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About this Author
DBL%20Hendrix%20small.png College chemistry, 1983

Derek Lowe The 2002 Model

Dbl%20new%20portrait%20B%26W.png After 10 years of blogging. . .

Derek Lowe, an Arkansan by birth, got his BA from Hendrix College and his PhD in organic chemistry from Duke before spending time in Germany on a Humboldt Fellowship on his post-doc. He's worked for several major pharmaceutical companies since 1989 on drug discovery projects against schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, diabetes, osteoporosis and other diseases. To contact Derek email him directly: derekb.lowe@gmail.com Twitter: Dereklowe

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Category Index
"Me Too" Drugs
The Hydrophobic Effect: I Don't Understand It, Either
Donald Light Responds on Drug Innovation and Costs
Getting Drug Research Really, Really Wrong
Translation Needed
Those Me-Too Drugs
Biosimilars: Not So Dang Easy
Pfizer's Future: Biotech Followups
Arzoxifene: Not the Road to Big Profits?
Now Your Liver Doesn't Have to Make It For You
How Many PPIs Does the World Need?
Bad Luck For Novartis - And For Diabetics
Godzilla vs. Mothra? Relman vs. Epstein!
By a Nose in a Head to Head
No Clear Winners
Gritting Our Teeth
An Economist Who Gets It
Alex Tabarrok on Me-Too Drugs
Blurry Copies
The Last Word (For A While) On Me-Too Drugs
Me Too, Part Two
Clinical Trials And What to Do With Them
Hypertension and Marketing
Merck and Its Competition
Our Buddies at the FDA
Adam Smith Goes Pharmaceutical
Innovation and Its Discontents
Claritin and Clarinex

Academia (vs. Industry)
The Prospects of an Academic Job
Where the Talent Comes From
Changing A Broken Science System
A Reply on Academic Alzheimer's Research
An All-In-One Alzheimer's Paper
The Seat of Learning, Indeed
Big Pharma And Its Research Publications
The NIH Takes On Reproducibility
The NIH's Drug Repurposing Program Gets Going
The Drug Industry and the Obama Administration
GSK's Published Kinase Inhibitor Set
Crowdfunding Research
The NIH, Pfizer, and Senator Wyden
Yuri Milner's Millions, And Where They're Going
Too Many Scientists: A "Pyramid Scheme"
Academia's Role in Drug Discovery
Advice For Those Trying High-Throughput Screening
Another Controversial Scaffold?
Rearrange Those Chemists
Science Fiction Gets the Upper Hand
Cheer For Good Ol' Pfizer U
Lessons For a New Medicinal Chemist
Return of the Rhodanome
Anonymous Grant Review Gets A Try
The NIH's Drug Repurposing Initiative: Will It Be a Waste?
A New Way to Kill Amoebas, From An Old Drug
A Molecular Craigslist?
Do Industrial Post-Doc Positions Work?
Different Worlds: A Last DHFR Paper Thought
Europe Wants Some of That Molecular Library Action
Merck's CALIBR Venture
Making the Move From Industry to Academia
More on the NIH's Molecular Libraries Program
That Academic-Industrial Collaboration Panel
Academia and Industry, Suing Each Other
Panel on Academic-Industrial Collaboration in Drug Discovery
Francis Collins Speaks
Does Anyone Want the NIH's Drug Screening Program?
"The Smarter You Are, The More I Will Hate You"
Publishing, Perishing, Buying and Selling
How Many New Drug Targets Aren't Even Real?
Broader Impacts Indeed
The NIH and Conflicts of Interest
What Translational Research Should Academia Do?
Academic Drug Discovery: A Survey
Roche Prevails Over Stanford
Maybe It Really Is That Hard?
Translation Needed
The PhD Problem: A Global Perspective
Nothing Personal
Roche and Stanford: Academia v. Industry?
What If Those Wonderful Results Are Wrong?
The NIH Goes For the Gusto
More On the Postdoc Situation
A Postdoc's Lament
Gonna Focus on Re-Engineering the Tools for the Process
New Cures! Faster! Faster!
The NIH's New Drug Discovery Center: Heading Into the Swamp?
Friday Mental Health Break: "Bad Project"
Chemistry Jobs Roundtable: What About Tenure?
Design Your Own Lab Course
And One Was Just Right?
Where Drugs Come From: By Country
Where Drugs Come From: The Numbers
Another Set of Eyes
A Pile of Malaria Leads For the Taking
Reasons Not to Go to Grad School?
All Of You Industrial Scientists: Out Of the Room
Fear Of Academic Chemistry?
Short Topics From All Over
I'll See Your Conflicts, and Raise You?
The Grant Application Treadmill
Industrial Research: More Grounded in Reality, or Not?
To What End?
Just Give It to NIH
Wasted Money, Wasted Time?
Where Drugs Come From, and How. Once More, With A Roll of the Eyes
More Hot Air From Me on Screening
Competing (And Competing Unethically?)
Poor Equipment Revisited
The Perils of Poor Equipment
More Than This
Lowe's Law of Diurnal Distribution
Getting To Lyrica
Scrape Off Some Attitude
Ugly, But Useful
Drugs From Where?
The Doctorate and Its Discontents
Naked Synthesis
What Can Academia Do?
Problems and Solutions
Peter Kim, So Far
Not On the Same Page
University of Drug Discovery?
The Great Divide
Mutual Suspicions
Differences Between Academia and Industry, Pt. 4
Sneaking Out for an Interview
Getting A Job
More on Question Four
Getting a Faster PhD?
The Bones of the World
Don't Become A Scientist?
Like Moving Furniture Across a Tightrope
Gumming Up the Amyloid Works
The NIH in the Clinic
One More On Basic Research and the Clinic
A Real-World Can O' Worms
How Much Basic Research?
How It Really Works
Will the Uncommon Work for the Common Good?
Industry vs. Academia: The Mental Aspect
Stuart Schreiber on Stuart Schreiber
Differences Between Academia and Industry, Pt. 2
Differences Between Industry and Academia, Pt. 1
On the Money

