call To Rein In Phase III Trials
28: Computational Nirvana
27: A Close Look at Receptor Signaling
26: The Instructive Case of Galena Biopharma
26: Changes in Papers
25: InterMune Comes Through
25: For Immediate Rewording. Uh, Release.
24: ACS Webinars on Drug Discovery
24: Big Drug Mergers: So They're OK, Right?
24: Another Round of Stapled Peptide Wrangling
21: Ces3 (Ces1) Inhibition As a Drug Target
21: Making Arenes React, Via Rhodium
20: The NIH Takes a Look At How the Money's Spent
20: Pfizer Seeks Respect
19: Robo-Combing the Chemistry Literature For Mistakes
19: Ligand Efficiency: A Response to Shultz
18: Thoughts on Overpublishing
18: Not Again - Stem Cell Results in Trouble?
17: The Org Lett Spectral Hammer Falls Again
17: Down With P Values
17: Alan Katritzky 1928-2014
14: "It Is Not Hard to Peddle Incoherent Math to Biologists"
13: Jobs, He Says
12: The Bread Rolls of Synthesis
12: Genius, Sheer Genius
11: Drug Discovery in India
11: Pesticide Toxicity?
10: How the New BioPharma IPOs Have Been Doing
10: Today We Have Naming of Parts
10: A Timeline from Cell
07: Irisin and Metabolism - A New Target Emerges
07: Thermodynamics of Life
06: Crowdfunding Independent Research
06: On Vitamin C, And On Linus Pauling
06: AstraZeneca Cutting Back - Some More
05: More Ligand Efficiency
05: The Evidence Piles Up: Antioxidant Supplements Are Bad For You
04: Put Down That White-Out; Drop That Photoshop Cursor
04: Overqualified For the Job
03: A New Book
03: Novartis Does A Big, Quiet Reshuffle
03: The Return of Gene Therapy (And More)

January 2014
31: "The Time Had Now Come to Attempt the First Large-Scale Reaction. . ."
31: How Not to Invest in Biopharma
31: Beelzebub Pharma, Inc.
30: The West Virginia Formaldehyde Claim Is Nonsense
29: AstraZeneca Closes a Lab - In India This Time
29: What STEM Shortage? Where? How?
28: Antivirals: "I Love the Deviousness of It All"
28: Dacomitinib Doesn't Come Through
27: The 2013 Crop of New Drugs
27: The Nasty Side of HDL
24: PTC's Latest Ataluren Woes
24: Are There Good Writers In This Business?
23: Clicked-DNA Works In Human Cells
23: Alzheimer's Therapies: A Reasonably Gloomy Update
22: A New Book on Scaffold Hopping
22: Novartis Continues Closing and Rearranging
21: Throwing Out the Files
20: A Long Fight Over Allegations of Fraud
17: A New Olefin Coupling
17: Abandoning the Chinese Drug Market
16: Merck Pulls One Out
16: Should Drug Industry Research All Get Rejected For Publication?
15: "We Had to Clear Out Some Chemists"
15: A Short Guide to the JP Morgan Conference
14: A New Metabolism Predictor
14: Trouble With Stapled Peptides? A Strong Rebuttal.
13: Alnylam Makes It (As Does RNAi?)
13: Boost Your NAD And Fix It All?
10: A Reply on Academic Alzheimer's Research
10: A New Look At Clinical Attrition
09: Three Options With Five Billion to Spend
09: An All-In-One Alzheimer's Paper
08: Evidence Against Open Offices
08: A Tool Compound's New Personality
07: Adoptive T-Cell Therapy for Cancer: The Short Version
07: How Much Is Wrong?
06: The 2013 Drug Approvals: Not So Great?
06: Positive Rules and Negative Ones
03: Prices Rising - Every Year, Every Drug?
03: Easy Aziridines
02: Back Blogging (Bonus Biographical Begging)
02: It Just So Happens That I Have A Conference Right Here
02: Grading the Drug Companies

December 2013
31: Cold-Weather Chicken Soup
30: A Table of Smells, Stinks, And Aromas
24: A Mystery Chemistry Glassware Kit
23: Merry Christmas From the FDA
20: Holiday Blogging
20: Picking Diverse Compounds
19: Bristol-Myers Squibb Exits Diabetes
18: More Worthless Press Releases
18: Press Release Fraud - The Verdict Stands
18: Lab Mice Are Being Kept Too Cold, Apparently
17: A Look Under the VC Hood For 2013
17: GlaxoSmithKline's New Sales Practices
17: A Year-End Review at Xconomy
17: Worst Scientific Press Releases of 2013?
16: Top Chemical Publications of 2013
16: NIH Taking on More RIsk?
13: Erythropoetin From Scratch
13: Free Chemical Patent Searching
12: Science Gifts: Telescopes, Etc.
12: Eye of the Beholder Stuff
12: Worst Biotech CEO Time
12: Tiny Details, Not So Tiny
11: David Cameron, The Press, Alzheimer's, and Hope
11: Best Chem-Blog Posts of 2013
11: Down With the Luxury Journals?
10: Science Gifts: Elements and More
10: Standards of Proof
09: What Reagents Will You Never Forget?
09: Low Energy Records
06: Shop Up Some Gels For the Paper
06: Outcomes, Expensive Outcomes
05: Parkinson's From the Environment?
05: Drug Companies In Great Britain: Ease Up, Won't You?
04: The Old AstraZeneca Charnwood Site
04: More Vaccine Fearmongering
04: Cancer Cell Line Assays: You Won't Like Hearing This
03: Science Gifts: Running Experiments at Home
03: What You Can Publish After a Shamectomy
03: Merck's Drug Development in The New Yorker
02: Authorship For Sale. Papers For Sale. Everything For Sale.
02: Eisai Cuts Back

November 2013
29: Science Gifts: Medicinal Chemistry Books
27: Russian Soured Cabbage
27: Thanksgiving: Never Trust An Organic Chemist Who Can't Cook
27: 23 And Me And the FDA
26: The Freshness Index
26: Of Mice (Studies) and Men
25: Lipinski's Anchor
22: The Old Days in Organic Chemistry
22: Things People Won't Listen To?
22: A Place to Go For Scientific Whistleblowing
21: Cesium, Uh, Trifluoride?
21: The Chemistry Book
20: Fred Sanger, 1918-2013
20: A New Way to Get Protein Crystal Structures
19: Phenotypic Screening Everywhere
19: More on the Open Access Sting Article
18: When the "c" in cLogP Stands For "Crazy" (Update: Fixed!)
18: Cuts at Shire
15: The Heirloom Chemistry Set
15: Zafgen's Epoxide Clears A Hurdle
14: Nasty Odor as a Drug Side Effect
14: Layoffs and Personal Finance
14: No More Stack Ranking at Microsoft
13: Kevin Trudeau Goes to Jail, At Long Last
13: Sarepta's Approval Woes
12: Darapladib Misses Its Endpoint
12: Leaving Antibiotics: An Interview
12: It Doesn't Repeat? Who's Interested?
11: Another Pain Drug Wipes Out
11: The Past Twenty Years of Drug Development, Via the Literature
08: The Other Shoe Drops at Ariad
08: Exiting Two Therapeutic Areas
07: Organizing Research
06: Now Novartis-Emeryville?
06: BMS Reshuffling
05: The Seat of Learning, Indeed
05: Compassionate Access: No Good Answer
05: Novartis Closing Horsham
04: The Herbal Supplement Industry Is Not A Very Funny Joke
03: In Praise of Organic Chemistry
01: Just Build The Thing
01: Bayer's Here to Tell You That There's a STEM Shortage
01: Chemist At Work
01: Chemistry Job Postings: Worth a Try

October 2013
31: Merck's Aftermath
31: Models and Reality
31: Rewriting History at the Smithsonian?
30: The FDA: Too Loose, Or Appropriately Brave?
30: More Magic Methyls, Please
30: Totaling Up a Job Search
29: Humble Enzyme Dodges Spotlight
29: Unraveling An Off-Rate
28: Decision Time at Merck
28: Molecular Dynamics, Pro and Con
28: Back to Hendrix
24: Dietary Fat and Heart Disease
24: Travel (Back to Arkansas)
23: Allosteric Binding Illuminated?
22: ACSNano on Problematic Papers
22: Ariad in Limbo
22: Size Doesn't Matter. Does Anything?
21: Getting van der Waals Forces Right
21: Catalyst Pharmaceuticals And Their Business Plan
18: Diazomethane Without Tears. Or Explosions.
18: Ariad (And Its Drug) In Trouble
17: Cognitive Dissonance at Lilly
17: Creativity Training For Creative Creators
17: The Reproducibility Initiative is Open
16: Holding Back Experimental Details, With Reason
16: Microwave Synthesis
16: The First PCSK9 Phase III
15: The Big Boston Biotech Boom
15: Good News in Hiring, Maybe?
15: Where Are the Biopharma Clusters, Really?
11: An Alzheimer's Cure? Not So Fast.
10: Unpacking a JACS Total Synthesis Paper
10: Cambridge Meetup Final Plans: Noon by Broad Canal Way
10: A Leak at Lilly
09: Ariad's Ponatinib Runs Into Big Trouble
09: The 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
08: 36 Basic Types of Reactions?
08: Did the Biotech IPO Window Just Close?
08: Forecasting Drug Sales: Har, Har.
07: Cambridge "In the Pipeline" Reader Meetup: October 10
07: The 2013 Medicine/Physiology Nobel: Traffic
04: An Open Access Trash Heap
03: RSS Readers: An Update
03: A Decent Smell, For Once
03: Astex Gets Bought - At a Higher Price?
02: An "In the Pipeline" Meetup in Cambridge?
02: Man, That's A Lot of New Public Companies
02: Results From the JACS Challenge
01: Merck Cuts Back. Way Back.
01: Tramadol Turns Out to Be a Natural Product

September 2013
30: A War On Expertise?
30: They'll Fake the Journal if You'll Fake the Papers
27: A Phase III Failure at Eli Lilly. Yes, Again.
26: An Unknown Author With Someone Else's Work. Why?
26: Nobel Speculation Time
25: MacArthur Awards in Chemistry
25: Sugammadex's Problems: Is the Merck/Schering-Plough Deal the Worst?
24: When Does a Biotech Press Release Constitute Fraud?
23: What's An Important Paper? Take the JACS Challenge!
20: Google Versus Aging
20: Prosensa: One Duchenne Therapy Down
19: Element Shortages, Really Light and Really Heavy
19: File Under "Nerve, Lots Of"
18: The Arguing Over PTC124 and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
17: Thoughts on the Scientific Publishing Model, And Its Inverse
17: Surveying BioPharma Job Ads
16: Crystallography Without Crystallizing: An Update
13: Value For the Money
12: Ligands From Nothing
11: A New Version of ChemDraw Mobile
11: Merck Does Something. Or Not. Maybe Something Else Instead.
10: Great Papers That Have Been Rejected
10: Bring Me More Cute Ring Systems
09: What To Do About Chemistry Papers That Don't Work?
09: Exposing Faked Scientific Papers
06: Making the Bacteria Make Your Fluorinated Compounds
06: More on Warp Drive Bio and Cryptic Natural Products
05: CRISPR Takes Off
05: Astex Gets Bought
04: Stack Ranking in Pharma: Bad Idea
04: More Thoughts on Compound Metrics
03: The Myth of the STEM Shortage, In Detail
03: A Drug Delivery Method You Haven't Thought Of
02: A Quick Recipe: Lime Sorbet

August 2013
30: Totally Off Topic: My Appearance on Jeopardy!
30: Welcome to the Author's Brain. The "Fasten Seatbelts" Sign Is Illuminated
29: A New Pathway For Memory
29: How Goes the War?
28: Mercury Azides. I'll Get Right On Those For You.
27: Promise That Didn't Pan Out
27: Not Sent Out For Review
26: On Conspiratorial Thinking
26: Amgen Buys Onyx
23: Options And Suchlike
23: What's a CEO Worth?
23: Chemistry On The End of DNA
22: Too Many Metrics
21: A Call For Merck to Cut R&D
20: GPCRs As Drug Targets: Nowhere Near Played Out
20: Too Many Biotech IPOs?
19: An Inspirational Quote from Bernard Munos
19: Is The FDA the Problem?
19: High Throughput Screening Services
16: An HIV Structure Breakthrough? Or "Complete Rubbish"?
15: Mannkind's Latest Data
15: Aileron Reports Some Stapled Peptide Results
15: Big Pharma And Its Research Publications
14: Now It's Novartis's Turn in China
14: A Regeneron Profile
14: Another T-Cell Advance Against Cancer
14: Nanorods? Or Photoshop?
13: Druggability: A Philosophical Investigation
13: Sanofi in China
12: How Much to Develop a Drug? An Update.
12: Cancer and Autism: Slow Down
09: An Interview With A GSK Shanghai Scientist
08: Make Up the Elemental Analysis: An Update
08: The 3D Fragment Consortium
07: Reworking Big Pharma
07: New Frontiers in Analytical Chemistry
06: A Question for Recruiters
06: Academic Kickbacks in China?
05: The NIH Takes On Reproducibility
02: Ingenol: A Walk In The Park
01: Merck Cuts Coming? Or Not?
01: Knockout Mice, In Detail

July 2013
31: Evolving Enzymes: Let 'Em Rip
30: Apparently, Ads Make Antihistamines Work Better
29: Pfizer Rearranges
29: More Whitesides on Ligand Binding
26: Instrument Nostalgia
26: How Rapamycin Extends Lifespan: Not By Slowing Down Aging
26: More Behind-the-Scenes Maneuvering. How Wonderful.
25: Ben Cravatt At The Challenges In Chemical Biology Conference
25: Kurt Deshayes At The Challenges in Chemical Biology Conference
25: DNA Can Be Messed With More Than You'd Think
25: Biogen Idec Goes Open-Office
25: Kevan Shokat At The Challenges in Chemical Biology Conference
25: Those Fortunate Onyx Option Traders
24: GSK Scandal Info
24: Udo Opperman At The Challenges in Chemical Biology Conference
24: Stuart Schreiber at the Challenges in Chemical Biology Conference
24: More Details on T-Cell Leukemia Therapy
23: A Chemical Biology Conference
23: Resveratrol: What's It Do For Mitochondria?
23: One GSK China Scandal Blends Into Another
22: Update on the Bribery Scandal
22: The NIH's Drug Repurposing Program Gets Going
19: Salary Freeze at Lilly
19: Good Advice: Get Lost!
18: BMS Moving Jobs to Florida
18: The Junk DNA Wars Get Hotter
18: China's GlaxoSmithKline Crackdown
17: The GSK Jackpot
17: More on the NIH and Its Indian Clinical Trials
17: MedChemica: When One Compound Collection Isn't Enough
16: Touching Up the Spectra
15: Does That Answer Your Question? Not Quite, No.
15: The Red Queen's Race For Funding
15: An Update on the Wisconsin Lab Theft Case
15: Aveo: The Rubble Continues to Bounce Around
12: Lilly Goes All In on Solanezumab
12: Clinical Trial Fraud Uncovered
12: Comment Troubles
11: More From Warp Drive Bio (And Less From Aileron?)
11: The Last PPAR Compound?
10: Good Fortune Smiles On Someone's Onyx Option Trades
10: On the Priority Breakthrough Accelerated Fast Track
09: A Microwave Argument
09: Non-Reproducible Science: A Survey
08: 19 Years to a Retraction. Bonus Midnight Camera Footage Included.
08: The Norbornyl Cation Structure (Really)
08: Suing Your Grad School, And Your Professor
04: A Fourth of July Recipe: Pork Tenderloin and Sour Onion Salsa
02: A Quick Traffic Update
01: Travel and Upcoming Posts
01: Corroboration for ENCODE?

June 2013
28: Hybrid Biomolecules, Edible And Not
27: Sealed Up And Ready to Go
26: Protein-Protein Compounds - The Flip Side
25: Picking Out Incorrect Natural Products
25: One Conspiracy After Another
24: How Robust Is That New Reaction, Anyway?
24: Eight Toxic Foods: The Aftermath
21: Eight Toxic Foods: A Little Chemical Education
20: The Perfect Papers For Each Journal
19: The Drug Industry and the Obama Administration
18: New Photos, Same Blather
18: Forcing Fungi to Make Stranger Compounds
18: Bernard Munos on The Last Twelve Years of Pharma
17: Pay-to-Delay: Not Necessarily Illegal, But Not Long For The World
17: GPCRs Are As Crazy As You Thought
17: Aggravating Aggregators
14: Making Changes Inside Merck's R&D
14: One. . .Million. . .Pounds (For a New Antibiotic?)
14: A Beta-Secretase Inhibitor Hits the Skids in Alzheimer's
13: The Supreme Court Rules on Myriad
13: Watching DNA Polymerase Do Its Thing
12: Product Inhibition, Or Grinding To A Halt
12: Influential Chemists, Anyone?
11: The Overselling of Ionic Liquids
11: More on the GSK Shanghai Scandal
10: Getting Your Hands on All Those Three-Dimensional Structures
10: Deuterated Drugs: An Obvious Idea?
07: Mutato Nomine De Te Fabula Narratur
07: Making Peroxides, Quietly And Unhelpfully
07: Five Minutes With Any Journal Article You Want?
06: The Ax At Aveo
06: Today's Avandia Hearing at the FDA
06: Research Fraud at GSK Shanghai?
05: Quaternary Chiral Centers Made to Order
05: ChemDraw on the iPad
04: AstraZeneca, As Expected, Pulls the Plug
04: The Flip Side: Organic Chemistry That Should Be More Famous
03: Chemical Biology Highlights
03: The Current Kudzu of Chemistry?

May 2013
31: A Total Synthesis Archive
31: Check Out These Molecules
30: Making the Non-Flat, Non-Aromatic Compounds
30: Update on Bexarotene for Alzheimer's
29: Sulfa Side Effects, Decades Later
29: The Hydrogen Wave Function, Imaged
28: Valeant Versus Genentech: Two Different Worlds
24: A New Way to Determine Chirality
23: Alkynes and Nitriles
23: Another Look At Marketing Vs. R&D In Pharma
22: Underappreciated Analytical Techniques
22: How Many Binding Pockets Are There?
21: Promoting STEM Education, Foolishly
20: But Don't Drug Companies Spend More on Marketing?
20: How Much Do Drug Companies Spend on R&D, Anyway?
17: A Little Ranbaxy Example
16: Ranbaxy: Looking Under the Rock
16: The Atlantic on Drug R&D
15: And The Award For Clinical Futility Goes To. . .
15: GSK's Published Kinase Inhibitor Set
14: A Specific Crowdfunding Example
14: Crowdfunding Research
13: Astellas Closing the OSI and Perseid Sites?
13: Pyrrolidines, Not the Usual Way
13: Another Big Genome Disparity (With Bonus ENCODE Bashing)
10: Why Not Share More Bioactivity Data?
09: An Anticoagulant Antidote
09: Merck's Liptruzet: A Cause For Shame?
09: Your Brain Shifts Gears
08: Total Synthesis in Print
08: Things I Won't Work With: Dimethylcadmium
07: Another Germ Theory Victory - Back Pain?
07: An Update on Deuterium Drugs
07: One Case of Plagiarism Down. Two Zillion to Go.
06: Ken Frazier at Merck: An Assessment
06: The Medical Periodic Table
03: Drug Assay Numbers, All Over the Place
02: Aveo Gets Bad News on Tivozanib
02: E. O. Wilson's "Letters to a Young Scientist"
01: Best Sites for a Medicinal Chemist?

April 2013
30: Is Glyphosate Poisoning Everyone?
30: Travel (University of Wisconsin)
29: Costing Just Too Much
29: Just Work on the Winners
29: A Dumb Proposal for the NSF
26: Research Fraud, From A Master Fraud Artist
26: The Portable Chemist's Consultant
25: More Single-Cell Magnetic Imaging
25: Towards Better Papers, With Real Results in Them
25: What The Heck Does "Epigenetic" Mean, Anyway?
24: A New Book on Longevity Research
24: Watching PARP1 Inhibitors Fail To Work, Cell By Cell
23: IBM And The Limits of Transferable Tech Expertise
23: Pseudoenzymes: Back From the Dead as Targets?
22: Cancer: Back to N-of-One
22: Real Reactions, From Real Lab Notebooks
19: Not the Usual Morning Around Here
18: A Short Peptide And A Small Molecule
18: Super-Enhancers in Cell Biology: ENCODE's Revenge?
16: What's Translational Synthesis, Anyway?
16: A Bombing
15: Traffic and More Traffic
14: How To Deal With the Ridiculously Huge Universe of Compounds
12: Nano-Drugs: Peaked, Or Maybe Past
12: PPAR Delta For Cycling? I Think Not.
11: A Startup's Post-Mortem
11: Fragments For Receptors: It Can Be Done
10: Pharmacology Versus Biology
10: Old Friends, And Those Other Guys
09: New Sirtuin Inhibitors
09: Mass Spec Continues Its Conquests
08: Scientific Posters, Heads on Platters, and Lawsuits
08: The Basics of Phenotypic Screening
08: Pursuing Other Interests, As They Say
05: Chlorine Trifluoride: Some Empirical Findings
05: More Reaction Discovery
04: Regeneron Expands
04: Bristol-Myers Squibb Closes Down the Amylin Site
04: Good Ways To Mess Up Your Screening
03: AstraZeneca's Move To Hot, Happening Cambridge
02: Stealing A Compound, To Set Up in China
02: Tecfidera's Price
01: Novartis Loses the Glivec Patent Fight in India
01: ChemBark Closing Down (Update: Not Really!)
01: Fake Journals - But They'd Like Real Money
01: Chemical Probes Versus Drugs

March 2013
29: Two New Books
29: The Price of Publishing
29: Sirtuins Live On at GSK
28: Pfizer Tears It All Down
28: X-Ray Structures Of Everything. Without Crystals. Holy Cow.
27: A Therapy Named After You?
27: The DNA-Encoded Library Platform Yields A Hit
27: The NIH, Pfizer, and Senator Wyden
26: Automated Med-Chem, At Last?
26: The Wyeth/Elan Insider Trading Case Resolves
26: A Malfunctioning Spambot
25: The FDA's New Alzheimer's Guidance: Wonder or Blunder?
25: James Watson Likes Us, Anyway
25: Advertising in the Supplementary Information?
23: Quick E-mail Housekeeping Note
22: Trouble for a Whole Class of Diabetes Drugs?
22: Good News in Oncology: More Immune Therapy for Leukemia
22: Good News in Oncology: Oncolytic Virus Therapy
21: NeuroSearch's Decline
21: AstraZeneca Makes a Deal With Moderna. Wait, Who?
20: Thought for the Day, On Interdisciplinary Research
20: Off Topic: Happy New Year, In March
20: Using DNA to Make Your Polymers. No Enzymes Needed.
19: Scientific Snobbery
19: Affymax In Trouble
18: AstraZeneca Site Closings - And Openings
18: GlaxoSmithKline's CEO on the Price of New Drugs
15: More ENCODE Skepticism
14: Does Baldness Get More Funding Than Malaria?
14: Thallium Poisoning, Again
14: Scientists and Google Reader's Demise
13: Who to Manufacture an API?
13: Getting Down to Protein-Protein Compounds
12: Is GSK Up to Something Else, Too?
12: Sirtis Gets Shut Down in Cambridge
12: Resveratrol Gets Some Details Cleared Up
11: The Baran Group Blog (And Some Others?)
11: Suing A Generic Drug Maker: When And How?
08: Biopharma Startups in India and China - Do They Exist?
07: I'll Just Take a Tour of Your Lab Drawers Here
07: Peter Kim Retires From Merck
07: Probing A Binding Tunnel With AFM
06: Safety Warning: Togni's Reagents
06: Anonymity, Fakery, et al.
06: Open Access For ACS Articles?
05: TauRx's Funding Is Odd
05: What Really Makes a Biopharma Hub?
04: The IBX Answer
04: Putting the (Hard) Chemistry Back in Med Chem
04: von Eschenbach Takes Another Whack at Phase III Trials
01: The Finest Green in the Lab?
01: Yuri Milner's Millions, And Where They're Going

February 2013
28: IBM's Watson Does Drug Discovery?
28: The Industrial Diels Alder, Revisited in Detail
27: A Nobel Follow-Up
27: Not What It Says On the Label, Though
27: Selective Inhibitor, The Catalog Says
26: Standard of Care? Not So Fast, Not in the United Kingdom
26: Natural Product Fragments: Get Rid of the Ugly Ones Now
26: Phil Baran at Blog Syn
25: An Interview
25: ENCODE: The Nastiest Dissent I've Seen in Quite Some Time
22: What If the Journal Disappears?
22: Nativis Returns
21: An Incentive For Hype
21: The Hard Targets: How Far Along Are We?
21: An Anniversary
20: A New Old Diabetes and Obesity Drug Candidate
19: The Wages of Copy-Pasting
19: More From Blog Syn
18: What Would Go Into the Chemistry Museum Displays, Anyway?
15: Pfizer's Covx Closing?
15: The Finest Blue in the Lab
15: ABT-199 Clinical Trial Suspended (Updated)
15: Merck Finally Settles Over Vytorin
14: How Can There Be a Shortage of Scientists And An Excess At The Same Time/
13: Mouse Models of Inflammation Are Basically Worthless. Now We Know.
12: Do We Really Know the Cause for Over 4500 Diseases?
12: Pfizer Slowly Shrinks in Groton
12: The European Lead Factory
11: How Not to Do It: Chromium Trioxide
11: 2012's New Drugs
11: PhRMA And Why People Dislike the Drug Industry
08: The Name of a Cure
08: Snow Versus Scientific Progress
08: All Those Drug-Likeness Papers: A Bit Too Neat to be True?
07: Addex Cuts Back: An Old Story, Told Again
07: DUCTS: Down with Useless Clinical Trial acronymS
07: How To Enhance Your Online Reputation. Sure.
06: Anyone Still Swimming in the Chiral Pool?
06: Trouble Hiring Whom, Exactly?
05: Not Working Out So Well at Merck?
05: Vibrational Scent Wins A Round?
04: Single-Cell NMR? How About Single-Protein NMR?
04: A Word We Didn't Know We Needed
01: So How Does One Grow Beta-Cells?
01: A Traffic Record

January 2013
31: In Case You Were Wondering What We Thought About the Liver
31: AstraZeneca's Nasty Numbers
31: Mipomersen Approved (Bonus Antisense Roundup Included)
30: Farewell to Bioinformatics
30: Scamorama
29: Dr. Oz's Problem
28: Asking the Hard Questions
28: The Hydrophobic Effect: I Don't Understand It, Either
28: Time to Refill Your Prescription For Zxygjfb
25: The Chemistry Jobs Market
25: Down With the Ullmann
25: CETP, Alzheimer's, Monty Hall, and Roulette. And Goats.
24: Too Many Scientists: A "Pyramid Scheme"
24: Three Rings in a Row
24: Daniel Vasella Steps Down at Novartis
23: Eating A Whole Bunch of Random Compounds
23: Coincidence, No Doubt. Well, Some Doubt.
22: Pick Your Stench
22: Academia's Role in Drug Discovery
22: The Theology of Ligand Efficiency
21: That Many Compounds in Development? Really?
21: Dr. Das Sues U Conn. Good Luck With That.
18: A Short Rise Out of Depression
17: Halogen Bonds
17: More on Metformin and Cancer (and Alzheimer's)
16: Blog Syn: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?
16: Drug Discovery With the Most Common Words
15: AstraZeneca Shakeup
15: A Big Change at Pfizer? Or Just a Rumor?
15: Is Obesity An Infectious Disease?
14: Another Reactive Oxygen Paper
14: Virtual Screening, The Good Parts and the Bad Ones
11: Reactive Oxygen Species Are Your Friends!
10: Automated Ligand Design?
09: Bright, Glowing Industrial Chemistry
09: Things I Won't Work With: Azidoazide Azides, More Or Less
08: Overly Honest Experimental Methods
08: More on Grad School Pressures
08: Metal Impurities Will Waste Your Time
07: Bioisosteres
07: Grad School in Chemistry - The Mental Health Aspects
07: Oxidizing Alcohols - With Water
04: Anti-GMO. Until This Week.
04: Science Fraud and Legal Action
04: An Article That Shows What Med-Chem Is Like?
03: Deal of the Year?
03: Overselling p53 Drugs
02: How Many Good Screening Compounds Are There?
01: Another Recipe: Cornbread
01: A Bean Soup Recipe, With Bonus Country Ham Talk, And a Cameo By Frederick the Great

December 2012
24: A Christmas Break
21: C&E News Covers the Apocalypse
21: Merck's Tredaptive Comes to a Halt
21: The Last Thing a Professor Wants to Hear
21: The Happiest Darn Drug Company in America
20: CNS Drug Development Claims Another Victim
20: A New Book on the Drug Industry And Its Image
19: More on the Parabon NSF Press Release
18: Know How to Make 3,4 Difluorothiophene?
18: Parabon's DNA Structures: What The Hey?
18: Lilly's Two-Drugs-a-Year Prediction
17: Dr. Gilman's Turn Toward the Inside
17: Stapled Peptides Take a Torpedo
14: Mipomersen In Trouble
14: LaMattina on Angell
14: The Merck Index
13: Asking the Tough Questions: Doomsday in the Clinic
13: Don't Let the Art Director Draw Your Molecules
13: Rheumatoid Arthritis Wins A Couple of Rounds
12: Pfizer's Gold Dust Makes it to the WSJ
12: Sue the Nobel Committee. Yeah, That'll Work.
12: Eli Lilly's Brave Alzheimer's Talk
11: Natural Products Continue to Weird Me Out
11: Free To Promote Off-Label? Not So Fast. . .
11: Did Kaggle Predict Drug Candidate Activities? Or Not?
10: Why Did Pfizer Have All That Gold Dust, Anyway?
10: More on Penn's T-Cell Therapy
07: Whitesides on Discovery and Development
07: The Worst Biotech CEO?
07: Pharmaceutical Shortages in Greece
06: Science Gifts: Microscopes
06: Four Million Compounds to Screen
05: Chemical Warfare in Syria?
05: Off-Label Promotion Is Legal, You Say?
04: Science Gifts: Telescopes
04: Merck Presses Ahead on Alzheimer's:
03: Marcia Angell's Interview: I Just Can't
03: Fluorous Technologies Is No More
03: Stanford's Free Electron Laser Blasts Away

November 2012
30: Science Gifts: Actual Med-Chem Books
30: A Broadside Against The Way We Do Things Now
29: There Go the Lights
29: When Drug Launches Go Bad
29: Science Gifts: The Elements
29: Roche Repurposes
28: Every Tiny Detail
28: Advice For Those Trying High-Throughput Screening
28: Think Your Drug Is Strange-Looking? Beat This.
27: Science Gifts: Experiments At Home
27: How Do Chemist (Think That They) Judge Compounds?
26: Science Gifts: Chemistry Sets
26: Chemistry Software Questions Here
26: An Engineered Rhodium-Enzyme Catalyst
23: Chemistry Software Questions Answered Monday
23: More on That Crowdsourced CNS Research
21: Thanksgiving Synthesis
21: TauRx Goes Into Phase III For Alzheimer's
21: The Galaxy Is Full of Gunk
20: And Since We're Talking About Insider Trading
20: What's A Phenotypic Screen, And What Isn't?
20: Easy Money, Right?
19: Small Molecules Slipping Off the List
19: The Novartis Pipeline
19: ChemDraw Magic
16: Sulfolane
16: Part Eleven? Really?
16: That's Where The Money Is
16: Your Press Release Has Already Been Written
16: Hexacyclinol Round-Up
15: A Good Example of Phenotypic Screening
14: Hexacyclinol Retracted. It Only Took Six Years.
14: Budgets and Revenues
13: Nassim Taleb on Scientific Discovery
12: Unknown Heterocyles: Destined to Remain That Way?
12: Oh Yeah, Now That You Mention It, They're Dead
09: The Supply of PhDs
09: JNK3 - Something New for Alzheimer's?
08: Biotech Takeover Targets
08: Picosecond Protein Watching
07: Silicon In Drug Molecules: Not Quite There
06: How Much Fraud, As Opposed to Plain Old Error?
06: Time For An Election Post
05: C&E News: No Smiley Face This Time
05: Caring About Yields?
02: Sudden Onset of Promiscuity
01: Lab Animals Wiped Out in Hurricane Sandy
01: Hype, Malpractice, and Scientific Misconduct in Organic Synthesis

October 2012
31: Oops. We Didn't Mean to Publish That.
31: The Coming Battle Over Alzheimer's Disease
30: JQ1: Giving Up a Fortune?
30: Back On the Air
29: Blogging Outage
26: Accident Report, or One Damn Thing After Another
26: "Basically, They're A Bunch of Lemmings"
25: Travel (For C&E News)
24: Too Many Med Chem Journals?
24: The Onion on Oncology Research
24: Chem Coach Carnival: A Few Questions
23: Improving Half-Life
23: Huge But Effective
22: March of the Ugly Tool Compounds
22: The Absolute Bottom of the Publishing Barrel
19: Another Controversial Scaffold?
18: Layoffs at Human Genome Sciences
18: You Should Take Chemistry: A Response
18: The Generic Wellbutrin Problem: Whose Fault Is It?
17: Zafgen's Epoxide Adventure
16: "Why Are You Forcing My Son to Take Chemistry?"
16: Texas And Its Cancer Funding
15: A New Diels-Alder
15: There Will Be No More Woodwards
12: Controversial Scaffold Is Right
12: Another Prospective Alzheimer's Trial
11: GSK Opens Up Its Trial Data
11: IGFR Therapies Wipe Out. And They're Not Alone.
10: The 2012 Nobel In Chemistry. Yes, Chemistry.
09: The Age of Nobel Chemistry Laureates
09: Way Too Much Hydrofluoric Acid
09: Lilly's Solanezumab: Did It Actually Work?
08: Targacept Cuts Way Back
08: Nasty Drug Molecules: Amphotericin B
08: Arsenic Life No More
05: Crowdfunding A CNS Project
05: The Return of CB1
03: November Conference on Drug Discovery in Boston
03: AstraZeneca Stops Buying Its Own Stock
03: A Lovely Petite Compound
02: A Totally New Way to Finance Drug Discovery
01: Six Rule of Reproducibility

September 2012
28: EMBL Chemical Biology: Progress in Oncology
28: Pfizer's New Leaf
28: Elan's Discovery Efforts - What's Going On?
28: EMBL Chemical Biology: The ChEMBL Database
28: EMBL Chemical Biology: Polypharmacology
28: EMBL Chemical Biology: Substrate Activity Screening
27: EMBL Chemical Biology: George Whitesides on Ligand Binding
27: EMBL Chemical Biology: Greasy Labels
27: EMBL Chemical Biology: How Receptors Really Work
27: EMBL Chemical Biology: Unnatural Amino Acid Labels
27: EMBL Chemical Biology: Discovering Catalysts
27: EMBL Chemical Biology: Labeling Proteins
26: EMBL Chemical BIology: Natural Product Multiheterocycles
26: EMBL Chemical Biology: Covalent Probes
26: EMBL Chemical Biology: Weird Aggregating Compounds
26: EMBL Chemical Biology: Natural Product Leads
26: Those Drag-Over-the-Coals Interviews
26: Free the Labels
25: CNN's Cure for Cancer
25: A Russian Chemist in Jail
25: Pharmville: Good Grief, This Looks Awful
25: Sanofi Cuts Back in France
24: The One-Stop CRO
24: Conference Travel
21: Transcelerate: What Is It, Exactly?
21: We Were Ahead of the Crowd
20: Roche: Manhattan Instead of Cambridge
20: Various Links Of Stuff
19: The American Chemical Society's Lawsuit Problem
18: Boehringer Ingelheim Closing Laval Site
18: Going After the Big Cyclic Ones
18: Rearrange Those Chemists
17: Pharma Sales Corruption in India. And How.
17: Another One of Those Startling Molecular Images
14: Chemistry in the Quantum Vacuum. No, Really.
14: Walking Away From the ACS
13: ENCODE And What It All Means
12: Honking, Squawking Chemical Ignorance
12: K. C. Nicolau, Rice University, Six Million Dollars, And Malevolent Aliens
11: Nicolaou Moving? Others?
11: Careers, And Those Words "Stuck" and "Advance"
10: Nobel Season Begins!
10: Geron, And The Risk of Cancer Therapies
06: Databases and Money
06: Graphical Abstract Tedium
06: Accelerated Approval And Its Discontents
05: Merck (Germany) Cuts Back
05: More on Getting a Science PhD
04: A New Malaria Compound

August 2012
31: Eli Lilly's Drumbeat of Bad News
30: Niacin: How Does It Work, Anyway?
29: Caloric Restriction Flops?
29: Absolutely The Worst Ad For a Rota-Vap You Will See Today
29: How Did the Big Deals of 2007 Work Out?
28: A Synthetic Retraction
27: Chemistry's Mute Black Swans
24: Lilly's Solanezumab: A Miss or a Win?
24: The Good Ol' Diels-Alder
23: Pharma: Geniuses or Con Men?
23: More on Pharma Stock Buybacks
22: More Boronic Esters, Please
22: Watch that Little Letter "c"
21: Four Billion Compounds At a Time
21: Genentech's Big Worry: Roche?
20: Enzymes, Nanotech, and Picky, Picky Details
17: The Myriad Gene Patent Case: Trickier Than You Might Think
17: Good Forum for a Response on Drug Innovation?
16: Just How Do Enzymes Work?
16: Shootmenowicene
15: More On Reproducing Scientific Results: Organic Chemistry Edition
15: A Quick Tour Through Drug Development Reality
14: Reproducing Scientific Results - On Purpose
14: Is Ampyra Any Good?
13: Donald Light Responds on Drug Innovation and Costs
10: Making Tumor Cells More Vigorous Through. . .Chemotherapy?
09: Getting Drug Research Really, Really Wrong
08: Closure at the Neurosciences Institute?
08: Does Aveo's Tivozanib Work, or Not?
07: Bapineuzumab Still Does Not Work Against Alzheimer's
07: GSK's Anti-Doping Ad
06: Novartis Bankrolls T-Cell Cancer Therapies
06: Biotech Clusters
06: A Brief Word From Mars
03: Finding Fast Fruit Fly Feasibility
02: Public Domain Databases in Medicinal Chemistry
01: The Sangji/UCLA/Harran Case: Now Officially a Mess
01: Cuts at Bristol-Myers Squibb

July 2012
31: Synthetic Chemistry: The Rise of the Algorithms
30: Cancer Drugs: Value for the Money?
30: Bert Vogelstein on Cancer Drugs and Cancer Screening
27: Antipsychotic Drugs Against Cancer?
26: An Alzheimer's Update: Amyloid Lives?
26: Amines and the Landscape of Chemical Stink
25: A Diazirine That Will Knock You Out
25: When Is A Company Shading the Truth About Its Clinical Trials?
24: Bapineuzumab Does Not Work Against Alzheimer's
23: A Total Mess At the FDA
23: Mix 'Em All Together
23: Science Fiction Gets the Upper Hand
20: Does Anyone Want to Invest in Pharma?
19: Come Back Thiophene; All Is Forgiven
19: Quick Links
18: The Best Rings to Put in Your Molecules?
17: Vivus and Qsymia: The Oddest Drug Approval
17: Qnexa Approved? Someone Seems To Know. . .
17: Employee Surveillance at the FDA
16: AstraZeneca Admits It Spent Too Much Money
09: Scientist Shortage? The Media Starts to Catch On.
06: Vacation!
03: The Papers In This Journal Are Just So Darn Relevant
03: They Don't Make These Things to Have Dichloromethane Poured on 'Em
03: The GlaxoSmithKline Settlement
02: If They Pretend to Read It, He'll Pretend to Write It
02: Starting a Chemical Business