Aging and Lifespan
Young Blood
A Sirtuin Activator Extends Lifespan in Normal Mice
Boost Your NAD And Fix It All?
Google Versus Aging
A New Pathway For Memory
How Rapamycin Extends Lifespan: Not By Slowing Down Aging
Resveratrol: What's It Do For Mitochondria?
A New Book on Longevity Research
New Sirtuin Inhibitors
Resveratrol Gets Some Details Cleared Up
Caloric Restriction Flops?
Update on the Buckyball Longevity Paper
One More on That Buckyball Longevity Paper
Buckyball Longevity: The Lead Author Replies
Resveratrol Explained. A Little Bit.
Buckyball Longevity - There's A Problem
Buckyballs Prolong Life? Really?
Would I Take Resveratrol? Would You?
Defending Das' Resvertrol Research. Oh, Come On.
A Resveratrol Research Scandal. Oh, Joy.
The Sirtuin Saga
Resveratrol in Humans: Results of a Controlled Trial
The Latest Sirtuin Controversy
Big Sirtuin News
SRT1720: Good (And Confusing) News for Obese Mice
mINDY Mice - No Obesity, No Diabetes?
Live Long and Prosper (and Be Bright Yellow at the Same Time)
Resveratrol (SRT501): Development Halted
Dapsone Prolongs Life? Well, In Nematodes It Does. . .
Does Resveratrol Really Work? And Does SRT1720?
GSK's Response to the Sirtuin Critics
Resveratrol (SRT501): Buy Now - Why Wait?
The Memory Goes Because. . .the Acetyl Groups Go?
SRT501 - A Trial Suspended
The Scent of Food Is Enough?
Sirtris's Compounds: Everyone Agrees?
Take These?
Rapamycin for Alzheimer's?
The Problem With Research on Aging
BioTime's Cellular Aging Results
A GSK/Sirtris Wrap-Up
A Storm in a Teacup
GSK and Sirtris: A Bit More
Sirtuin Scenarios
The Sirtris Compounds: Worthless? Really?
Caloric Restriction and Lifespan - Without the Caloric Restriction?
What Exactly Does Resveratrol Do?
A Nobel for Telomerase
mTOR, Rapamycin, and Lifespan: A Startling Study
Exercise and Vitamins: Now, Wait A Minute. . .
Resveratrol in Mice
Why Buy, Anyway?
$720 Million Worth of Sirtuin Research
Breaking the Contract of Aging
More Sirtuins With More Effects
And Thee, O Time
Sir2 Surprise
Klotho: Sooner Than You Think?
Breathing and Aging
When Natural Selection's Through With You - Part II
After Natural Selection's Through With You