June 2012
29: The CETP Rogues Gallery
29: Odd Functionality in Drugs: A Bis-N-Oxide
28: R. B. Woodward Does Furnish A Room
28: Effects of the Health Care Law on Pharma
28: Update on the Buckyball Longevity Paper
28: PhRMA Waits For The Supreme Court
27: Shire's Replagal Problems: An Inside Look?
27: Bungled Structure, And How
26: Roche Closes Nutley, Once Its US R&D Home
26: The Next Five Years in the Drug Industry
25: A Kinase Inhibitor Learns Something New
25: The Good Ol' Friedel-Crafts
22: Merck's Madagascar Marketing Mess
21: Scientific Literacy: Where Do You Stop?
21: Dead Reagents, Dead Reactions
20: BS Your Way Partway to The Top
20: The Cream Rises to the Top, But So Does the Pond Scum
19: A New Reaction Discovery Platform
19: Watch Your Cell Assays
18: What Compound Are You Trying to Patent, Again?
18: More "More Scientists" Debate
15: Cheer For Good Ol' Pfizer U
14: Organic Synthesis: A Dead End For Graduate Students?
13: Live By The Bricks, Die By The Bricks
12: Predicting Toxicology
11: Another Critical Shortage
11: China's Compulsory Licensing
11: Sunovion Layoffs?
08: Lessons For a New Medicinal Chemist
06: Drew University Visit
06: How Not to Do Science Education
05: Merck Finds Its Phase II Candidates For Sale on the Internet
05: The Redfield Paper Is Out (And So Are Arsenic Bacteria, It Seems)
04: Scaling Up Arteminisin
04: By Any Other Name
01: AstraZeneca "Braced For Change"
01: Return of the Rhodanome

May 2012
31: Anonymous Grant Review Gets A Try
30: 500,000 Excess Deaths From Vioxx? Where?
30: Please Fund Them So They Can Fund Us
29: Luc Montagnier Is Not Losing It. Luc Montagnier Has Lost It.
29: GSK and Immune Response: Not Quite An Amicable Divorce
25: Worst And/Or Craziest Misconceptions
24: An Oral Insulin Pill?
24: Publishing Without Consent
23: How Come?
23: Drug Discovery on Radio 4
23: Another Vote Against Rhodanines
22: The NIH's Drug Repurposing Initiative: Will It Be a Waste?
22: The Counting of Beans
21: A New Way to Kill Amoebas, From An Old Drug
21: A Molecular Craigslist?
18: The Genetic Diversity of Cancer Cells
18: Strangely Good Results in Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease
17: Is HDL Always "Good Cholesterol"?
17: The Breslow Chirality Paper Mess, Resolved
17: A Preventative Trial for Alzheimer's: The Right Experiment
16: Antidepressant Drugs and Cell Membranes
15: Things I Won't Work With: Selenophenol
14: Bosutinib: Don't Believe the Label!
14: Do Industrial Post-Doc Positions Work?
11: Desperation In the Lab
11: Competitive Intelligence: Too Much or Too Little?
10: The World of Metal-Catalyzed Couplings
10: Arena and Lorcaserin, Back at the FDA
10: The UK Goes Open-Access
10: GSK Goes Hostile
09: One More on That Buckyball Longevity Paper
09: More Reaction Discovery (Now With Antibody Detection)
09: PhDs On Food Stamps?
08: Laboratory Crime, Not Paying
08: Buckyball Longevity: The Lead Author Replies
07: More Details
07: You're A Peer, Too, You Know
07: The CETP Saga Continues (And It's Not Getting More Entertaining)
04: Cytotoxic? You Bet!
04: Benlysta's Adventures In the Real World
04: GSK with AstraZeneca?
03: The Biotech Class of the Early 90s
03: A Long-Delayed COX2 Issue Gets Settled - For $450 Million?
02: Resveratrol Explained. A Little Bit.
01: Flip That Glucose, Please
01: Chemists and Biologists, In Detail
01: Regulatory Hurdles

April 2012
30: India's First Drug Isn't India's First Drug
30: AstraZeneca Shuffles the Top Cards
27: How Do Drugs Get Into Cells? A Vicious Debate.
27: Different Worlds: A Last DHFR Paper Thought
26: Elsevier Picks Up the Pace
25: DHFR Inhibitors Revisited: A Word From the Authors (and Reviewers)
25: Breslow's Chirality Paper: More Than Just Alien Dinosaurs
25: Drug Company Culture: It's Not Helping
25: Merck Serono Cuts Back
24: That's Some Fine Editorial Work There
24: AstraZeneca Buys Ardea. And Who Else?
24: Harvard's Had Enough
23: Making Their Own ALS Drug
20: Buckyball Longevity - There's A Problem
18: Buckyballs Prolong Life? Really?
18: Build Your Own Reactive Reactors
18: How Do These Things Get Published?
17: Day Off
16: Phenotypic Screening's Comeback
13: More on the Federation of Independent Scientists: Journal Access
13: AstraZeneca Cuts Again
12: A Federation of Independent Researchers?
11: A New Journal (With Bonus Elsevier-Bashing)
10: Biomarker Caution
09: Would I Take Resveratrol? Would You?
06: Europe Wants Some of That Molecular Library Action
05: What Makes a Beautiful Molecule?
04: The Artificial Intelligence Economy?
03: Information Density
03: Bapineuzumab: An Alzheimer's Update
02: "Taking the Ax to the Scientists Is Probably a Mistake"

March 2012
30: Ciliobrevins: Digging Into Cell Biology
30: Amylin on the Block
30: Grad School Opportunity Costs? Not to Worry!
29: Sloppy Science
29: Pfizer: Making the Case for a Breakup
28: Winning Ugly and Failing Gracefully
27: Virtual Biotech, Like It or Not
26: What's the Ugliest Drug? Or The Ugliest Drug Candidate?
23: The Ultimate in Personalized Medicine
23: Nativis Update
22: Shortage of Blogification
21: The Supreme Court Makes Me Smile
21: Lilly Tries to Make It Up in China
20: Personalized Medicine for Cancer? Try Every Cell.
19: Running Out of Helium?
19: Dealing with the Data
16: Merck's CALIBR Venture
16: Elsevier's RSS Feeds: Maybe a Not-So-Minor Complaint
15: Side Effects - Lots of Side Effects
15: Not Quite So Accelerated, Says PhRMA
14: The Blackian Demon of Drug Discovery
13: Nexavar Licensed by Force in India
13: Verastem's Chances
12: The Brute Force Bias
09: Coaching For Success. Sure.
09: Bad Day at AstraZeneca
09: Double-Bond-S
09: Are the Numbers Improving?
08: Eroom's Law
07: Eight Billion Dollars Apparently Isn't Enough
07: Making the Move From Industry to Academia
06: Drug Discovery for Physicists
06: A Quick Note to Eli Lilly
05: Department of Lots of Nerve (Patent Applications Desk)
05: Trouble With a Boron-Containing Drug Candidate
02: A Response From Sanofi
02: Stem Cells in Texas: Quite the Business
01: What Sanofi Thinks About You

February 2012
29: Statin Safety
29: Bias in Industry-Funded Trials in Rheumatoid Arthritis?
28: Yes, The Research Works Act Is Dead
28: One Does Not Simply Walk Into Fluorine Chemistry
28: More on the NIH's Molecular Libraries Program
27: Inside A Chinese Pharmaceuticals Maker
27: Is the Research Works Act Dead?
27: Pseudephedrine Made Easy. Kind of.
24: An Actual Motivational Poster
24: Independent Inventions
23: The Worst Compound You've Ever Drawn?
23: Remember When We Were Going to Eliminate Deaths from Cancer?
22: Max Gergel's Second Odd Book
22: Scaling Up a Strange Dinitro Compound (And Others)
21: Rational Drug Design. Hmm.
21: Ten Tons of Sodium And Just One Lake
21: Ten Tons of Sodium And Just One Lake
17: That Academic-Industrial Collaboration Panel
17: Hepatitis C: Reality Intrudes
16: When Reagents Attack!
16: Imidazole-1-Sulfonyl Azide HCl: Look Out
15: A Real Periodic Table - With Real Elements
15: Eschenbach Says Market, Then Test
14: An Elsevier Boycott
14: Synthetic Electrochemistry: Who's Done Any?
13: Pfizer Layoff This Past Weekend?
13: Nobel Prizes in Chemistry For People Who Aren't Chemists
13: Bexarotene for Alzheimer's
10: The Terrifying Cost of a New Drug
10: The Infinitely Active Impurity
09: Guidance on Biosimilars
09: Roger Boisjoly and the Management Hat
08: Every Methods Paper Has a Table
08: Buying Back Shares: An Admission of Defeat
07: More Industrial Espionage
07: Tau Spreads On Its Own?
06: Academia and Industry, Suing Each Other
06: Let's Start Off the Meeting With An Ad, OK?
06: The Academic-Industrial Collaboration in Drug Discovery Panel: Today
06: Glass Structure, Atom by Atom
03: How the Andrulis Paper Got Published
03: AstraZeneca in Waltham
02: Fluorine NMR: Why Not?
01: AstraZeneca Layoffs and Closings
01: Potassium Hydride Is Not Your Friend
01: Smugness as a Warning Sign

January 2012
31: The Andrulis Paper's Fallout
31: AstraZeneca Cutting Even More?
31: The Future of Pharma? Yikes.
30: (Un)stoppable Pixantrone
30: The Key to Everything? Not Quite.
27: Roche Goes Hostile for Illumina
27: Arsenic Bacteria Ride Again. (Or Don't).
26: Science, A Zero-Sum World, and the State of the Union
26: Putting a Number on Chemical Beauty
25: Panel on Academic-Industrial Collaboration in Drug Discovery
25: Open Office Plans - A Question or Two
25: Comments (And Everything Else) Are Back
23: Comment Trouble
23: This All Too Open Office
23: Strangest Presentation You've Seen?
20: Worst Lecture of All, Or Greatest?
20: Alnylam Cuts Back Hard
20: Zelboraf: Treat One Cancer, Speed Up Another?
19: Dapagliflozin Goes Down (For the Last Time?)
19: Takeda Announces Cuts
19: The Research Works Act: One (Two!) Against and One For
18: Selling Sanofi's Compounds on the Side
18: Fun With Epigenetics
17: Warp Drive Bio: Best Name or Worst?
17: Newhouse Research
17: Down With the Research Works Act
16: Defending Das' Resvertrol Research. Oh, Come On.
16: Biogen: A "Decimated" Pipeline?
13: Dealing With Dishonesty
12: A Resveratrol Research Scandal. Oh, Joy.
12: Sanofi's Bridgewater Site - Closing This Week?
12: Welcome To the Jungle! Here's Your Panther.
11: Ten Years of Science Blogging. Already?
09: The JP Morgan Myths
09: A Look Into the Future?
06: SciFinder Access For the Unemployed
06: Do We Believe These Things, Or Not?
05: Reaction to Andy Grove's Clinical Trial Proposals
05: Lead-Oriented Synthesis - What Might That Be?
04: The Changing Literature
04: Osiris And Their Stem Cells
03: 2012 In Startups
03: That's Sir Andrew to You
03: The Research World Staggers Back to Work

December 2011
28: Nowhere to Go But Up?
28: The UCLA Lab Fatality: Criminal Charges Filed
23: Media Note
23: Holiday Break
22: More From Hua - A Change of Business Plans?
22: Merry Christmas, Fred
21: Chemistry, The Movie!
21: AstraZeneca's Problems
20: Best Paper You Read This Year?
19: Trifluoromethylation, The Easy Way?
19: Deals of the Year in Biopharma (Bonus: Names That Can't Happen)
15: More on Chinese Pharma Espionage
15: Chinese Pharma Espionage?
14: Burzynski Revisited
14: An NMR Poster
14: Now That's A Catalyst
13: Nothing Says "Chemistry" Like Nonsense!
13: The Sirtuin Saga
12: Don't Dose That Patient Until You Pay Up
09: Pharma Overview
09: Drugs, Airplanes, and Radios
09: Uranium, Eh?
08: The Loss of the Middle (Drugs and the People Who Find Them)
07: Plan B and the FDA: Unprecedented
07: Merck in China
06: Novartis: No More Neuroscience
06: Riding to the Rescue of Rhodanines
05: Naming Your Company After Yourself
05: More on Alex Denner
05: Rexahn Rides Again
02: Blog Traffic: A Thank-You
02: Not Just FDA-Bashing?
02: Acronym-Fest: GSK and Its DPUs
01: Worst Biotech CEO of 2011?
01: Nevirapine: Not Chiral. Paper: Not Right. Editorial Staff: Not Doing Their Job

November 2011
30: The XMRV Story Is Not Getting Any Saner
30: Lipitor Expiration Day
30: Finding Even More New Reactions By Looking For them
29: Podcast on Avastin
29: The Burzynski Cancer Treatment
29: A "Things I Won't Work With" Request
28: Amgen's New Patent: Explanations, Anyone?
28: So What Did Lipitor Do for Pfizer? Or Its Shareholders?
24: Happy Thanksgiving
23: Lab Preparation: Key Lime Pie
22: The Mouse Trap
22: Regeneron Finally Makes It to the Market
21: Avastin Coverage, Amended
21: Of Drug Research and Moneyball
18: Avastin's Metastatic Breast Cancer Approval Revoked
18: Pushing Onwards with CETP: The Big Money and the Big Risks
18: Two From Glaxo's Old Days
17: Business Note: Random Promotion, Anyone?
17: Brain Cells: Different From Each Other, But Similar to Something Else?
16: Ray Firestone's Take On Pharma's Plight
16: Virtual Pharma, Revisited
16: Proteins in a Living Cell
15: Managing For Motivation, The Simple Way
15: Exit Icahn, Enter Denner?
15: Geron, Stem-Cell Pioneers, Drop Stem Cells
14: Translation Needed from Execulinga
14: Anticoagulants, One After Another
11: Things I Won't Work With: Hexanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane
10: Makena's Market. Or Lack of One.
10: Resveratrol in Humans: Results of a Controlled Trial
09: KV Pharmaceutical's Latest Makena Move
08: In-Sourcing Chemistry: Lilly and AMRI
08: Targacept's Antidepressant Fails, And How
07: Where's the Best Place to Apply Modeling to Drug Discovery?
07: Rating A Massive Pile of Compounds
04: Table Of Content Graphics, Mocked
04: What's the Hardest Thing?
03: Verastem Goes Public: Why Not?
03: Medivation Comes Through With MDV3100
02: Sanofi Announces Layoffs
02: Tiny, Tiny Molecules for MS
02: Faking Two Papers A Month. For Seven Years.
01: Exelixis Fights City Hall, and City Hall Looks Like Winning
01: President Obama Orders the FDA to. . .Do What, Exactly?

October 2011
31: "You Guys Don’t Do Innovation. The iPad. That’s Innovative"
31: A Note About Identity Spoofing
31: Very Likely Not Real, But Still. . .(The E-Cat)
28: Merck, And What Used to Be Schering-Plough
27: Liquid Handling
27: Fish Nor Fowl
26: Francis Collins Speaks
26: A Note to Andy Grove
25: Novartis Announces Cutbacks
25: NCPharma: Changing the Drug Industry How, Exactly?
24: The Layoff Project
24: Tossing Out the 1920s Hydrogenators: Can It Be Done?
21: Does Anyone Want the NIH's Drug Screening Program?
21: The Force of Cluelessness
20: Georgia Tech Forgets How to Draw Structures
20: Abbott Cuts the Drug Business Loose
19: Reorg at Merck? (And a Complaint about Wall Street)
18: A New Book on Chemical Patents
18: Cyclodextrin's Day in the Sun
17: The Singularity, Postponed
17: Harvard to the Rescue
14: Amgen: Brace Yourselves
14: Avastin: False Hope for Metastatic Breast Cancer
13: XMRV - Work Went On
13: Freedom of the Press: Science Reporting Division
12: siRNA - Toxicity in the Eye?
11: Brow-Furrowing Chemical Ads
11: Too Many Cancer Drugs? Too Few? About Right?
07: Different Drug Companies Make Rather Different Compounds
06: Is Alzheimer's An Infectious Disease? The Spread of Protein Misfolding
05: A Quasicrystal Nobel Prize
04: Podcast Interview on Drug Discovery
04: Yep, That's A Nobel Prize, Right There
04: XMRV: This Is Not Good
03: Chemistry Nobel Time

September 2011
30: Patent Trolling, Money and Fun
29: XMRV: Over With and Done?
29: Ah, Remember Those Days? How Will We Remember These?
28: Andy Grove's Idea For Opening Up Clinical Trials
27: So, How Come You're So Darn Lucky, Eh?
27: What Layoffs Have Done
26: Predicting Toxicology On A Chip?
23: "The Smarter You Are, The More I Will Hate You"
22: The Latest Sirtuin Controversy
21: Big Sirtuin News
21: Pulling Molecules Apart, For Fun
21: Finding New Reactions By Looking For Them
20: Honest Research in China
20: Foldit Notches a Protein Structure Success (And Some Failures)
19: GSK and McLaren: Two Different Worlds
16: Day Off (In the U.K.)
15: Targets to Avoid (Or That We Wish We Had)
15: Terra Slightly Less Incognita
14: Lilly's Open Screening Program: An Update
13: Conferencing
13: Fifty Years of Med-Chem Molecules: What Are They Telling Us?
12: From the RSC/SCI Symposium: A Med-Chem Anomaly
12: The Scientific Literature Gets Kicked Around
10: Conference Travel, With Blogging
09: China's Home-Grown Insanity?
08: Publishing, Perishing, Buying and Selling
07: Get Yer Rhodanines Here
07: Hard, Hard Work in the Lab
06: A Dish Best Served Cold
06: Chronic Fatigue: Enough Energy Left for Death Threats, Anyway
02: How Many New Drug Targets Aren't Even Real?
01: GlaxoSmithKline Reviews the Troops

August 2011
31: The Finest Retraction Notice Ever?
31: China's Pharma Ambitions: Hua Pharmaceuticals Responds
30: Why Isn't There an ArXiv For Chemistry?
29: Chinese Pharma: No Shortage of Ambition, Anyway
26: Kibdelomycin, A New Antibiotic. In A Way.
26: Design a Molecule, Win an IPad (Which is More Than You Usually Get)
25: Crazy Shape-Shifting Bullvalenes
24: Disappearing Information, Courtesy of Aldrich Chemical
24: What Are Impact Factors Doing to Chinese Science?
23: SRT1720: Good (And Confusing) News for Obese Mice
22: DRACOs: New Antivirals Against Pretty Much Everything?
19: Day Off - Some Links and Some Ancient Greek
18: Is Anyone Doing the Pfizer Screening Deal?
18: The NIH Wonders About the Future of Biomedical Workers
17: New Ways to Fluorinate
16: Screening Quickly Through the Mutants
16: Is Carl Icahn Going Away?
15: mINDY Mice - No Obesity, No Diabetes?
12: A Startlingly Good Leukemia Trial
11: In Which We Learn Lots About Wine Swirling
11: Lundbeck Cutting R&D
11: Scientific Retractions: A Growth Industry?
10: The Economics of the Drug Industry: Big Can't Be Big Enough?
09: Drug Research Areas You Wish You'd Never Heard Of
09: What An Offer
08: More On Cancer Drug Shortages
08: Read the Comments
08: Gilenya's Price
05: Bernard Munos Rides Again
04: Does Anyone Want Axanum?
04: Dendreon: Watch the Cost Curve Being Bent
03: What the Bottom of the Barrel Looks Like
03: A Former Pfizer Executive Finally Trashes Pfizer's Strategy
02: Merck, RNAi, Alnylam, And So On
02: Merck Moving Research From Rahway?
01: Laquinimod Fails For Multiple Sclerosis
01: Chinese Research: Not Quite the Juggernaut?

July 2011
29: Merck Announces More Big Cutbacks
29: 2011 Drug Approvals Are Up: We Rule, Right?
28: The Secret History of Pfizer
28: Massive Piles of Faked Data - But Right On Time
27: Bait And Switch For Type B GPCRs
26: Data Handling in Collaborations
26: Precious Metal Time
26: Alzheimer's: The News Is Not Getting Better
25: Broader Impacts Indeed
22: A Few More Victories Like This, And We Will Be Undone
22: Right Up Next to Academia
21: The Public Perception of Chemistry
21: Drugs for Multiple Sclerosis: Worth the Price, Or Not?
20: Will Macrocycles Get It Done?
19: Sezen / Sames: What Does it Say About Grad School?
19: Back to Blogging
13: Book Review: The Quest for the Cure
11: On and Off
08: The Sames / Sezen Fraud Case: Holy Cow
08: The Duke Cancer Scandal and Personalized Medicine
07: Phenotypic Screening For the Win
06: A First Step Toward A New Form of Life
05: Fakery, As Revealed By Figures
02: Innovation and Return (Europe vs. the US)
01: Avastin and Medicare
01: The Histamine Code, You Say?

June 2011
30: Pfizer Reverses Course in Sandwich - A Bit
30: An Unethical Clinical Trial
30: Transcendental Meditation: Hold That Paper!
29: Avastin At the FDA Today: Passion Should Lose
29: For Responsible Stem Cell Reporting. . .
28: Drug R&D Spending Now Down (But Look at the History)
28: DTC Advertising: Is That Where Things Fell Apart?
27: Making the Numbers Confess
27: The Evolution of Resistance: Are We Doing It Wrong?
24: Telling Everyone What It's Like
24: Generic Drug Warning Labels: The Supreme Court Speaks
23: Cladribine Is Gone
22: The NIH and Conflicts of Interest
21: Senator Hatch And His Wonderful Industry
20: Not Looking So Good At Eli Lilly (or AstraZeneca)
17: How's All That Cost-Cutting Working Out?
16: What Translational Research Should Academia Do?
15: High Pressure - The Good Kind
15: The Failure of Modern Medicine?
14: A Shortage of Cancer Drugs?
14: The Uses of Disorder
13: Block That Review
10: Chem-Geekery: Name Reactions You've Never Run
09: Cardiac Hope and Cardiac Hype
09: Academic Drug Discovery: A Survey
08: Garage Biotech: The Book
08: Roche Prevails Over Stanford
07: Even Worse Than Reality
07: Murine Viruses and Chronic Fatigue: Does the Story Continue
06: Underused Lab Solvents
06: XMRV and Chronic Fatigue: Down For More Than the Third Time
03: More Insider Trading at the FDA?
03: Another Two-Person Drug Company
02: Biomarkers, Revisited. Unfortunately.
01: Return of the Arsenic Bacterium

May 2011
31: Extreme Outsourcing
30: Memorial Day
27: Niacin's Unexpected Flop
27: The Ethics of Avastin
26: Pfizer's Brave New Med-Chem World
25: Getting Rid of Pesky Chirality
25: Pfizer's Layoff Dance
24: How Others See Us (And How We See Them)
24: Maybe It Really Is That Hard?
23: Inadvertent Day Off
20: What Would You Get Rid Of?
20: Like Charges, Er, Attract?
19: Get Yer Telomeres Measured, Step Right Up
19: Avandia Goes Out
18: Fenofibrate: Good For Much?
18: Funding People, Not Projects?
17: Quis Custodiet Ipso Custodes?
17: Imperfect Pitch
16: A Google Oddity
16: Ups and Downs
13: Process Chemistry Makes the Headlines
12: Icahn's Biotech Adventure
11: Writing About Science, and Liking It
11: In Memoriam, Two Chemists
10: A Complete Diversion: Purple Compounds
10: Phase II Failures
09: What Medicinal Chemists Really Make
06: The Top 100 Chemists?
06: In Which I Do Not Lose It, For Once
05: Excel and Exceed, Y'all
05: When Lipitor Goes Generic
05: Translation Needed
04: GSK and Alli. Not Quite Working Out
04: What Autism Epidemic?
03: Let the Healing Begin
03: Lucentis and Avastin: Results
03: A Look Inside the Compound Collections
02: Great Moments in Journal Editing
02: Pfizer: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
02: A Brief Note on Current Events

April 2011
29: Keep On Scrollin'
29: Merck: How to Spend the Money
28: Conference Time
28: Pfizer Layoffs Today
28: Just A Few More Month's Work, That's All I'm Asking Here
27: Off the Beaten Track. Way, Way, Off.
26: AstraZeneca Tears 'Em Down
26: Graphical Crankiness
26: So Much For Natural-Product Nevirapine
25: The PhD Problem: A Global Perspective
25: Now They Tell Us
22: Day Off
20: Return of the Magic Methyl Group
20: Nothing Personal
18: Merck and J&J Finally Come to Terms
15: Selenium In a Drug Structure: Why Not?
14: Coming Up in the World With CROs
14: Total Pharma Job Cuts
13: The Fox's Lament
13: Hedgehogs and Foxes Holding Erlenmeyer Flasks
12: Scientific Fraud: How Often and How Much?
11: R&D Is For Losers?
08: Roche and Stanford: Academia v. Industry?
07: What's Really Killing Pharma
07: More Zeroing In On Breast Cancer Cells
06: Westphal Leaves GSK
05: So, You Thought Breast Cancer Was Complicated?
05: In Which I Reminisce About the Prins Reaction, Chemical Abstracts, and John Keats
04: Surely You Have Something Else to Do
04: Update on Avastin and Lucentis
01: Live Long and Prosper (and Be Bright Yellow at the Same Time)

March 2011
31: Your Comments on the NIH's CNS Drug Program?
31: What If Those Wonderful Results Are Wrong?
30: KV Pharmaceuticals and Makena: The FDA's Move
30: Insider Trading at the FDA
29: Modeling and Structure
29: The NIH Goes For the Gusto
28: Value in Structure?
25: The Supreme Court Slams Big Pharma? Not Exactly.
24: More on KV and Makena's Pricing
23: Laboratory Sabotage?
23: More Crankitude: All Natural This Time
22: Crankitude: A Quick Glossary
22: A 200-Proof Shot of Medicinal Chemistry
21: The Small Drug Companies And the Big Ones
21: A Radiation Chart to Clip and Save
18: Brave New Office
17: Block That Metaphor!
16: More Bad News in the UK: Novartis Horsham
16: Pfizer Moves Antibacterials to Shanghai
16: Potassium Iodide Pills
15: Quick Japan Update
15: Bias And How to Deal With It
15: Pfizer: Bigger, Um, Isn't Better?
14: Japan
11: Makena's Price: What to Do?
10: Benlysta for Lupus
10: The Cost to Develop a Drug: Your Own Numbers?
10: Public Outreach
09: What A Fool Believes
08: More On the Postdoc Situation
08: The Pfizer Air Force
08: That $43 Million R&D Figure
07: The Costs of Drug Research: Beginning a Rebuttal
04: Science: Good For Anything Else?
03: A Postdoc's Lament
02: It's Worth It to Know That There Are Others
02: MannKind: It's Not Looking Good
02: Now, That's An Abstract
01: The Pfizer Sandwich Closure
01: Use Avastin! Don't Use Avastin!

February 2011
28: Down In Phase III. Again.
25: Things I Won't Work With: Chlorine Azide
24: Is Big Pharma Killing Startup Companies?
23: Gonna Focus on Re-Engineering the Tools for the Process
23: Want to Live Where Merck Used to Work?
22: Oncology Follow-Up Trials
22: Science and Revolution
21: Cutting The Cuts to Save Money on the Money-Saving
18: Smell The Vibrations? Fruit Flies Might Be Able To. . .
17: Health Care Reform and the Drug Industry: How Goes It?
16: The Key Player in the Sanofi-Genzyme Deal Speaks Out
15: Noted, Through Massive Self-Restraint, With Almost No Comment Whatsoever
14: New Cures! Faster! Faster!
11: Merck, J&J, and Remicade: Waiting Nervously
11: Drug Problems: A Diagnosis
10: The Top 200 Drugs
09: Thallium Poisoning? In This Day and Age?
09: Fanapt: Not Paying Out
08: Too Much Outsourcing: Has the Line Been Crossed?
08: Whistleblowers: Paid Too Much?
07: Not Letting Pfizer's UK Site Go to Waste?
07: Fragments Versus DOS: A Showdown
04: Merck's Strategy vs. Pfizer's
03: Pfizer's CEO Speaks
01: Pfizer Part Two: Cuts at Groton
01: Bad News: Pfizer Closes Site in Sandwich
01: The NIH's New Drug Discovery Center: Heading Into the Swamp?

January 2011
31: What's the Most Worthwhile New Drug Since 1990?
31: Sanofi's PARP1 Inhibitor Misses
28: And a Quick Political Note
28: Arsenic in DNA: The Kinetic Argument.
28: Friday Mental Health Break: "Bad Project"
28: What The Referees Really Think
27: Another Snow Day
26: Abbott's Cutting Jobs
26: Those Me-Too Drugs
25: Weirdness: A Cold Fusion Demonstration?
25: Weirdness: Montagnier Again, Teleporting DNA
24: Not Enough Progress Against Cancer?
21: Oh, And While You're At It. . .
20: Freedom to Operate
20: Merck's Vorapaxar: Bleeding, Indeed
19: Dogs and Ponys
18: Retractions: Why The Secrecy?
17: Reboxetine Doesn't Work. But That's Not the Real Problem.
14: Fishing Around for Biomarkers
13: Merck's Thrombin Antagonist In Trouble
13: Sanofi's Slow-Motion Takeover of Genzyme
12: Snow and Chance Happeneth To Them All
12: Gassing Your Crystals
11: The Life of a Paper
11: XMRV: It's Ugly, But That's Science
10: Has Luc Montagnier Lost It?
10: Ahem: "Sell Gobs of Dope"?
07: More On Homemade Street Drugs
07: The PhD Problem
06: Storage of Industrial Chemicals, Gone Rather Wrong
06: MMR Vaccine and Autism: Lies, All Lies
05: How to Fund a Nonprofit Drug Company - And Others?
04: Detecting Single Cancer Cells
03: Drug Approvals 2010
03: And So, 2011

December 2010
30: Another Cold-Weather Recipe: Chicken Pot Pie
28: A Cold-Weather Recipe, By Request: Onion Soup
27: Weather Delay
22: Holiday Break
20: Putting Some Numbers on Peer Review
17: Jobs Roundtable Recap
17: Politics in the Lab
17: The Avastin Decision: A Reality Check
16: Science Jobs Roundtable - Day Four
15: What A Paper Doesn't Have In It
15: Chemistry Jobs Roundtable: What About Tenure?
15: Chiral What? Chiral How?
14: Too Many PhDs, Revisited
14: The Solid Phase
13: Big Pharma's Lost Stock Market Decade
13: Chemistry Jobs, Present and Future
10: Have Pfizer's Investors Had Enough?
09: The Escondido House of Explosives Goes Up - Live
09: So What's Going On With Peer Review, Anyway?
08: NASA's Arsenic Bacteria: A Call For Follow-Up Experiments
08: Fluorination Without Tears. Or Panicked Shouts.
07: Arsenic Bacteria: Does The Evidence Hold Up?
06: A Quick Glassware Question
06: Exit Kindler
03: Not On My Street - I Hope
03: Going to Let Someone Else Do This One
03: Guess the Author: Revealed
02: Life With Arsenic: Who'd Have Thought?
02: Amazing Stuff! Guess Where It's From. . .
02: HIV Therapies: A Thank-You
02: Ghostwriting On the Larger Scale
01: Novartis, Meet Novartis (Job Cuts or Not?)
01: The Sames-Sezen Case: The Feds Speak
01: Resveratrol (SRT501): Development Halted

November 2010
30: More Advice From Andrew Witty
29: Design Your Own Lab Course
25: Blogging Break
24: Holiday Organic Synthesis: Chocolate Pecan Pie
23: Of Deck Chairs, Six Sigma, And What Really Ails Us
22: Spending and Publishing
19: Merck's CETP Compound: Still Alive, But The Big Fun Awaits
19: Novartis and the Labs of the Future
18: Halaven: Holder of the Record
17: Roche Has Problems - But RNA Interference Has More
17: More Fraudulent Papers Coming From the US?
15: Things I Won't Work With: Nitrotetrazole Oxides
15: Kitchen Chemistry Gear
12: 99% Yield? That, Friends, Is Deception
12: And Now, the Retractome
11: And One Was Just Right?
11: Comment of the Day: Outsourcing and Architecture
10: An Outsourcing Blast
09: Where Drugs Come From: By Country
08: Epigenetics: The Code Isn't The Object
08: Engaging the Public?
05: Peer Review's Problems
04: Finally, An Alternative to Palladium. About Time.
04: Where Drugs Come From: The Numbers
03: TRIM21: A Cure For the Common Cold? Maybe Not. . .
02: Good Old Medicinal Chemistry: What Can You Get Away With?
01: Are Genes Patentable Or Not?
01: Drugs At Home

October 2010
29: A Whistleblowing Record
28: Shine A Light
28: ACS Survey - Or Something Else?
27: Graphene Oxide as a Reagent
27: Lethal Injection: A Case For the FDA?
26: Dapsone Prolongs Life? Well, In Nematodes It Does. . .
26: Enthalpy and Entropy Again
25: Settle A Bet
25: If You're Not Excited, Sit Down
25: Lorcaserin's Complete Response
22: The Latest Technology
22: Keeping Track Of All Those Chemicals
21: Laser Nematode Surgery!
21: Apotex's Plavix Adventure: Four Years Later
20: Is Cancer A Disease of the Modern World?
19: Trusting the Medical Literature?
18: Palladium Couplings: You Can't Run Them All
18: So, How Well Does Winning a Nobel Set You Up?
18: Merck vs. J&J: Wait For It
15: Those Chemistry Bloggers
14: Whoa! Time to Clean the Fishtank! Uh, Root Canal Appointment! Look at the Time!
14: Conference Thoughts
13: A Cautionary Tale
13: Well, Okay: The Ugliest Biopharma Sites?
12: Exelixis Grabs A Life Preserver
12: Most Picturesque Biopharma Location?
12: Drug Discovery History
11: Princeton's New Chemistry Building
11: Back to Philadelphia
11: Meeting Time
08: Does Resveratrol Really Work? And Does SRT1720?
07: The Layoff Picture
07: More on Garage Biotech
06: A Nobel For Palladium Couplings, At Last
06: Chemical Biology: Engineering Enzymes
05: Chemical Biology: Plastic Antibodies?
04: Spamming For Site Shutdowns. Sheesh.
04: Sanofi Goes Hostile
01: Three Times Is Enemy Action

September 2010
30: The Hours You Put In
28: Open Thread
28: Wisterone: A Structure I Can't Believe
28: Nobel Season 2010
27: Charges in the TMS Diazomethane Case
27: Workhorse Reactions
24: Serendipity in Medicine
24: Avandia Goes Down: A Research Rant
23: Delightful, But It Apparently Works
23: Chemical Biology - The Future?
22: Synthetic Chemistry: All Mined Out?
21: Want To Make an Amide? Have I Got Good News For You!
20: Sodium Hydride As Oxidant, Again?
20: J. Whoozat Sci.
17: Put In Another Methyl Group: A Villanelle
17: Spread of the Pun Virus
17: The Life of a Key Opinion Leader
16: Live-Blogging Arena's FDA Committee Hearing
16: Six Sigma in Drug Discovery? Part One - Are Chemists Too Individual?
15: Intermediates
14: Lorcaserin in Trouble
14: How Much Compound?
14: A New Way to Approve Drugs
13: You May Not Be Interested In It - But It's Interested In You
10: Sanofi-Aventis: It's $69/Share, And That's Where It Stays
10: Cut-and-Paste Your Way to Publication
09: PLX4032: The Good News and the Bad News
09: Merck vs. J&J: It's Come to This, Eh?
08: Ancient Chemistry Comes Back to Life?
08: Outsource to China, Then Move There?
07: China Outsourcing: Getting More Expensive, Fast?
07: Columns Outside The Doors
06: Day Off
03: Metformin Against Cancer?
02: Posters and Pickiness
01: How Long Would It Take - If Everything Worked?
01: Scientia Est Experientia

August 2010
31: Nanopowders?
30: Avastin For Metastatic Breast Cancer: The Whole Story
30: Roche: Layoffs, or Rumors?
30: How About The Same Price You Turned Down Before? Hmm?
27: Blogroll Update
27: Not Your Usual FDA Hearing
27: How Much is the PI To Blame?
27: Sanofi-Aventis and Genzyme: Walking Away?
26: Vinca Alkaloids, And Where They End Up
25: GSK's Response to the Sirtuin Critics
25: Where Are the Cures?
24: Gegen die Dummheit . . .Well, Guess Who Wins, Again
24: XMRV? Or Umpteen Other Viruses? Or What?
24: Alzheimer's: Down With Amyloid?
24: Housekeeping Note
23: Lunch at the Boston ACS Meeting
23: Kurzweil Responds
20: Going Hollywood
20: Reporting on Alternative Careers
19: Not The End. Not At All
18: Reverse-Engineering the Human Brain? Really?
18: Lilly's Gamma Secretase Inhibitor for Alzheimer's: Worse Than Nothing
17: Avastin: Taking It Back
16: Is Genzyme a Buyable Company At All?
16: Cancer Cells: Too Unstable For Fine Targeting?
13: By The Way. . .
13: Alzheimer's Markers and Collaboration
12: Resveratrol (SRT501): Buy Now - Why Wait?
12: MannKind and Seaside 88?
11: If You're Not A Chemist - What Next?
10: All Quiet on the Genzyme Front?
09: Maybe We Should Make It More of a Game
06: Organic Chemistry: A Lack of Challenges?
05: Metal-Free Coupling Reactions: Now Wait A Minute. . .
04: Running Your Fingers Over A Single Molecule
03: Know How to Make Praziquantel? Tell The World.
02: Charles River Gives Up
02: Joy

July 2010
29: Craig Venter, Venting
29: Let's Just Spread This Deal Out All Over the Paper, Why Don't We?
29: New from OSI / Astellas
29: Open-Source Pharmaceutical Babble
28: Out in the Public
28: PPAR: A Veil Is Lifted, At Last
28: Genzyme: On the Other Hand. . .
27: How Sleazy It Can Get
27: Genzyme Telling Sanofi-Aventis to Buzz Off?
27: Alzheimer's and Amyloid, Again
26: Biosimilars: Not Easy, But Not Impossible, Either
23: Aventis: Is It Genzyme?
23: Vivus, Qnexa, Arena, Lorcaserin and the FDA
22: Back in Business
13: Midsummer
13: Avandia: Was the Evidence Buried?
13: Hmmm: The Gates Foundation Bails
12: Natural Products: Not the Best Fit for Drugs?
09: Lechleiter's Prescription for Science
09: The Horror Of Asking For Data
08: Why Close One Research Site Over Another?
07: Merck Site Announcements - Closures and Otherwise
07: XMRV and Chronic Fatigue: You Thought You Were Confused Before
07: Drug Prices in the US: Not So High After All?
06: Commenting On Scientific Papers: How Come No One Does It?
05: More From the Fourth
05: Holiday
02: Sanofi-Aventis Acquires. . .Somebody?
01: GSK's Biotechy World
01: "Doctor's Data": Telling the Truth and Getting Sued For It

June 2010
30: Another Zero-Palladium Delusion?
30: How Not To Do It: Hydrogen Gas Mixtures
29: Stable Helical Peptides Can Do It All?
29: The Ideal Synthesis
28: Maitotoxin: It's On, All Right
28: That Schering-Plough Lawsuit Isn't Going Away
25: What To Do With The Not-Quite-Worthless
24: Fungal Structures to the Rescue
24: All Those Worthless Papers
23: Lilly's Statin - Yes, It Is 2010
23: Exelixis Gets a Compound Back
22: Andrew Witty's Advice
22: Free Software
22: Mylotarg and the FDA
21: Cease and Desist
21: Flibanserin: Not a "Female Viagra" At All
18: Chemistry Employment in New England?
18: The Economic Impact of the Genomic Revolution's Failure
18: What Has Bioinformatics Ever Done For Us?
17: Checking the Business Ratios
16: Merck Layoffs - Underway?
16: Sparteine and Other Fine Chemical Shortages
15: Paying People to Take Their Medications
15: California vs. Nature
14: Angiotensin Receptor Blockers and Cancer: For Real?
14: Looking Back at the Genome
11: Eli Lilly, Meet Eli Lilly. Topic: Outsourcing!
11: Alzheimer's: Extracting Data From Failed Trials
10: Nativis: In Which the Distant Footfalls of Lawyers Can Be Heard
10: Coming Soon
09: Running Out of Decent Molecules to Patent?
09: Raising Your HDL - Through the Brain?
08: The Atlantic Monthly on Drug Pipelines
08: Anyone from GSK Interested?
08: Ipilimumab (And Progress Against Cancer)
07: Again, What's It Worth to You?
04: OCD Linked to the Immune System?
04: Nativis: Waiting and Seeing
03: Eribulin Gets Reviewed, Finally
03: Sequenom: Faking It
02: The Power of Photons, You Say?
01: The Truth Shall Make Ye. . .Unhappy?