Alzheimer's Disease
TDP-43 and Alzheimer's
Targacept Fumbles the Bad News on Alzheimer's
An Alzheimer's Blood Test? Not So Fast.
Alzheimer's Bonds
Good News! Our Alzheimer's Drug Didn't Work!
Citalopram for Alzheimer's?
Alzheimer's Antibodies: Can the Current Ones Even Work?
The State of Alzheimer's Research, 2014
A Blood Test for Alzheimer's?
Alzheimer's Therapies: A Reasonably Gloomy Update
A Reply on Academic Alzheimer's Research
An All-In-One Alzheimer's Paper
David Cameron, The Press, Alzheimer's, and Hope
Lilly Goes All In on Solanezumab
A Beta-Secretase Inhibitor Hits the Skids in Alzheimer's
Update on Bexarotene for Alzheimer's
The FDA's New Alzheimer's Guidance: Wonder or Blunder?
TauRx's Funding Is Odd
CETP, Alzheimer's, Monty Hall, and Roulette. And Goats.
Eli Lilly's Brave Alzheimer's Talk
Merck Presses Ahead on Alzheimer's:
TauRx Goes Into Phase III For Alzheimer's
And Since We're Talking About Insider Trading
JNK3 - Something New for Alzheimer's?
The Coming Battle Over Alzheimer's Disease
Another Prospective Alzheimer's Trial
Lilly's Solanezumab: Did It Actually Work?
Lilly's Solanezumab: A Miss or a Win?
Bapineuzumab Still Does Not Work Against Alzheimer's
An Alzheimer's Update: Amyloid Lives?
Bapineuzumab Does Not Work Against Alzheimer's
Live By The Bricks, Die By The Bricks
Strangely Good Results in Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease
A Preventative Trial for Alzheimer's: The Right Experiment
Bapineuzumab: An Alzheimer's Update
Bexarotene for Alzheimer's
Tau Spreads On Its Own?
Bernard Munos Rides Again
Alzheimer's: The News Is Not Getting Better
Alzheimer's: Down With Amyloid?
Lilly's Gamma Secretase Inhibitor for Alzheimer's: Worse Than Nothing
Alzheimer's Markers and Collaboration
Alzheimer's and Amyloid, Again
Alzheimer's: Extracting Data From Failed Trials
The Memory Goes Because. . .the Acetyl Groups Go?
A Brief and Not At All Intemperate Evaluation of the Current Literature
Rapamycin for Alzheimer's?
Beta-Amyloid: An Antibiotic?
Dimebon, Grasping at Straws
Dimebon Comes Crashing to Earth
A Modest Literature Proposal
Dimebon for Alzheimer's: A Black Box Indeed
Two Doses of Crazy
An Alzheimer's Compound Runs Into Big Trouble
Short Topics From All Over
Amyloid in Trouble
Does Glucophage Make Alzheimer's Worse?
Short Items: India, Sanjay Gupta, Satori Pharmaceuticals
Where Are the Drugs?
Rember for Alzheimer's: Methylene Blue's Comeback
Bapineuzumab: Good For Anything or Not?
Patents Stopping an Alzheimer's Wonder Drug?
Another Alzheimer's Compound Goes Down
Protecting Amyloid's Parent?
Elan Tries Again
In Which I Hate A Wonder Drug
Alzheimer's: A Report From the Front
ApoE4: Test or Not?
Fast Plaques in a Slow Disease
Checking The Numbers on the Alzheimer's Test
Beta-Secretase: Not So Fast?
Failure: Not Your Friend, But Definitely Your Companion
How Good Is Aricept, Anyway?
A Trial Too Far
Gumming Up the Amyloid Works
Silent Mutations and Noisy Ones
Back on the Air
Alzheimer's Vaccine Refuses to Die
Sleeping Dragons
Maybe They Can Formulate It in Madelaines
Who Dares, Wins?
Modeling the Brain?

Analytical Chemistry
Fluorinated Fingerprinting
Thalidomide, Bound to Its Target
An Alzheimer's Blood Test? Not So Fast.
Catalyst Voodoo, Yielding to Spectroscopy?
A Horrible, Expensive, and Completely Avoidable Drug Development Mixup
Xenon's Use as a Sports Drug Is Banned
A New NMR Probe Technology in the Making?
A New Way to Get Protein Crystal Structures
Crystallography Without Crystallizing: An Update
Ligands From Nothing
An HIV Structure Breakthrough? Or "Complete Rubbish"?
The 3D Fragment Consortium
New Frontiers in Analytical Chemistry
Touching Up the Spectra
Picking Out Incorrect Natural Products
GPCRs Are As Crazy As You Thought
Watching DNA Polymerase Do Its Thing
Check Out These Molecules
Underappreciated Analytical Techniques
IBM And The Limits of Transferable Tech Expertise
Mass Spec Continues Its Conquests
X-Ray Structures Of Everything. Without Crystals. Holy Cow.
Probing A Binding Tunnel With AFM
Single-Cell NMR? How About Single-Protein NMR?
Stanford's Free Electron Laser Blasts Away
Every Tiny Detail
Picosecond Protein Watching
GSK's Anti-Doping Ad
Bungled Structure, And How
Fluorine NMR: Why Not?
An NMR Poster
Proteins in a Living Cell
Fishing Around for Biomarkers
XMRV: It's Ugly, But That's Science
Detecting Single Cancer Cells
NASA's Arsenic Bacteria: A Call For Follow-Up Experiments
Enthalpy and Entropy Again
The Latest Technology
Chemical Biology: Plastic Antibodies?
Wisterone: A Structure I Can't Believe
Chemical Biology - The Future?
Running Your Fingers Over A Single Molecule