May 2010
28: Scientific Discovery: Getting Older (And Less Lonely)
27: Pfizer Halts a Trial Early - On Good News
27: Max Gergel's Memoirs
27: Golden Ages Are Where You Find Them
26: Albany Molecular Cuts - In the US, Anyway
26: "Better Educated" in China?
26: India's Research Culture
25: A Word to the Wise
24: What's the Condensation Record?
24: Great Moments in Heterocyclic Chemistry
24: Martin Gardner, RIP
21: Friday Book Recommendation
20: A Synthetic Genome; A New Species
20: Floyd Landis: The Isotopes Weren't Lying, After All
20: Ang. Chem. Gets Weirder Every Day
20: Astellas and OSI: Nothing like MLNM/Takeda?
19: Pyridines and Dichloromethane
19: Manning the Phones
19: Another Set of Eyes
18: Biosimilars: Not So Dang Easy
18: Astellas Buys Out OSI
17: The Memory Goes Because. . .the Acetyl Groups Go?
17: Modeling in Drug Discovery: Questions?
14: How Not to Do It: Acetylene Cylinders
14: DCA And Cancer: More Results
13: You Don't See Many Names Starting with "Tellura-"
13: Layoff at Takeda
13: China's Future
12: A Quick And Nerdy Question
12: Insulin Degrading Enzyme's Turn in the Spotlight
11: Regulatory Approvals in the US versus Europe
10: Unlovely Polyphenols
10: Bill Gates Put Some Money On Schrödinger
10: Malcolm Gladwell on Synta and Oncology
07: Environmental Cancer?
07: Things I Won't Work With: Small, Smelly Isocyanides
06: Perverse Incentives In Clinical Trials
06: Unintelligent Design
05: Intermune: Right Back Down Again
05: Steve Nissen vs. GlaxoSmithKline
04: Merck Rumors?
04: Another Proposal For the Scientific Literature
03: SRT501 - A Trial Suspended
03: The Collapse of Complexity

April 2010
30: Phthalate: A Natural Product? Sure 'Bout That?
30: Rating The Chemical Offerings
30: Rosetta@Home
29: Chemistry In (Ahem) Everyday Life
29: Curse of the Plastic Tubes
29: The Scent of Food Is Enough?
29: Treatment INDs - For Any Generex Fans Out There
28: Pfizer's Future: Biotech Followups
28: Delivery Via Kindle
28: Sirtris's Compounds: Everyone Agrees?
28: Homemade Morphine?
27: Merck Closes a Site
27: Of Cambridge, MA Interest Only
27: Masses of Data, In Every Sample
26: Maitotoxin Revisited
26: Charles River Buys WuXi
26: Report from C&E News
21: Two Bad Ideas
20: Bits And Pieces
19: More on C&E News
18: C&E News - A Few Questions
16: A Landmark In Clinical Trial Data Interpretation
16: Generex: Who Buys This Stuff, Anyway?
15: A Re-Org at Novartis
15: A Tiny Little Presentation Tip
14: Colchicine's Price Goes Through the Roof
13: Novartis, Roche Threaten To Leave the UK
13: Too Many Consulting Jobs Work This Way
12: Prediction Markets, Idea Sharing, and So On
09: The Crowd Goes Wild
09: Dundee's NMT Inhibitors for Sleeping Sickness: An Update
09: Patent Chart Update
08: ACS Med Chem Letters
08: Let's Sequence These Guys
08: ACC2: Great Metabolic Target, Or Total Bust?
07: Pfizer's Golden Age
07: Generex and Their Insulin Spray: Just Hype?
06: A Brief and Not At All Intemperate Evaluation of the Current Literature
06: Take These?
06: Let's Hope They're Right
05: Rapamycin for Alzheimer's?
05: Sickened by an Engineered Virus?
02: Day Off
01: Exelixis: Hmmmm.
01: About Time
01: Good News Versus Sleeping Sickness
01: What Do Nanoparticles Really Look Like?
01: Ardea's Gout Drug Progresses

March 2010
31: Only Three Patents? Really?
31: Darn It All
30: The Ariad Decision and Written Description
30: Myriad's BRCA Gene Case: Wait For It
30: Animal Studies: Are Too Many Never Published At All?
30: GeneVec's Pancreatic Cancer Therapy Crashes
29: Antisoma's Phase III Disaster
29: Compounds and Proteins
26: Diminishing Returns
26: Try It At Home
26: Privileged Scaffolds? How About Unprivileged Ones?
25: If You Need Some Lab Equipment. . .
25: The Problem With Research on Aging
25: Nanoparticles and RNA: Now In Humans
24: Privileged Scaffolds
24: Drugs And Their Starting Points
23: We Don't Know Beans About Biotin
23: Rats and High-Fructose Corn Syrup
22: Sir James Black, 1924-2010
22: Benford's Law, Revisited
22: Ariad Loses on Appeal
22: The Health Care Bill: A Therapeutic Rant
19: A Bit More Garage Biotech
19: The Referee Reports Are In
19: The Chemical Suppliers: Customer Reviews
18: Make Your Compound Go Away
18: Good Suppliers - And The Other Guys
17: More Blogroll
17: Dietary Supplements, Charted
17: Theft at Eli Lilly
17: BioTime's Cellular Aging Results
17: Science Buildings: Good, Bad, and Weird
16: Beta-Amyloid: An Antibiotic?
16: Terra Incognita
15: Stem Cell Politics
15: Tricor's Troubles
12: Blogroll Update
12: The PSA Test for Prostate Cancer: Useless
12: Lilly Layoffs Today?
12: Garage Biotech
11: Nonsense About LSD
11: Intermune's Rise
10: Vaccines in the Court
10: How Not to Do It: Liquid Oxygen Cylinders
09: A GSK/Sirtris Wrap-Up
09: Hope Darn Well Springs Eternal
08: Bad News at Exelixis
08: Not Gonna Make That One
05: Merck/Schering-Plough People?
05: Friday Book Recommendation
05: Twelve and One Half Per Cent
05: Your Own Personal Bacteria
04: Dimebon, Grasping at Straws
04: Mental Health Break: The Alkali Metals Show Their Personalities
04: Flowing, Not So Gently
03: Dimebon Comes Crashing to Earth
03: Fat Rats Make Poor Test Subjects?
02: AstraZeneca Makes Its Move
02: Why You Don't Want to Make Death-Star-Sized Drugs
02: The Plasmid Committee Will See You Now
01: Blog Traffic - Thanks!
01: Calorimetry: What Say You?
01: Layoffs Coming at Eli Lilly?

February 2010
26: A Friday Book Recommendation
26: HER2 Confusion
26: Layoff News
25: Cranking Away
24: Knocking on Doors
24: Steve Nissen's Meeting with GSK
24: Write A Book, Why Don't You
23: Things I Won't Work With: Dioxygen Difluoride
22: Avandia: Off the Market or Not?
22: The Front Lines of Cancer Treatment
19: Two For One Sale
18: Biology By the Numbers
17: Merck Announces Cuts
17: Drug Patents in India
16: XMRV and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: More Negative Data
16: Pharma and the Health Care Bill: Value For the Money?
16: Picking Up Industrial Hires
16: Twitter and Science, Revisited
12: Who Follows These Things?
11: Sanofi-Aventis Cuts Back
11: Another New Med-Chem Journal
10: Where Would You Start a Company?
10: Chemical Supplier Question
09: More On Pharma's Ugly Finances
08: Together At Last
08: Polluting the Literature with PAINs
05: Sheer Economics: How We Got in This Fix
04: Here's a Business Plan For You
04: BMS Freezes Salaries
04: GSK Day
03: A Modest Literature Proposal
03: Dimebon for Alzheimer's: A Black Box Indeed
02: Literature Notes
02: A Pile of Malaria Leads For the Taking
01: And on the Carl Icahn Front. . .
01: GSK: More Cuts Coming

January 2010
29: Johnson May Have Been On to Something
29: Merck and Sirna
29: Sure Thing
28: Your First Pharma Bloodletting of 2010: AstraZeneca
28: A Scorched-Earth Policy at Wyeth's Princeton Site?
28: Acorda and Ampyra
27: Enzymes and Fluorines
27: Sequenom: Strike Up the Music, Bring On the Cream Pies
26: A Storm in a Teacup
26: The Infinitely Active Impurity
25: GSK and Sirtris: A Bit More
22: Receptors, Moving and Shaking
22: Maybe You Need Some More Testosterone Over There
21: An Enzyme Inhibitor You Have Never, Ever, Considered
21: In Hoc Signo Non Vinces
20: A Database of Side Effects
20: Honesty, Of A Sort
19: What Should Non-Chemists Know About Medicinal Chemistry, Anyway?
18: Oxford's New Building, One Year Later
18: Correlations, Lovely Correlations
15: Physics, for Dogs and Others
15: Sirtuin Scenarios
14: Department of Placebo Effects
14: Gaining and Losing and Discovering and Selling
13: Two Doses of Crazy
12: The Sirtris Compounds: Worthless? Really?
11: Sure About That?
11: MAGL: A New Cancer Target
08: Find That Pattern
08: Reasons Not to Go to Grad School?
08: Carl Icahn Going For Genzyme?
07: Is XMRV the Cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Or Anything?
07: Extortion, Retractions, And More
06: Five Technologies For the Scrap Heap?
06: Lilly's R&D Outsourcing
05: Always Read the Fine Print
05: Run It Past the Chemists
04: Remember Apo-A1 Milano? Pfizer Does.

December 2009
24: Holiday Time Off
23: An Alzheimer's Compound Runs Into Big Trouble
22: GE Healthcare's Idiotic Libel Suit
21: Faking X-Ray Structures. . .For Fun? Or Profit? Or What?
18: Day Off!
17: Why Don't Chemists Communicate? (Or Do We?)
16: Pass the Popcorn
15: Manfred Christl Rides Again (Bonus Idiotic Lab Accident, Too)
14: The Cost of New Drugs
11: Another Take on the Munos Paper
11: Munos On Big Companies and Small Ones
10: Pfizer's R&D Productivity
10: Selective Scaffolds
09: Drug Companies Since 1950
09: Water and Proteins Inside Cells: Sloshing Around, Or Not?
08: What The Hey? (Abstract Abstracts, Part II)
08: Another Blogroll Update
08: Pfizer's Pearl River Layoffs
07: Why Don't We Have More Protein-Protein Drug Molecules?
07: Once You Have Paid Him the Danegeld. . .
04: Caloric Restriction and Lifespan - Without the Caloric Restriction?
03: All Of You Industrial Scientists: Out Of the Room
02: Copyright 1671: I Like the Sound of That
02: Data, Raw and Otherwise
01: Climategate and Scientific Conduct

November 2009
30: More Binding Site Weirdness
28: Recommended Books For Medicinal Chemists, Part One
25: Light Blogging
24: Applied Organic Synthesis: Chocolate Pecan Pie
24: Fear Of Academic Chemistry?
23: K. C. Nicolaou, Call Your Office
23: Ozonides As Drugs: What Will They Think of Next?
20: But These Reagents, Where Are They?
20: Merck, Shopping in the UK?
19: What Are the Best Med-Chem Books?
19: Plavix vs. Effient
18: More For the Blogroll
18: I'll Get Right On That For You, Professor
17: Side Effects, Predicted?
17: A Blogroll Update
17: Warren DeLano
16: Zetia Takes Another Torpedo
13: Prof. Keith Fagnou
13: Lumpy Assay Results
12: Massaging the Data for Neurontin?
11: Go Spread It On the Rosebushes
11: Against Panic
11: Telling the Layoff Story
11: Pfizer's Chemistry Head Count - Really?
10: Lab Equipment: Any H-Cube Troubleshooters Out There?
10: Pfizer's Site Closures - An Analysis
09: Pfizer's New Layout
09: So, Do I Own This, Or What? Answer: What
09: Selling It, And Selling It Hard
06: Thoughts on What Used to Be Schering-Plough
05: What Exactly Does Resveratrol Do?
04: Are You Now, Or Have You Ever Been. . .?
03: J&J Raises the Ax
03: That Didn't Take Very Long
02: In Which You Get to Hear the Phrase "Hatch-Waxman" Again

October 2009
30: Fifty Years of Scientific History For You
29: The Best Ones Aren't Over Here Any More?
29: Four Med-Chem Questions
28: Nanotech Armor
28: You Mean You Don't Have to Buy Them?
27: Reduce Your Number of Reductions, Why Don't You?
26: Elements I Have Yet to Use
23: Things I Won't Work With: Straight Dimethyl Zinc
22: Red Flags in Biotech
21: "Back to School"
21: Pfizer's People
21: O Brave New World! That Has Such Companies In't!
20: What Pfizer Will Look Like in a Year
19: Short Topics From All Over
16: "Day One" at Pfizer
16: Engineering Receptors: Not Quite There Yet. Not Exactly.
15: Fall From Grace
14: Consultants
13: Those Zanies at Angewandte Chemie
13: Chronic Fatigue - Retroviruses to Blame, or Not?
12: Day Off
09: I'll See Your Conflicts, and Raise You?
08: Hoist, Petard, Etc.
08: Retire These Reactions!
07: A Nobel for Ribosome Structure
06: Traveling, Updates Later
05: A Nobel for Telomerase
02: Placebos Can Work the Other Way, Too
01: Traffic Record
01: How To Get Useful Data Out of a Drug Patent

September 2009
30: Ignoring Patents?
30: Microwaves Aren't Magic
29: Nobel Season 2009
28: Which Pfizer / Wyeth Sites Will Close?
28: Chew On This, Enzyme
25: The Details of the Baucus Bill
25: Faked Data at the ETH
24: The Grant Application Treadmill
24: Obesity: Hope Springs Eternal (Summer 2009 Version)
23: PNAS Shuts a Door
23: Pay Them Now, Or Pay For It Later
22: Statin Safety?
22: Colorful Junk
21: More on T2, and Degrees
18: 175 Times. And Then the Catastrophe.
17: The Drug Business: A Turbulent Future?
16: Real Electrons
15: Lilly Shrinks
15: Industrial Research: More Grounded in Reality, or Not?
14: Abstract Abstracts
14: Norman Borlaug
11: Antioxidants and Cancer: Backwards?
10: To What End?
09: "Scratch and Sniff" Turns Into "Zap and React"
08: Right Where You Want Them
04: Pharma Whistleblowing: How It Works
04: Sepracor: A Desirable Property?
03: Real Molecules
03: A 2.3 Billion Dollar Attention-Getter
02: Lexapro, Forest Labs, and the Hard Sell
01: Another Iron Reaction Hits The Mat
01: Back

August 2009
28: REACH for the Sky!
27: Rings of the Future!
26: Thalidomide for Myeloma: Whose Idea Was It?
26: Ariad's Patent Rises From the Grave to Smite the Living
25: Polymorphs and Salts: India Raises an Eyebrow
24: Arzoxifene: Not the Road to Big Profits?
21: Obesity Shows Up in the Death Rate? Right?
20: Still Semaphoring, Even From the Bottom of the Swimming Pool
19: Time to Sing the Alma Mater
19: Drug Companies Are Polar Bears? Maybe Not.
19: The PhRMA Deal
18: H-h-h-holy C-c-c-c-cow
18: Schematic Notation for Biology?
17: PhRMA's Negotiating Game
14: Spray-Painted For Success
13: Animal Testing: A View From the Labs
12: Sulfoxides: A Sneaking Affection
11: Dealing With Hedgehog Screening Results
11: Animal Rights, You Say?
10: Blogroll Update
10: Pharma's Return on Investment: Yikes
07: How A Real Drug Industry Project Meeting Goes
06: Ghostwriting
05: Just Give It to NIH
05: How Not To Do It: The Secret Patent Decoder Ring
04: Wasted Money, Wasted Time?
03: Savient Feels The Pains of Gout

July 2009
31: Where Drugs Come From, and How. Once More, With A Roll of the Eyes
30: Health Care Reform - Really?
29: Return From Travel: A Note About Cheaptickets.com
27: Travel Continues. . .
22: Travel
20: Amyloid in Trouble
20: Everything In Its Place
17: Drug Approvals, Natural And Unnatural
16: The Further In You Go, The Bigger It Gets
15: Why Does Screening Work At All? (Free Business Proposal Included!)
14: RUR
13: Incompetence, Avoided?
10: Iran: Politics and Technology Update
10: mTOR, Rapamycin, and Lifespan: A Startling Study
09: Too Many Scientists?
08: How Much Does the Drug Industry Spend on Marketing?
07: What's So Special About Ribose?
07: Another Thing We Don't Know
06: Argumentum ad Crumenam
06: Farewell to Hard Copies
03: Day Off
02: Jargon Will Save Us All
01: Blogroll Update
01: Vanda Comes Back From the Dead

June 2009
30: Voluntary, You Say?
30: Devils, Metals, and Details
29: Eli Lilly Gives It Away
26: Snort Yourself Some Zinc. Or Maybe Not.
25: What's With Those People at Elsevier, Anyway?
24: Meanwhile, Over At Sanofi-Aventis. . .
24: GSK's Getting Better. Just Ask the CEO.
23: Proxy Server Update
23: Medarex, Ipilimumab, Prostate Cancer, And Reality
23: One. . .Billion. . .Dollars!
22: Funky Carbocycles
22: Genzyme's Virus Problems
19: Proxies and Politics Again
19: More Hot Air From Me on Screening
18: Professors Patent Pathways and Possibly Profit? Please.
17: Politics: Proxy Servers Revisited
17: The View From Pfizer's Corner Offices
16: Proxies for Iran (More Politics - Mixed With Technology)
15: Ugliness Defined
15: Don't Make Them in the First Place?
14: And Now Some Politics
12: Selling Zyprexa
12: Another Sack of Raving Nonsense Is Slated For Publication
11: Things I Won't Work WIth: Thioacetone
10: Word For Word - But Why?
10: Random Questions, Answered Randomly
09: Instant Med-Chem Wisdom
09: Avastin's Numbers
08: Quick Blogroll Update
08: Rolofylline Hits the Skids
05: Live-Blogging A Conference: Trouble?
05: Blog Contestification
04: Perpetual Patents: A Nasty Thought Occurs
04: CafePharma Will Now Approach The Bench
04: Perpetual Patent Motion Machine
03: Will The Gentleman With the Pitchfork Please Speak Up?
03: Random Questions
02: Blog Contestiness
02: A Deuterium Deal
01: Akt and Mek, But Not PDQ

May 2009
29: Ever Have One of Those Days?
29: Brief Items: Chem Wiki, Autism/Vaccines, Solar Cells
29: Wait For It. . .Wait For It. . .
28: Deuterated Drugs: The PTO Says OK, So Far
28: A Science Writing Award
27: Homeopathic Merchants Take Your Questions! Well, Sort Of.
27: Surfin' On The Surface
26: On the Uselessness of the MSDS
22: Blowups Happen
22: Arena, Lorcaserin, and the FDA
21: J&J Lowers the Boom
21: The NIH Takes the Plunge
20: Mipomersen - It Still Works
20: But You Can't Make Them Take It?
19: Want To Screen Pfizer's Compounds? Sign Here.
19: TMS Reagents: Handle With Care!
18: Arena / Lorcaserin Update
18: San Francisco Biotech: Holding Up, or Not?
15: Competing (And Competing Unethically?)
14: TMS Diazomethane: Update On a Fatality
14: Surrogate Markers Are Awful, But They're Ours
14: Goldman Sachs: Out Of the Drug Funding Business Already?
13: Takeda Evaluating Scientists on "Quality"?
13: Exercise and Vitamins: Now, Wait A Minute. . .
12: Book Review Department
12: Kumbaya
11: Still More Blogroll Additions
11: Merck, Elsevier, and Fakery
08: Blogroll Update
08: Altermune - Real Stuff or Not?
07: Angiogenesis Inhibitors: Helping or Hurting?
06: Into the Clinic. And Right Back Out.
05: Farewell to ACAT, and to Lots of Time and Money, Too
04: Writing With Triazoles
01: Genentech: Let's Hope He's Right
01: Niacin, No Longer Red-Faced?

April 2009
30: Faking It on Facebook
30: Dendreon's Stock: What the Hey?
29: No MAGIC Involved
28: Dear Dr. Derek. . .
27: Don't Hit The Bunkers Just Yet
20: More Travel!
17: Genes to Diseases: Hard Work, You Say?
16: Your Paper (That Sack of Raving Nonsense) Has Been Accepted!
16: Deuterated Drugs: A Side Effect Already?
15: Sheesh
15: Roche Starts to Manage Things
14: Dendreon's Revenge?
14: Who They?
13: An HIV Drug. Or A Gout Drug? Or Both. . .
09: Ariad's Patent: Let Us Now Dance In Circles
08: Pfizer's New Structure: Good Luck To All
07: Biogen Idec: What's Going On?
07: Scientists Running Your Drug Company?
06: San Diego
06: Travel
03: The Mechanical Chemist?
02: The Polypill Rides Again
01: Sponsor A Gene?
01: Mexican Lemons To the Rescue

March 2009
31: A DPP-IV Compound Makes It Through
31: Another Obesity Drug? Not Likely.
30: Lilly's Latest Loses (This Time)
27: Layoffs At Merck
26: Fan Mail
26: The Motions of a Protein
25: Two! Two! Two Drugs in One!
24: Grabbing Onto A Protein's Surface
23: And While We're Talking About Industry-Sponsored Studies. . .
23: (Don't) Trust And (Don't) Verify
22: Blogs and Journalism
20: What Results Did You Have In Mind?
20: Drug Industry Research: Reliable or Not?
19: Fraud: How, and Why, and How Again
18: Things I Won't Work With: Chalcogen Polyazides
17: Takeda Gets A Surprise
16: The Equipment Graveyard
13: "I’d Like to Structure This Transaction So That My Lunch Buys Me"
13: And That Is That
13: Drugs For Bacteria: Really That Hard, Or Not?
12: Greedy Biotechs?
12: Roche / Genentech: The Chase Is Over
11: A Quick Quiz (Re: Antibacterials)
11: Bacteria: Respect Must Be Paid
10: Don't Like It? Well, Just Don't Cite It!
10: Merck/Schering-Plough: Waiting for J&J To Raise Their Hand
09: The Merck Deal and the SEC: Not a Joke
09: Merck Actually Does It
06: Tie Me Molecule Down, Sport
05: More on Wyeth v. Levine and Preemption
05: Your Temperamental Diva Reactions
04: Wyeth v. Levine: Pre-emption Goes Away
04: Gene Expression: You Haven't Been Thinking Big Enough?
03: How Good (or Bad?) Are Patent Procedures, Anyway?
02: Hot Chemistry, Low Tech to High

February 2009
27: Your Paper Is A Sack Of Raving Nonsense. Thank You.
26: Ranbaxy in Trouble
26: Does Glucophage Make Alzheimer's Worse?
25: Single, Simple Numbers: Use At Your Own Risk
25: Inspiration Is Where You Find It
24: Structure-Activity: Lather, Rinse, and Repeat
23: The Limits of Free Scientist Chow?
23: Genentech's Culture: At Risk or Not?
20: Hexacyclinol - Another Request
19: Hexacyclinol: A Forensic Case
18: Business Books: The Enantiomers
18: Supplies of Suppliers
17: Heavy Atoms, Heavy Profits?
16: Day Off
13: A Cure for the Common Cold? Don't. . .Ah, Hold Your Breath
12: Want A Hard Disease Target? Try Lupus
12: Autism and Vaccines: Boiling Over Yet Again
11: A Med-Chem Book Recommendation
11: Kinases: Hot or Not?
10: Do Scientists Read Business Books? (Plus: Add a Circle to Dante's Inferno!)
10: Roche / Genentech: So There is a Deadline
09: Maribavir, Ouch
09: We Won't Stay Off The Radar Screen For Long, Y'Know
09: How Long Is Roche Prepared to Wait?
06: Short Business Notes: AstraZeneca, Biogen, Vertex
06: Prep TLC: The Good Old Days Live On
05: Short Business Note: GSK's At Least Not Going to Merge
05: Sir James Black Vents, Therapeutically
04: Fancy Building, Fancy Science?
03: Their Crime? Collaborating With Other Scientists. . .
03: The Original Nanotechnology
02: Short Business Notes: Roche/Genentech, Sanofi-Aventis, GSK
02: Open Pharma?

January 2009
30: Roche Goes Hostile - Or Does It?
30: 10,000 Hours To Drug Discovery?
29: "I Will Cherish the Personally Autographed Book Forever. . ."
29: Opportunity Costs
28: Science and Its Values
27: Pfizer and the Credit Crunch
27: A Long Tail Indeed
26: Pfizer / Wyeth: Different This Time?
23: The Real Hazards of the Lab
23: Pfizer / Wyeth: They're Going to Take Us All Down With Them
22: The Great Acetonitrile Shortage
21: Nitromed: Someone Wants Them
21: The Hideous Numbers of Compounds
20: Diversity-Oriented Synthesis: Oriented The Right Way?
19: Ten Years After: The Genomics Frenzy
16: Short Items: Viral NMR, Alarming Rings, Cheap Reading, Etc.
16: With A Straight Face, Yet
15: The Blogroll
15: Lilly Pays the Price
14: Qi Gong and Placebo Effects
13: More on Pfizer's Layoffs
13: Lack of Experience, You Know
12: An Alternative Prescription From Chopra, Roy, and Weil
09: Poor Equipment Revisited
09: The Perils of Poor Equipment
08: Short Items: India, Sanjay Gupta, Satori Pharmaceuticals
07: Things I Won't Work With: Azidotetrazolate Salts
07: New Chemistry
06: Why Pfizer?
06: Pharmalot Is No More
05: Well, Hose Me Down. . .
05: New Year - I Hope!

December 2008
23: Holiday Break
22: Publish Your Work The Easy Way
19: My Compound Goes Where the Wild Goose Goes
18: When Placebos Were All There Were
17: Awkward Conversations
16: Layoffs. More Layoffs.
15: Insider Trading in Drug Stocks? Not Unknown. . .
12: The Worst Biotech CEO?
11: Pfizer's Restructuring Grinds Along
10: Floppiness Is Not Your Friend: Who Knew?
09: Goldman Sachs: A New Drug Research Model?
08: Enhancing the Brain: Here We Go
05: Squinting At The Pictures, The Modern Way
04: Curse Of the Lost Compounds
03: Roche Stalls For Time
02: Torcetrapib: What Was the Problem? And Does It Matter?
01: Prodrugs: How the Pros Do It?

November 2008
26: How Slow is Research Today? Here's a Recipe!
25: Avandia: Trouble, Run Head to Head
24: Two Drugs in One? Maybe Not.
21: The Back Door to the Stock Market
20: Noisy Numbers
19: Novartis and Reality
18: Cheese Dip and Hydrochloric Acid
17: Liable For Generics? You Are Now!
14: Sticking It to Proteins
13: The Yield Monster - And Its Friend, The Model Monster
12: Crestor: Would It Save Any Lives?
11: Wash Your Tubes; Mess Up Your Data
10: Crestor: Risks Up, Risks Down
07: System Biology: Ready, or Not?
06: CB-1 Obesity Drugs: Farewell to the Whole Lot
05: We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Program
04: We Interrupt This Science. . .For Some Politics
03: Pfizer: Strategy, Layoffs, and Money

October 2008
31: Fructose In The Brain?
30: Lilly And Imclone: Not Expensive Enough!
29: Cutbacks - But Not As Bad This Time
28: Out the Door and Down the Stairs
27: Publish And Be Damned, Most Likely
24: BlackLight Power Responds
23: Merck Cuts Back (Again)
22: Blacklight Power: What on Earth?
21: Things I Won't Work With: Triazadienyl Fluoride
20: Fearful Symmetry?
17: Down The Chute in Phase III
16: Animal Models: How High to Set the Bar?
15: Where Are the Drugs?
14: Impact Factors: Can We Pretend That They Don't Exist?
13: Old School - Really Old
10: Kevin Trudeau: A Bit of Good News
09: More Glowing Cells: Chemistry Comes Through Again
08: A Green Fluorescent Nobel Prize
07: Nobel Season 2008
06: Imclone Really Does Get Bought
03: Day Off
02: Taranabant Is No More
02: Eli Lilly and Imclone: Sensible? Real?
01: Hard Times: A Manifesto

September 2008
30: Various Drug Industry News, None of It All That Good
29: Why Don't You Just. . .
26: Prasugrel Today?
26: Imclone's Secret Admirer
25: Pfizer: As We Speak?
25: Protein Folding: Complexity to Make More Complexity?
24: Ariad's Patent: A Court Rules
23: You Call That An X-Ray Source?
22: More Than This
19: Sunesis: No Substitutions Allowed?
17: Sugars: Still Crazy After All These Years
17: Ranbaxy: Cutting Corners, or Falsely Accused?
16: Neil Bartlett, 1932-2008
15: Extracting Money From Matthias Rath, For A Change
12: BMS vs. Imclone: Godzilla Exchanges Legal Language With Mothra
11: US and UK Biotech: Growth and Form
10: Pfizer / Bayer?
09: Antipsychotics: Do They Work For A Completely Different Reason?
08: The Complicated Causes of Cancer
05: Samurai! Unleash Your Drug Candidates!
04: X-Ray Structures: Handle With Care
03: Direct To Consumer Ads: Wasted Money?

August 2008
29: Sticky Containers, Vanishing Drugs
28: PNAS: Read It, or Not?
27: Crowded Proteins
26: New, Improved DNA?
25: How Not To Do It: Water Aspirators
22: Open Source Science?
21: RNAi: Bubble or Not?
20: Replacing What's Being Lost
19: Fighting Boredom, Profitably
18: Genentech and Roche, Act Two
15: Back
05: Roche Palo Alto: What's Going On?
05: Time Off
04: Job Seekers: Genentech, GSK, and Elsewhere
01: GSK Layoffs: Yes, Again

July 2008
31: Rember for Alzheimer's: Methylene Blue's Comeback
30: Bapineuzumab: Good For Anything or Not?
29: Iloperidone: A Schizophrenia Drug Goes Down For the Last Time
28: Questions You Don't Necessarily Want the Answers To . . .
25: Should Genentech Be a Part of Roche?
24: Confident
23: Patents Stopping an Alzheimer's Wonder Drug?
22: Vytorin: Another Round of Nasty Results
21: Backtracking, Necessary and Unnecessary
18: Lowe's Law of Diurnal Distribution
16: Receptors: Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Understand 'Em
15: Metabolic Hope Springs Eternal
14: Things I Won't Work With: Cyanogen Azide
11: Sharing the Enlightenment
10: More on Outsourcing
09: How's The New Boss Doing?
08: Glaxo Asks the Eurocrats
07: Pfizer's Prospects: Just Ducky
04: Happy Fourth of July
03: I Can Has Ugly Molecules?
02: More Pfizer Layoffs?
01: Leaving Comments: A Fix
01: The Gates Foundation: Dissatisfied With Results?

June 2008
30: Another Alzheimer's Compound Goes Down
27: Unknown - But You Can Buy It
26: Funding in the EU: The Simple Way
25: (No) Anarchy in the EU: A Report From Inside
24: Prasugrel: Come Back This Fall
23: Auroral Activity
19: Anarchy in the EU
18: All The Fat Cells You'll Ever Have - Sort Of
17: Protecting Amyloid's Parent?
16: Alli: "Underwhelming"
13: Elan Tries Again
12: Suits vs. Lab Coats?
11: More On the GSK Layoffs
10: GSK: Money-Green Outside, Pink-Slip Inside
09: An Impressive Nanolist of Nanocitations
06: Resveratrol in Mice
05: Merck, Vioxx: Seventeen and Three
04: Tote That Barge, Lift That Bale
03: Oops
02: A Breath of Fresh Air from Fuji

May 2008
30: Ah, Glassware
29: Nullius in Verba
28: Awash in Yen
27: An Eye For the Numbers
23: Up Close and Personal
22: Killing Proteins Wholesale
21: Lurching Around For Fun and Profit
20: The Miracle Solvent
19: Empty As Can Be
16: Nanotech Stem Cells, Order Now!
15: Copper: A Gentleman's Disagreement
14: Summer Student Time
13: In Which I Hate A Wonder Drug
12: Explaining It All
08: Merck Bails on Natural Products
07: Science By Country
06: Alzheimer's: A Report From the Front
05: Naming of Names
02: "Not Useful" Means "Not Approvable", Right?
01: O Pioneers!

April 2008
30: How Not To Do It: Diazomethane
29: Cordaptive Q and A
28: A Salute
25: Why Buy, Anyway?
24: $720 Million Worth of Sirtuin Research
20: Quick Note
18: Cut It Out. Cut It Out Now.
17: Getting Smarter Already?
16: Fun With Bacteria
15: Walk Around Some
14: Fifteen Minutes Shot
14: A Meditation on Solvents
11: Free Sushi in the Cafeteria!
10: Exubera, Safety, and No Guarantees
09: And You Thought Exubera Was A Disaster Before
09: Another Pop Quiz!
08: Fun With Tunichromes
07: Pre-emption For Real?
04: Another Cholesterol Medication Goes Down (Or Does It)?
03: Whose Guess Is Better?
02: Vytorin Numbers
01: Vytorin: It's A Pity

March 2008
31: Writing It Down
28: RNA Interference: Even Trickier Than You Thought
27: Start Small, Start Right
26: The Lucky Bonus Pack
25: Getting To Lyrica
24: That's Never Gonna Work
21: Pfizer Loses, So Far
20: Anonymity?
19: Now Your Liver Doesn't Have to Make It For You
18: A Solution, Courtesy of the MIT Faculty
17: You Get What You Pay For?
14: Pen and Paper
13: Pfizer vs. the NEJM: A Legal Showdown
12: Taranabant in Trouble?
10: Fill Out Your Pharma Brackets
10: Hits, Misses, and Some More Misses
07: Dissolve Your Troubles Away
06: Fakery And Its Ends
05: Smaller, Wetter, Harder to Work With
04: Off Target? Which Target Did You Mean?
03: Big Steaming Heaps of Fraud

February 2008
29: How Not To Do It: Column Chromatography
28: ApoE4: Test or Not?
27: Antidepressants: Depressing News or Not?
26: Sand Won't Save You This Time
25: More On Merck and Taranabant
21: New Tricks With Glassware
20: What You Become Known For
19: Day Off
15: Putting Out the Inevitable Fires
14: Getting Real With Real Cells
13: One Time Only. Or Maybe Just a Few.
12: DNA Forklifts, DNA Pliers
11: Fast Plaques in a Slow Disease
08: A Look Under the Hood
07: Write It Down, Write it Down
06: Dig the New Breed
05: Room At The Bottom, For Sure
04: How Many PPIs Does the World Need?
01: Commenting Issues
01: A Few Questions For My Fellow Pharma Chemists

January 2008
31: Drugs and Money
30: Recycle, Reuse, Republish
29: The Animal Testing Hierarchy
28: Laissez-Faire?
25: Extractions: A Way of Life
24: Cheap Happiness
23: Making the Adjustment to Smallness
22: These Fragments I Have Shored Against My Ruins
21: Breaking the Contract of Aging
18: Eat It, Breath It, Soak in It?
17: The EU Suspects No One, And Suspects Everyone
16: Judah Folkman
14: Vytorin, Holed Under the Waterline
11: They Can Be Ranked - Somehow
10: Drugs and Money and How It Feels
09: Ah, Politics
08: Rainbows and Fishing Expeditions
06: Dollar, Drugs, and Advertising
04: Plants For Cancer?
03: Top of the Heap
02: Back On the Air

December 2007
21: Winterize Your Ideas
20: Snow Day
19: Scrape Off Some Attitude
18: Hearing Footsteps
17: Le Dernier Cri
14: Biogen's Not For Buying. For Now.
13: Underperforming Triple Bonds
12: Med-Chem Layoffs, On the Front Page
11: A Bad Assay: Better Than None?
10: More Belts Tighten
07: Kids These Days!
05: Avandia: Going Under for the Third Time?
05: Unacceptable
03: The Big and the Little
03: Exciting Nonsense Wins Another One

November 2007
29: Neat! Wish It Were True!
28: Bad Luck For Novartis - And For Diabetics
27: Then I Felt Like Some Watcher of the Skies. . .
26: Still and All
25: You Do The Easy Stuff; I'll Do the Easier
21: Synthetic Prep of the Day: Chocolate Pecan Pie
21: Holiday Break
20: And It Goes Like This!
19: Depressing Figures for Acomplia
15: Quiz Time!
15: And Speaking of Discovering Things. . .
15: Maybe Not Improved, But Definitely New
14: How You Doin'? How's Everybody Doin'?
12: Here Be Chiral Dragons, With Fluorinated Fangs
11: A Real Genetic Headscratcher
09: One Year
08: Dumber in English?
07: Reasons to Be Different
06: Lights, Camera, Pharma!
06: Andy Grove: Rich, Famous, Smart and Wrong
05: Bright Lights and Applause?
04: Nerve, Lots and Lots of Nerve
02: One For the Brave

October 2007
31: Resistant Little Creatures
31: How Not to Do It: Hydrogen Bromide
29: What We Don't Know About Enzymes
29: Bacterial Infection: Better Or Worse Than Cancer?
25: Looking Backwards
24: Come On. Improve, Already.
23: Vial Thirty-Three, And More
22: Surveying the Exubera Crater
18: Understanding Dawns
17: Biogen on the Block?
16: Three Things You Need
15: Checking The Numbers on the Alzheimer's Test
15: Enzyme Humility
12: Unnatural, And Proud Of It
11: Let Us Now Turn To the Example of Yo' Mama
10: Ertl Wins: Down With Witchcraft
09: Nobel Chemistry Odds
09: Blogroll Update
08: Nobel Season
04: No Problem At All
03: More Layoffs, And What They Might Mean
02: Why Now, And Not Before?
01: All Sorts of Holes

September 2007
30: If Not This, What?
27: Thimerosal. Again.
26: Expensive Reading
25: Hey, Graduates! Negotiate Hard, You Hear, Now?
24: More Sirtuins With More Effects
24: Good News From the HR Department!
20: Go With The Er, Flow?
19: Fixing the Patent System?
19: The Good Old CombiChem Days
18: Ugly, But Useful
17: Arsenic, Patents, and the World
13: Don't Step Over It, Even If It's Right in Front of You
12: Drugs From Where?
11: Fresh Air, Or What Passes For It
10: Have We Got A Deal For You!
09: Guess That Market
06: Aromatherapy
06: More Things Than Are Dreamt Of
02: Renin, Wherefore Art Thou, Renin?

August 2007
31: Here It Goes
30: Elbow Room
28: Like Clockwork
27: Oh, Come On
26: Cheer Up
23: ". . . Jobs That Don't Exist"
21: Sorting Through the Piles
21: Ah, Rumors
20: The Current Cancer Long-Jump Record
17: More on Interview Seminars
14: Winning, By Tying Losers Together
13: Pilferage
12: These You Shall Have Always With You
09: Buying What You Can't Make? Or What?
08: Steve Ley, Azadirachtin, and Me (Very Much in That Order)
08: Exubera Spirals Toward the Drainpipe
07: Meet the Blogger?
06: Here, Fix This, Would You?
05: The Choir Hears It Again
03: Not Necessarily So
01: Run! Anthropologists!

July 2007
31: Incomprehension, Out For A Stroll
30: Avandia's Latest Round
27: You Discover It, We Sell It. Deal?
25: From the Sequencer to the Drugstore?
24: Godzilla vs. Mothra? Relman vs. Epstein!
23: Deactivation, After All
22: A Farewell to Tin
19: Hype In Spaaaace!
18: Over There, Behind That Stack of Whatchamacallits
17: Visfatin: Real Or Not?
16: European Drugs, American Drugs
15: Proteomics 101
13: Pour Encourager Les Autres
11: First Impressions
10: Travels In Numerica Deserta
09: Now With Ethyl Mesylate!
08: Starting Up Again

June 2007
26: Two Weeks Off
21: Real Life, Which Costs Real Money
20: Bigger, Tougher, Longer? Or Not?
18: Right Down the Alli
17: Access To Science
15: Rimonabant: Down to Earth
11: Rimonabant, Out In the Light
07: The Chamber of DNA Secrets
06: Massachusetts Moving
06: A Post I've Been Looking Forward to For Months
04: Phase Zero?
03: Pecunia Non Olet?

May 2007
31: The Avandia Wars Continue
29: Knowing What You Know. . .
25: More Avandia, And More on Marketing
24: Avandia: Trouble or Not?
23: Exalted Paper
22: Evolution In Action
20: Little, Big
18: But Enough About You
17: Beta-Secretase: Not So Fast?
16: Sunbeams, Single Electrons, and You
15: Into The Trackless Wilderness
14: Safer Every Day!
10: Alas, Dendreon
09: A New FDA?
09: Blogroll Update
07: Nonsense. On Stilts. Playing a Trumpet.
07: Brazil Raises The Pirate Flag
03: Forewarned is Forearmed
02: Obvious Ain't Obvious No More

April 2007
30: Outsourcing Blues?
29: Time To Conduct Some Business
26: Less Than Zero
25: A New HIV Therapy. Yawn?
24: Put Your Money Down
22: Melting Keys and Squishy Locks
20: Worst Animal Model: Nominations Are Open
19: Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom
19: The Big Time
18: Cro-MagnonDraw
17: The Doctorate and Its Discontents
15: Doctorate or Not?
13: Deep Breaths
12: Layoffs - Again
11: Exubera: This Time With Feeling
11: Amgen: The Pythian Oracle Laughs Again
10: Sulfur, Your Pal. Mostly.
08: Buy! Sell! Shout! Moan!
05: Awful, No Doubt. But Not As Awful as Before?
04: Linkage!
03: Vaccines Everywhere
02: Failure: Not Your Friend, But Definitely Your Companion
01: The HDL Compost Pile

March 2007
30: Rimonabant, Slowly
29: I Want A New Nitro
27: ACS Meetings
26: Vectibix Lurches A Bit
25: Wandering Through the Hydrides
23: Naked Synthesis
22: FDA Advisory Panels: Pay, No Play
20: AGI-1067: Dead or Alive?
19: Scientists, All Over
15: Lousy Reactions: Reader's Choice
14: Schering-Plough Goes Shopping
12: No Shortcuts
11: More Help Wanted?
08: How Not to Do It: More Diethyl Ether (Now With Extra Hardware)
07: Fish Nor Fowl?
07: Quietly Disappearing From the Skies
06: Decisions, Decisions
04: Calcium: A Backwater
01: How Not to Do It: Tertiary Butyllithium

February 2007
28: Have We Got a Job For You!
27: Wrong, But Still Convincing
26: Hedgehogs in Stockholm
25: Biotech's Net Loss?
23: F. A. Cotton, 1930-2007
22: Inspirational Reading?
22: Back From DC
21: CMPI Conference: Critical Path
21: CMPI Conference: CATIE and ALLHAT
21: CMPI Conference: Lunch With the FDA
21: CMPI Conference: Panel on the Politics of Drug Evaluation
21: CMPI Conference: Panel on Media Coverage
20: Something From Nothing
19: You Want Me to Just Talk? No Problem.
18: Wake Up and Smell the Solvents
16: Comments on Comments
14: Gene Patents, Part One: Genes As Chemicals
13: Crichton, Patents, and Genes
12: A Good Day's Work
12: Good Sense Breaks Out, Film at Eleven?
08: Depraved and Deprived
07: There's Toxicity and There's Toxicity
07: Vertex, Hepatitis, and Gripping the Arms of Your Chair
05: Good Mistakes?
05: A Break, Whether I Felt Like It Or Not
04: Going Hollywood, For Our Own Good?
01: How Not To Do It: Ruining Stuff

January 2007
30: BMY-SNY?
29: Open For Business
29: Blogroll Update
28: What Can Academia Do?
25: The Big Picture
25: Way Out Here
24: Back on the Air
17: Pfizer's Pfinances
16: How Not to Do It: Sophomore Organic Edition
15: Novo Nordisk Axes Med-Chem
14: Problems and Solutions
12: Ghost Town
11: An Innocent Question
10: Upside Down Activity
10: Reality, Here In This Little Dish
09: That Smell
08: PLoS One
07: Good Stuff and Bad Stuff
04: Take Your Shots (For Real, This Time?)
03: You'll Be Safe Under Here. Maybe.
02: That Can't Be Right - Try Again
02: And The Winner Is. . .
02: Out With the Old

December 2006
28: Cleans Down to What Should Be the Shine
26: Work At Home! It's Easy; It's Fun!
21: Holiday Schedule
20: Injustice
19: Hi, My Name Is [...]
18: ICOS In Pieces?
14: Love and Anger
13: Ars Longa, But Instructions to Authors Say "Brevis"
11: Torcetrapib: The Foil-Lined Hat Perspective
11: Old School? Same School!
08: Shameless Self-Promotion
07: Are You Experienced?
06: Bigger And Greasier
04: Too Near the Sun?
03: The Torcetrapib Catastrophe
01: Pfizer's Sizing

November 2006
30: The Other Side of the Table
29: Bad Interviews
27: The Litvinenko Case: More On Polonium and Alpha Particles
27: Polonium Poisoning
21: The Paper Mountain
20: Sell! (It's Not Just Me)
17: Ah, the Heck With the Error Bars
15: Vial Thirty-Three: Warp Drive
14: Where Do All The Chemicals Go?
14: Elsewhere
13: The Race Is On
10: Publish, Then Perish
09: Help Wanted - I Hope
08: Watch This Space
08: Links and Such
06: It Went Up Instead of Down
06: Chinese Med-Chem - In China, For Once
02: Hope, Springing Eternal And All That
01: And Thee, O Time
01: You Can't Make Money If You Don't Get Paid

October 2006
30: Blow The Trumpets
29: Family Portraits
26: It Should Work. It Just Doesn't.
25: Mass Spec on Mars
24: Naming of Names
23: Experimental Compound Codes
22: The Unattractive Truth
19: Levoglucosan
18: Peptides as Texts
17: Up Periscope And Fire All Bow Tubes
16: Show What You Know
15: German, Anyone?
12: More Handedness
11: On The Other Hand
10: Five Things I Haven't Used in Years
09: Forty NMR Magnets and 3000 Proteins Later. . .
09: Here and There
05: The Inscrutable French
04: Cheer Up, You Chemists
04: Another Chemistry Prize for Biology
03: Neuropeptide Y Dies, But It Never Surrenders
02: RNA Interference: Film at Eleven
02: Nobel Update: RNAi Wins
01: Test Your Skills!

September 2006
28: The Horse Latitudes
27: Nobel Fever Is Upon Us
26: Smell the Vibrations
25: A Spray-Painted Crystal Ball
24: Touch Me Not
22: Darn Photons
20: Imclone, Drama Queen of Biotech
19: By Any Other Name
18: Tenderbutton Calls It Quits
17: Tough Targets
14: Take Your Shots
13: Spectroscopic Days
12: Walking the Plank at Bristol-Myers Squibb
11: Enzymes Do Whatever They Want To
10: If You Want Your Explanations Overnight, It'll Cost You
07: Inherently Obvious - It's Obviously Inherent
07: Move On, Move On - Nothing To See Here. . .
06: Tell 'Em You Work On Something Else
05: Ariad's Patent Eviscerated
04: Plavix Plot Twists
01: Merck: Unfigure-outable

August 2006
30: Those Darn Invisible Creatures
29: Evil Thoughts of Evil Things
28: Paper on a Shelf
27: Floyd Landis: Could His Cortisone Treatments Exonerate Him?
24: Respect! Honor! Recognition! All For $149.95!
22: Explain This, Hot Shot!
15: Kevin Trudeau Was Born in 1963
15: Here and There
14: Tegenero, In Detail
13: Six Chem-Geek Questions
10: The Great Plavix Disaster
10: Airplanes and Chemicals
09: Ray Kurzweil's Future
08: Back in Court With Ariad and Lilly
07: A Vaccine Against Putting on Weight?
06: Where Do They Come From?
03: The Last Word on Eerie Glowing Labs
02: A Law of the Lab: Yields and Variations
01: Testosterone, Carbon Isotopes, and Floyd Landis

July 2006
31: Hobson's Choice
30: Pfizer's Man at the Top
27: Good News, Now That I Think About It!
26: Pfizer Recalculates
25: The Sun Shines at Pfizer
25: Back To Life
23: Hexacyclinol Rides Again
20: Peptide Craziness
19: Fuzeon's Fallout
18: Getting and Spending
17: Pounding Sand
16: The Future is Unwritten
13: A Friday Linkfest
13: J&J Shrinks Their Labs Again
11: More Purple Radiance
10: Aluminum: Friend or Foe?
09: Down the Chute: Your Call
07: Memo to the Public Relations Department
05: More Statin Skirmishing
04: Now With the Great Taste of Fish!
03: Pyrotechnic Days

June 2006
29: Rimonabant Arrives
28: Part Nine Hundred and Forty Two in a Series. . .
27: Academia in Summertime
26: Vioxx: 18 Months to Trouble?
25: Neurocrine's Choice
22: To The Third Darn Decimal Place
21: Waste O' Time Awards
20: Formally Undecideable
19: Rats Rule, Right?
18: More on Voodoo
15: And 0.04 Molar in Eye of Newt. . .
14: Vox Populi
13: The Fur Continues to Fly
13: Disapproval of Approvability
11: What's German For "Food Fight"?
11: Vial Thirty-Three: The Third Run
08: Peter Kim, So Far
07: Best When Used By. . .
06: Vial Thirty-Three Rides Again
06: Vial Thirty-Three: One Up, One Down
05: Hexacyclinol? Or Not?
04: Resistance Isn't Quite Futile
02: Brief Political Interlude
01: That Fount of Information We Call ASCO

May 2006
31: As Merck Caroms Off Another Tree
30: Things I Won't Work With: Frisky Perchlorates
29: Ask Not
25: Too Big to Discover Anything
25: Back on the Air
23: Can't Buy These Thrills
22: Merck and the Numbers
22: Mid-day Update
21: Chem-Geek Alternate History
20: Minute by Minute
18: A Question For the Crowd
18: Vial Number Thirty-Three
17: Merck's Latest Underwhelming Data
16: The New England Journal And Its PR Flacks
15: Leadership Secrets of the Data Fudgers
14: Cliff Diving
11: A Day at the Rota-Vap
10: A New Route to Tamiflu?
09: Ends, Means, Rats, and Dogs
08: A Natural Wonder Drug - Now What?
07: Yet Another Law
04: Ariad Wins a Round
03: Access to Phase I Drugs: A Constitutional Right?
03: Full Disclosure
03: Have The Rules Changed?
02: Things I'm Glad I Don't Do: Isolating Ciguatoxin
02: Travel

April 2006
30: All Natural
27: Golden Parachute, Still Packed and Ready
26: Jungle Rot
25: A Shot Across the Bow
24: Merck, So Far
23: You Can't Win If You Don't Play
20: Sulfurous Stenches: A Connisseur's Guide
19: Why All the Gloom?
18: There Is a Tide. . .
17: Reading Our Own Press Releases
16: Don't Know. Don't Care?
12: The Process of Process
11: Ariad's Day in Court
10: Linkorama
09: New Frontiers in Self-Deception
06: How Not to Do It: Distilling HMPA
05: Which World Do We Live In, Anyway?
04: Once More Into the Patent Breech
03: More On Doing Away With Patents
02: Down With Patents, Eh?

March 2006
30: Give The People What They Want
30: Missed One!
28: Rioting for Unemployment
27: Cleaning Out the Hood: An Internal Monologue
26: A Word to the Wise About TGN1412
24: Explosion News
24: Can You Say "Uebernahmeangebot"?
23: Crystals of Doubt
22: A Lengthy Day
21: Nitromed's Slow Decline
20: Grad School, Blogged
20: TNG1412: Was There a Warning?
17: Update on TGN1412
16: Price Gouging or Not?
15: No Immunity From Immunity
14: Neowater Replies
13: The Big Statin Pillow Fight
12: Bubble Fusion Implodes
09: Wonder Drug, Indeed
09: Men and Women and Science and Jobs
08: How Not to Do It: Liquid Nitrogen Tanks
08: Things Turn Nasty
06: Man Hands on Misery to Man
05: Journal of Biological Chemical Biochemical Chemical Biology
02: Technical Difficulties
02: Procter and Gamble Throws in the Towel
01: Deception Begins at Home

February 2006
28: More on Outsourcing
27: But At My Back I Always Hear. . .
26: Tied to the Mast
24: What's French for "Trust Us"?
23: Blogroll Revamp
22: NEJM vs. Its Contributors, Round Two
21: Gold and Lasers
20: Rimonabant Bangs Into. . .Something
19: Because I Never Lie, and I'm Always Right
16: What's It Worth to You?
15: Pfizer Takes a Deep Breath
14: First Slide, Please
13: Heart-Warming Stories of Success
12: Kinase Inhibitors: Doomed From the Start?
09: Ban Intelligent Design?
08: Garnier Strikes Back
07: Return of Neowater
06: J&J Shakes Things Up
05: Stream of Consciousness
02: Nanotech Wonder Water?
01: The Good New Days

January 2006
31: Here's A Shovel. Could You Dig Yourself In Some More?
30: Forecast: Rain, Eventually
29: Name Reactions for One Thousand, Alex
26: Ah, It's Fine. Just Send the Darn Thing Out Already.
25: If It's Not One Thing. . .
24: The Examiner Finally Snaps
23: Merck versus the New England Journal
22: Full Disclosure
19: But His Name Lives On. . .
19: Tamiflu: Good For Anything, Or Not?
18: A Scientific Aptitude Test?
17: Gimme That Old Time Reaction
17: Dangerous Thoughts
16: Various Updates
15: The FDA Loosens Its Tie
13: How Not to Do It: Ether Peroxides
12: Plenty of Tar to Go Around
09: Stem Cell Disaster
08: My Shopping List
05: Ugly, But Effective
04: Mice, Humans, and Cancer
03: Pemoline Problems
03: Comments Welcome - Really
02: A Scientist's Resolutions

December 2005
29: Outside Reading
27: What Makes an Ugly Molecule?
23: Sort Of Like A Wine Cellar
22: Poor Put-Upon Intelligent Design
21: Another Shot at Cancer
20: The Dover Decision Comes Down
20: Does Celebrex Have A Future At All?
17: How Not to Do It: Bromine
15: Attack of the Angry Viruses
14: An Expensive Way Back for Celebrex
13: The New England Journal of Legal Immunity?
13: Grand Rounds
12: Play by Play in the Lab
09: A Vioxx Bomb Drops. Or Does It?
07: The Hard News on Cancer
06: Well-Rounded?
06: Grand Rounds Today, and Next Week
05: Home Sweet Home
04: Not On the Same Page
02: The Bell Finally Tolls for Peter Rost
01: Rigel's Puzzling Failure

November 2005
30: Okadaic Acid Makes Vanity Fair
30: Merck Update
29: Ghrelin and Obestatin
28: Merck, Finally
27: Hire the Thoroughbreds?
25: Instead of Working
22: Serono's Suitors
21: Run, Do Not Walk, To The Nearest Exit
21: Old Standbys
20: Sir2 Surprise
17: A Man, A Book, and a Plan. Several Plans.
16: What Sort of Training?
15: Statin Showdown
14: One Darn Miracle After Another
13: Arcadia's Furnishings
11: Gene to Drug: You Bet
10: . . .And That Settles It
09: Cash For Vaccines
08: University of Drug Discovery?
07: Intelligent Design, Molecule By Molecule
06: The Dover Decision
03: Merck Off the Mat
02: The Flu Plan, Part Two: Antiviral Drugs
02: The Flu Plan, Part One: Vaccines
01: Molecular Modeling Cage Match

October 2005
31: Five Questions
30: Gooooaaaal!
28: Pargluva Goes Down?
27: Imclone Revisited
26: The Latest in Pharmaceutical Technology
25: Start Your Engines
24: Hype or Hope?
23: The Tar Pit Beckons
20: This Had Better Be Good
19: Complaints From a Fossil
19: Procrastination Assistance
18: Waiting for Pargluva
17: James Cramer, Biocryst, and You
16: Matthias Rath, Pioneer
13: Buy! It's More Expensive Than Usual!
12: The Undefeated Brazilian Team
11: The Old Stuff
10: Time and Chance
09: Needs and Wants
06: The Great Divide
06: Outside Reading, and Plenty of It
05: Human Genome Science Hits the Wall
05: Metathesis Nobel!
03: Where Do the Good Ones Go?
03: Well Deserved
02: A Piece of the Action

September 2005
30: And Another Thing. . .
29: The Hazards of Molecular Modeling
28: Clamping Down, or Loosening Up?
27: Tribes
26: Antivirals "Gathering Dust"?
25: Report From What I Think is the Frontier
22: By a Nose in a Head to Head
21: No Clear Winners
20: Say It Again!
19: Klotho: Sooner Than You Think?
18: A Sensitive Guy
15: Pretty Much the Reason You'd Think
15: Here and There
13: It Pours on Ligand
12: ". . .And to Furbish Falsehoods For a Magazine"
11: Remind Me Not to Do This Again
08: Muraglitazar's Turn
07: The Tiniest Doors Begin to Open
06: Ranking the Journals - Try It at Home!
06: Crossing Your Fingers, Authoritatively
01: Thought For a Long Weekend

August 2005
31: More Fun With Impact Factors
30: Our Friend the Impact Factor
29: pHooey
29: Nature Doesn't Care: Latest in a Series
28: Kevin Trudeau's Snake Oil Empire
25: The Painful History of Substance P
24: Having the Hands
23: Outside Reading
23: Gritting Our Teeth
22: Mutual Suspicions
21: Okay, One More Merck Point
21: No More Merck For A Couple of Days
19: Judgement Day
18: Everything's Under Control, Right?
17: No Such Disease
16: For Further Enlightenment
16: Experimental News
15: Out the Door and Over the Edge
14: Blogging About Science Blogging
11: Selectivity: One of Those Flexible Concepts
10: Another Thing You'd Think Would Be Simple
09: Differences Between Academia and Industry, Pt. 4
08: Room At the Top?
07: An Off-Topic Ramble
06: Even More Worthwhile Stuff
04: The Place to Be
03: Let's Check This Blank Page, Here
02: Never Came In Handy. Not Once.
01: Seven Questions

July 2005
31: At Your Newsstand Today
28: Like, Er, Fine Wine. I Hope.
28: A Tale of Two Trials
27: Once And For All
26: Merck on Trial
25: Hydrogenation Made Easy?
25: The Check Shows Up in the Mail. Really.
21: Science Marches On
20: Arr, Me Hearties!
19: Sitting Through Some Chemistry
18: The Leash of the Law
17: And It Goes Like This
09: Summer Hours
07: More on Brazil and Kaletra
06: Brazil Pulls Out the Pin
05: Dinner the Night Before
05: Continued Slacking
03: Happy Fourth of July

June 2005
30: Where's the Combo?
29: Vaccines and Human Folly
28: Cancer Delusions
27: Thimerosal, Again
26: How Not to Do It: Vacuum Pumps
23: News Flash: I May Not Be a Fool
22: Fan Mail
21: Morphine in the Brain: Go For It, or Not?
21: Data, At Last
20: More Brain Surprises
19: What Makes A Target, Anyway?
16: Pfizer Opens Their Wallet - Again
15: How Safe Is This Stuff?
14: Fungal Problems
14: The Research Exemption Lives!
12: How Not to Do It: Distilling Benzene
09: Dr. Rath Does What He Can
08: A Day in the Life of Peter Rost
07: Experimental Update
07: When the Alternative is Nothing
06: A Drug's Target, Finally
05: Biotech At Last, Eh?
02: How Much Success?
01: As Thin As a Soap Bubble

May 2005
31: Modeling the Modelers
30: Tailfins and All
27: Compounds for the Sake of Compounds
25: The Voice of Experience
24: You Figure It Out
23: Intelligent Chemical Design
22: That Has to Be Good, Right?
20: Outside Reading
18: Vertex Turns Over a Winner
17: Very Wrong, or Very Right
16: Days of Silicon and Roses
16: Cuprate Voodoo
13: ASCO Fever
11: Public Utility, You Say?
10: Getting Hired as a PhD
09: Punching the Clock at Merck
08: How To Get Hired: Associate Positions
06: 'Tis the Season
04: Another Law of the Lab
03: Ghostly Influences
02: Merck and Integra Go the Distance
01: Between Friends. Sort of.

April 2005
28: Speak for Themselves, They Do
27: Experimental Update, For Those Who Care
26: Knocking Opportunity Costs
25: What Ails the Germans?
25: Live The Stereotype!
24: The Consolations of Pure Research
21: The Globalization of Med-Chem
20: Sneaking Out for an Interview
19: Getting A Job
18: The Price of Desperation
18: A Smelly Riddle
14: How Good Is Aricept, Anyway?
13: Vaccines by the Dozen
13: A Steeplechase of Dead Horses
13: Do It Again
07: An Update
05: In Memoriam
03: Don't Talk To Yourself So Much

March 2005
31: Why Carbon Matters
30: Lost Arts
30: More on Question Four
28: Targretin's Troubles
27: Ten Questions
23: Drug versus Stock
22: Still Not All That Easy
21: Springtime for Oncology
20: Ancient Metals
17: Symlin, At Last
16: Think Twice
15: Back For More
12: New Address
10: Progress Through Craziness
09: Rewiring the Brain?
08: The Latest from the Fume Hood
07: The Next Science
06: Just How Many Compounds Are We Talking About?
03: Things I Won't Work With: Carbon Diselenide
02: Oh, Dear
01: Too Interesting For Us

February 2005
28: Tysabri's Fall
27: Law Number One
24: Getting a Faster PhD?
23: Exobiochemistry
22: An Antiviral Example
21: Can Med-Chem Help With Bird Flu?
20: COX-2 Aftermath
18: Waiting for the FDA
17: Law and Disorder
16: Dysfunctional Disclosure
16: Glaxo v. Pfizer: Sales Force Stand-Down?
14: Bigger and Greasier
13: Pfizer's Prospects
10: The Bones of the World
09: How'd We End Up Here, Anyway?
08: Maybe They Should Fire Them All?
07: One Problem Solved, Anyway
06: A Technical Question
03: Elbow Room
02: Up There, and Down Here
01: Merck Takes Another One

January 2005
31: Does Your Labmate Have the Hands?
30: Welcome to the World, I Hope
27: Hope in a Drum
26: Glassware Geek
25: The Novartis Way
24: What We Are Pleased to Call State of the Art
23: A Trial Too Far
21: And Now A Word. . .
20: Through the Looking Plastic
19: Bonfire of the Wonder Drugs
18: Model Systems, From Inside and Out
17: Don't Become A Scientist?
16: More on Titan
14: How Often Do We Land on Another World?
13: Samuel Johnson Was Right
12: Our Friend the Nitrogen Atom
11: Right In Front of You
10: The Example of Claritin
10: Success Has A Thousand Fathers
06: More Fun With DNA
05: Like Moving Furniture Across a Tightrope
04: Tadpoles to the Rescue?
03: . . .Nor Am I Out of It
02: Finishing, And Starting

December 2004
29: Schedule Update
27: Back Under the Sheets For Me
23: Holiday Blogging
21: Optioning the Drug Portfolio
21: No Drug Is An Island
19: Boarding Up the Windows
17: The FDA Weighs In
17: Black Friday: One Damn Thing After Another
17: The Other COX-2 Shoe Drops
16: Lab of the Future!
15: Die-oxin?
14: The Coming Oncology
13: Fixing the Drug Industry?
12: Stocking Stuffers, of a Sort
10: An Economist Who Gets It
09: Housecleaning
08: Follow Which Money Where?
08: An Experiment in Progress?
07: Check, Please
07: Alex Tabarrok on Me-Too Drugs
06: Tarceva Targets
05: Beg to Differ
02: Blurry Copies
01: Strangers on a Train

November 2004
30: More on Woodward
29: Archaeologists Announce Dirty Laundry Discovery
28: Some Perspective
23: Chemistry Geekery
23: I Don't See How This Qualifies As Bliss
21: Safe, And Other Four-Letter Words
18: Nine Things I'm Having Trouble Imagining
17: RNAi: The Awkward Age
16: Things I Won't Work With: Ozonides
15: Keep It To Yourself
14: I'll Have the Lot
11: Alexander Would Have Understood
10: Cui Bono?
09: Gumming Up the Amyloid Works
08: Merck's State of Mind
07: Take it Off!
05: A Visit To Academia
03: Don't Ask; Just Trade
02: Let's See What the Sharks Think of These Steaks!
01: Now With The Great Taste of Fish

October 2004
31: Well, Sonny, That's Not How We Did It
30: Special Off-Topic Weekend Irrelevancy
29: Different or Not? You Tell Me.
27: Pharma Flock Begins Migration
26: It's All Local, All Right
25: Actually, It's Everything Else That's Off-Topic
24: A Spin of the Wheel
22: Hey, I Could Patent That. . .
20: Ping! Ping! Ping!
19: Cox-2 Confusion
19: Epidemic of Good Sense Spreading, Scientists Say
17: Preach It, Brother
14: Could I Have a Side Order of Risk With That?
14: Circular Mistakes
12: A Day in the Life: Dichloromethane and Peanut Butter
11: Public Utility, You Say?
11: Prices and Innovation
07: How Bad Are the Cox-2 Inhibitors, Anyway?
06: We Have Ways of Keeping You Safe
05: Proteins to the Rescue?
05: DNA to Drug?
03: More on Merck
02: Comment Problems

September 2004
30: A Day With All the Bark Left On It
29: Peter Rost, Oddity
28: Kicking the Dinosaur's Tail - Again
28: Rank and Yank?
23: Measure for Mismeasure
22: Rational Drug Design
20: Two Days Off (From This, Anyway)
20: Drug Development: The Current Odds
19: No Coming Attractions Here
16: The NIH in the Clinic
14: One More On Basic Research and the Clinic
13: A Real-World Can O' Worms
12: How Much Basic Research?
09: How It Really Works
08: Unburied
07: Angell's Book
02: The Last Word (For A While) On Me-Too Drugs
01: Around and About

August 2004
31: Me Too, Part Two
31: Clinical Trials And What to Do With Them
29: . . .It's a Wonder I Can Think At All
26: Things I Won't Work With: Polyazides
25: Will the Uncommon Work for the Common Good?
24: Living by the IP Sword
24: I'll Have the Price They're Having
19: Empty Shelves
18: Resistance to Resistance
17: Kinases and Their Komplications
16: Clay Lies Still, But Blood's A Rover
15: FullCell 1.0?
12: A Week in the Life
10: Memorial
10: Solid Citizens
09: Fast, Cheap, and Sometimes Even Good
05: The State of the State of the Art
04: Things I Won't Work With: A Nasty Condensed Gas
03: Silent Mutations and Noisy Ones
02: Research, The Right Way
01: Furry Judges, With Tails

July 2004
30: John Kerry on Drug Prices
29: Down in the Salt Mine
28: A Question For the Audience
28: How Long Can This Go On?
26: How Not to Do It: Sulfenyl Chlorides
25: Costs and Benefits, Risks and Rewards
22: Another Shot Across the Bow
20: Worries about Rimonabant?
19: Bungee Jumping with PPAR Drugs
18: Back for More
08: How Do You Know When to Stop?
06: Lighting Out for the Frontier
04: Happy Fourth of July
02: The Two Ends of the Stick
01: So What's Wrong With A Little Money Changing Hands?

June 2004
28: No Defense
27: Loose Lips
24: Summer Hours
23: It'll Cost You
21: Primum Non Nocere, Eh?
21: Le Dernier Cri
17: You'd Think It Was An Election Year or Something
16: The Dull Edge of Nanotech
15: The Journals Fight Back
14: Wipe Down
13: Dumpster Diving for Data?
11: The Agents Report Back
09: Your One-Stop Clinical Data Superstore?
08: Cue the Music
07: Vox Populi
06: As Goes ASCO. . .
03: Doublets, Triplets, Whateverlets
02: This Isn't the Kind of Office Action You're Thinking Of
02: Industry vs. Academia: The Mental Aspect

May 2004
31: How Not to Do It: Sodium
26: The Latest From the Fishing Hole
25: Down the Hatch
24: What Ails Us
23: Catalyst Catfishing
20: A Capacious Rat-Hole Indeed
19: All the Myriad Ways
19: The Dose Makes the Poison
17: Next on the Food Channel. . .
16: Owning the Road
14: The Last Word on Taste
12: Beyond the Teeth, Beyond the Pale
11: By Any Other Name
10: Why Own the Car, When You Can Own the Road?
09: Meetings and Their Discontents
06: A Fire, And Its Flames
05: Price Hydraulics
04: Deferred Gratification Is Better Than None At All
03: At My Desk, Playing 500-Card Stud
02: Odd Elements in Drugs: Silicon

April 2004
29: Yahoots
29: An Era Begins
28: Foaming Up Over the Edge
27: Bulking Up
26: Thou Hast It Now. . .
25: How Not to Do It - Hydrogen Balloons
23: Categories
22: The Vapor Trail I Referred To
21: Mutter, Mutter, Mutter
20: Stuart Schreiber on Stuart Schreiber
19: Odd Elements in Drugs
18: The March of Folly Leader Board
16: Welcome Back!
15: The March of Folly
14: Reality's Revenge
13: It's a Bacterial Planet, You Know
06: Osmium Tetroxide, Of All Things
05: Oblivious to One Skilled in the Art
04: Obvious to One Skilled in the Art
01: Differences Between Academia and Industry, Pt. 2

March 2004
31: No Better Than the Rest of Them
29: Play It Again
28: Thing I Won't Work WIth (2): Nickel Carbonyl
25: A Birthday Worth Noting
25: Tasty New Recipes for the Root of All Evil
23: Getting the Word Out, For Once
22: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
21: The Root of All Results?
18: Differences Between Industry and Academia, Pt. 1
17: Our Cheerful Buddy, The Cell Membrane
15: Pravachol vs. Lipitor Update
15: The Universe, Which Others Call the Library. . .
14: Mismatched Socks
11: Ignorance Was Bliss
10: A Mechanism for Thimerosal
09: Nuclear Fusion, Wordsworth, German Cooking. The Usual.
07: They Will Do Such Things. . .
04: Welding the Steering Wheel
03: Things I Won't Touch (1)
02: Catching Up

February 2004
29: More From the Me-Too Front
26: Putting A Price on Proving It
25: Ezetimibe, The Press, and More
24: The Beginning? It's Right Past the End. . .
23: One Of Us Is Hallucinating
22: Reimportation's Just the Beginning
19: One Of Us Is Hallucinating
19: All Fixed Up
18: How Drugs Die
16: The Old Days, Some Older Than Others
15: Drug Prices and Costs - From the Mail
15: Easterbrook Post Updated
12: More on Prices, High and Otherwise
12: The Cold Equations
11: The Contact Sport of Cost Accounting
09: I will do such things - What they are yet I know not. . .
08: Darn Those R&D Costs, Anyway
05: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
04: Our Friend, the Carbon-Aluminum Bond
03: Ricin Redux
02: How to Be an Inventor
01: Ricin Redux
01: Deal Me In

January 2004
29: From Each According To Their Creativity, To Each According To Their Difficulty?
28: The Best Bad News He Ever Had
28: Not in My European Back Yard
26: Allons Pharmas de la Patrie!
25: A Little Ambiguity Would Be Welcome Right About Now
22: Dr. Lowe? I Have Your Hypothesis on Line Two
21: . . .Your Huddled Pharmas Yearning to Breath Free
20: Weinberg's "Golden Lessons"
19: There'd Better Not Be an Argon Receptor
18: All Bets Are Now Officially Off
15: And Now for Something Completely Different
14: The Pricing Weapon
13: Here and There
12: If This Doesn't Work, There's Only Reality To Fall Back On
11: A New Cancer Target - Maybe
08: A Request From Biology
07: Good Sense Wins a Round
07: Secretin

December 2003
07: Good News, Backing Slowly Through the Door?

November 2003
28: Waiting for the Metaphorical Phone to Ring

August 2003
03: Per Fits and Starts, Ad Astra

January 2003
12: Easy Parts and Hard Parts
09: Back in the Stacks
08: More Ricin
08: The Library of Babel
07: Ricin
06: And Another Thing. . .
06: Compare and Contrast
05: Ratio Rationalizations
02: The Rate of Autism

December 2002
30: Back on the Air
22: Clearance Sale
22: Thimerosal - A Chemical Point
22: Thimerosal - a Chemical Point
22: Clearance Sale
20: Trials of Trials
18: Hypertension and Marketing
17: Looking Back, Looking Forward
16: Attitude
12: A Rough Business
11: A Quick One While He's Away
10: Don't Wait - Patent Today!
09: Proteinocentrism
09: Sweet Maybe, But Trouble, Too
05: A Quick Tour Through the Mudhole
05: More on Autism (And Mercury)
05: More on Autism and Mercury
05: A Quick Tour Through the Mudhole
04: Neurotoxins
04: Neurotoxins
03: Doing Justice to Thimerosal, And the Story
03: Doing Justice to Thimerosal, and the Story
02: Europe, Again
01: Place Your Bets

November 2002
26: Unequivocal Good News
25: A Chemical Wish List
24: A New Form of Hype, uh, Life?
21: The Future and Its Friends
20: What I, um, Meant to, um, Say
19: Ah, Marketing
18: Multitasking
17: New! Improved! Now With Stickier Lumps!
14: Statins and Multiple Sclerosis
14: Left and Right, Revisited
12: Y'all Are Going to Think I'm Nuts, But. . .
11: Thalidomide in the Mirror
10: Mismeasure for Mismeasure
07: Measure for Measure
04: Generic Prilosec - the Sequel
04: The Good Old Days of Really Bad Teeth, Revisited
04: It'll Be a While
04: Pneumonia, of All Things
03: Cholesterol Lowering, One Way or Another

October 2002
31: And While We're On the Subject - Mercury?
31: More Faces in Even More Clouds
30: What Sort of Number Did You Have in Mind?
29: Et in Arcadia Ego
28: A Mystery Gas?
27: O Brave New Market, That Has Such Medicines In It
24: Of All Sad Words. . .
23: The Latest Mudfight
21: Structure-Inactivity Relationship Would Be More Like It
20: Faces In the Clouds
17: Not Even Funny
16: Cloning's Growing Pains
15: That Voodoo That We Do
14: Gene Therapy Decisions
13: Nobelity and Lesser Nobelity
11: Alzheimer's Vaccine Refuses to Die
10: Another Stuffed Shirt
09: Nobel Time!
09: The Bigger They Are
08: Genetic Optimism
07: Idle Hands
06: Bad News at a Bad Hour of the Night
03: Am I Blue?
02: Voluntary. . .For Now
01: Silver Tongues, Golden Hands?
01: Overpatenting?

September 2002
30: Where Credit's Due
29: A Rake's Progress
26: On the Money
25: Different Opinions About A Difference That Makes No Difference
24: The Wall Street Journal versus the FDA
22: Sleeping Dragons
19: More Fun With Patent Expirations
18: As Others See Us
15: Chemical Warfare, Part Five: The Real World
14: Chemical Warfare, Part Four: More On Nerve Agents and Their Chemistry
13: Chemical Warfare, Part Three: How Nerve Agents Work
12: Chemical Warfare, Part Two: Lethal Agents (Other Than Nerve Gas)
12: Chemical Warfare, Part One: Introduction
09: Caveat Lector
08: Merck and Its Competition
05: You Don't Hear "Eureka" That Often
03: The Patent Expiration Fun Continues
02: A Last-Ditch Effort - Or Is It?

August 2002
29: How Not to Do It: Solvent Stills
28: Consequences of Aneuploidy
27: Aneuploidy, or What're A Few Chromosomes, More or Less?
26: Muddying the Water For Fun and Profit
25: Back For Some More
20: HER-1 And HER-2, Too
19: They All Get Real at Some Point
18: And I Still Have Some of Those Shirts
16: Here It Goes
16: Nature Stood Me Up
15: Great Moments in Legal Reasoning
14: Our Friend the Phosphate Group, Redux
13: Our Friend the Phosphate Group
11: Life of the Party
08: Better Them Than Me
04: Close to the Vest
04: Close To the Vest
01: Breathing and Aging

July 2002
30: The Ames Test and the Real World
29: The Ames Test
28: Our Buddies at the FDA
25: What to Do When the Rats Die on You
24: Experimental Update
24: And Always Keep Ahold of Nurse, For Fear of Finding Something Worse
23: Rats, For Fear of Worse
22: More on Drug Prices
21: You'll Only Get Answers
19: The Dismal Science of Drug Prices
18: Talk, Cheap and Otherwise
17: A Twisty Road
16: Marketing Ueber Alles
16: By Any Other Name
15: The Apatosaurus. The Spruce Goose. The Pyramids
15: The Irish Elk. The Mongol Empire. And Other Things That Got Too Big to Work Well.
12: More Pfizer Explosion Details
11: New! Viruses So Potent, You'd Swear They Were Homemade!
10: Fighting City Hall
09: Maybe They Can Formulate It in Madelaines
02: Now, Where Was I?

June 2002
26: A Race to the Bottom
25: Blowups Happen
24: Another Shot
23: Stupidity, But Not the Dangerous Kind
18: Save Your Tears
16: A Strange Compound, In Strange Places
13: The Company You Keep
11: And All For a Little Money
06: Adam Smith Goes Pharmaceutical
04: A Clean Lab is A Happy Lab
03: When Natural Selection's Through With You - Part II
03: It's Not Pretty, But It Works

May 2002
31: In Case Anyone's Wondering
30: Innovation and Its Discontents
28: Back to Whatever It Is I Do
23: A Few Words
22: Did He Say What They Thought He Said?
22: Now Is the Peptide of Our Discontent
21: Hype and Glory
20: Hands Off
19: Not As Bad As It Looks
15: Eliminate the Middleman
14: After Natural Selection's Through With You
12: Back for More
06: Meanwhile, Back at the Chocolate Factory
06: Claritin and Clarinex
06: So What's A Worthwhile Problem, Anyway?
03: The Nuts and Bolts of a New Idea
02: Measure Twice, Cut Once
02: Anything Worth Doing. . .

April 2002
22: Fun While It Lasted
19: Colors May Fade
15: A Treadmill Pill?
12: A Less-Than-Subtle Plan
09: And Another Thing
08: F. Scott Fitzgerald Had Something to Say About This
07: Get Your Miracle Elixir
02: Nothing Like It in the World
01: Enzymes, Right and Wrong

March 2002
28: Not Like Law School
28: Cruel to Be Kind
24: What's a Project Manager to Do?
22: More Colors and Smells
20: If It Were Easy. . .
19: Mirror Stars
10: Separation Anxiety

February 2002
27: More Imclone, More Food for Thought
27: Who Dares, Wins?
26: A Certain Tension in the Air
26: New Drugs for HIV
25: All the Not-So-Myriad Ways
24: Toxicolottery
22: Cartesian Aging
20: Giordano Bruno
18: A Couple of Days Off
14: Modeling the Brain?
06: Imclone in Progress
05: Why Total Synthesis?
03: Climbing Mountains
01: Medicine Man

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